Homemade Advent Calendar – fun and bright and packed with Christmas activities

For the past four years, ever since I started blogging, I’ve put together a Homemade Advent Calendar for my girls. I’m not a fan of chocolate ones and having been brought up with ones that depict only the Christmas Story, I wanted to find something that shares the meaning of Christmas while also being lots of fun.

These are a few I’ve made over the years

advent calendar 2013



This year I wanted to bring in lots of colour and make it look much more fun rather than traditional. Of course I scrolled through Pinterest for ideas and came up with this..

homemade advent calendar

I ordered these colourful pillow boxes online, and the washi tape is from IKEA and Tiger. I’ve filled them with chocolate coins and each box has an activity to do that day.

homemade advent calendar

homemade advent calendar

These are the activities that I include in the Homemade Advent Calendar,

  • Put up the Christmas tree
  • Go to a Christmas fair
  • Buy your sister a Christmas present
  • Write Christmas cards
  • Meet Father Christmas
  • Watch a Christmas film
  • Make the whole house Christmassy!
  • Bundle into the car and drive around the neighbourhood to look at the Christmas lights
  • Make a list of what you are you are thankful for
  • Have a hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows
  • Pray for some one that you know
  • Sing Christmas songs
  • Read the Nativity story
  • Pray for each other
  • Make snowflake decorations
  • Donate toys to charity
  • Bake some mince pies
  • Pray for people who have little or are alone at Christmas
  • Write your letter to Father Christmas
  • Go to a Christmas market
  • Think of something you can do for someone today
  • Draw a Christmas picture
  • Bake gingerbread
  • Open your Christmas Eve pajamas

When I put them to a specific date I check the calendar to make sure that the activity fits into our plans for that day, for example something little like drawing a Christmas picture is good for a school day whereas a day trip to the Christmas market is a weekend one. Obviously these ideas can be used as a starting point each year and adapted as the girls get older. On Christmas Eve the girls get new pajamas and I like to put together a little hamper of treats for the evening too, like the book we read that night, hot chocolate, marshmallows, that kind of thing. Anything that adds to the excitement!



Here are some more Homemade Advent Calendar ideas if you’re feeling creative..

You can even pin this post for later 😉

homemade advent calendar

I’d love to know what you do to celebrate Advent, let me know in a comment or come chat with me on social media.


morganaHomemade Advent Calendar – fun and bright and packed with Christmas activities
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