Must See US Dramas On Netflix – My Top 5

All work and no play can make one a rather dull girl, so when I want to relax Netflix is often where I turn. There are so many films and programmes on there it can be overwhelming and difficult to know where to even begin. I get so many requests on social media for recommendations on what to watch that I thought I’d do a series of posts dedicated to various genres with what I think are must see series or films. I’ve already shared my favourite comedies now it’s the turn of my must see US dramas on Netflix, I also include a few more at the end that are lesser known but in my opinion just as worthy, and yes, I included them because I couldn’t narrow it down to just 5!

US Dramas on Netflix must see

House Of Cards


This is US drama at it’s absolute finest, from the breaks to the fourth wall with Frank Underwood’s monologues to the casting and script, it is exceptional. My husband recommended this series to me after he began to binge his way through it. I loved it so much I ended up overtaking and beating him to the end! I’ve been desperate for the next season ever since, thankfully the wait is nearly over as Season 5 airs May 30th. If you like your dramas gripping, political and cutthroat then this will be heaven.

Watch House Of Cards on Netflix

Seen it? Liked it? Try Homeland, The Killing, The Good Wife

Breaking Bad

Okay, so if you haven’t seen this one, where on earth have you been? Seriously though I wasn’t sure whether to include this one as I imagine most have seen it already, but I in good conscience I can’t have a top 5 and not have it in there. If you haven’t seen it and you like your dramas gritty with some humour thrown in then this is really a must watch. I can count on one hand the number of people I know that don’t like it so I urge you to give it a go.

Watch Breaking Bad on Netflix

Seen it? Liked it? Try Better Call Saul (though I personally didn’t like this spin off), Walking Dead, Bloodline, Dexter, Narcos


Orange Is The New Black

Orange Is The New Black Season 5

This is another iconic series, and I think one of the first things I watched when I signed up to Netflix, is the outrageous OITNB. Set in a female prison, it certainly caused quite a stir with it’s strong female cast and explicit sex scenes, not to mention it’s dialogue on race, religion and sexuality. I binged season 1 and 2 and eagerly awaited season 3 but I must admit I think it was the weakest season and I was rather disappointed with it, as plot wise it felt that nothing much happened. It found it’s feet in season 4 though and certainly didn’t pull any punches.

If you’re all up to date and an avid fan you’ll be pleased to read that Season 5 hits Netflix June 9th.

Watch Orange is the New Black on Netflix.

Seen it? Liked it? Try Breaking Bad, Narcos, How To Get Away With Murder

The OA


I will openly admit that this is a Marmite kind of choice, I personally loved this series but I also know a whole lot of people that would disagree with me rather vehemently. If you like your thrillers gritty and supernatural then this is one for you.

Prairie Johnson, a missing blind girl, returns to the community she grew up in with her sight restored. Some hail her a miracle, others a dangerous mystery, but Prairie won’t talk about her seven missing years with anyone except four teenage boys whom she tells her story to in order to recruit them for a mission.

Watch The OA on Netflix

Seen it? Liked it? Try – Stranger Things, Sens8, Orphan Black (though this isn’t a US drama), The Returned, Travellers

Stranger Things

I cannot begin to express how much I loved Stranger Things, it took everything in me not to stay up all night and binge watch the whole lot. Instead we rationed it out, one episode a night, and I was still utterly bereft when we finished it. Like The OA it is science fiction, but if you science fiction normally isn’t your thing then please do not let that put you off. The young cast are phenomenal, a group of young boys set out to find their missing friend and uncover so much more than they and the town bargain for. It’s iconic and and a must see for any 80s/90s kid purely for the nostalgia, and well, Winona Ryder at her absolute best.

Watch Stranger Things on Netflix

Seen it? Liked it? Try – Travellers, Black Mirror, The OA


Now I’ve shared my must see US dramas on Netflix I’ll be sharing my favourite UK dramas soon, so keep an eye out for that one. Looking for something funny instead? Then check out my comedy recommendations by clicking the button below.

Top 5 comedies on netflix

What do you think of my choices?

Have you seen any of them?


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My Top 5 Netflix Comedies

Looking for something funny to watch but not sure where to start? Don’t worry I’ve done the hard work and research for you and put together a list of my favourite top 5 Netflix comedies that you just have to watch. It’s such a hard job, but you know, someone has to do it.


Grace and Frankie

In Grace and Frankie, Jane Fonda (“Grace”) and Lily Tomlin (“Frankie”) star as two women whose lives are suddenly turned upside down when their husbands reveal they are gay and leave them for each other. Both sparring partners and partners-in-crime, they form an unlikely bond to face an uncertain future together and discover a new definition of “family,” with laughter, tears and plenty of mood enhancers along the way.

To be completely honest, I started Grace and Frankie with rather low expectations, but five minutes in and I was hooked. It is laugh out loud funny and has definitely made me face up to what it’s like to be an older woman in our society. The whole cast is fantastic and you’ll find yourself trying to work out if you’re a Grace or a Frankie.

Watch if you like… your comedy to have a lot of laughs but more depth than a sitcom

Watch with… your mum


Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

crazy exgirlfriend

Rebecca Bunch is climbing up the career ladder in a big city but feels unfulfilled, after bumping into an ex-boyfriend from camp when she was a teen she ends up changing her whole life and moving to his town. The things she does force me to watch through my fingers and cringe while laughing along. She is by definition a ‘snowflake’, very self involved and on the pursuit of ‘love’ whatever that is and whatever the cost. Oh and did I mention there were musical numbers? These are the jewel in the crown of this programme but also they will either make you love it more or realise it’s not for you. It’s similar to Kimmy Schmidt in that way… though Crazy Ex-Girlfriend songs are a little more risque… like the one about Period Sex. (I KNOW!)

It took me a few episodes to full get into this series and then I was hooked. Once I got used to them breaking into song every now and again I really enjoyed it.

Watch with…. your best friend

Watch if you like… ‘GIRLS’, ‘LOVE’ and musicals (what a combo!)


Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

After living in a cult for fifteen years or more specifically in an underground bunker, Kimmy (Ellie Kemper) decides to reclaim her life and start over in New York City. I LOVE this programme, which is weird because I probably shouldn’t. It is bright and fun and ‘nice’ and has musical numbers, I’m fairly serious, critical and wear a whole lot of black, but it is so endearing and just so funny you cannot help falling in love with Kimmy and rooting for her as she finds her way in New York. The supporting cast are excellent and provide just as many laughs as Kimmy. 

Watch… on your own or with a group of friends who love it as much as you

Watch it if you like… musicals


Santa Clarita Diet

Santa Clarita Diet

Now this is an odd one and you will either love it or hate it, it’s the marmite of Netflix comedies. Yes, Drew Barrymore is a zombie, and yes, it’s gross at times BUT it’s also really funny and even heart warming! Be warned though, my husband and I are long standing Walking Dead fans but even I retched in a couple of the scenes. Don’t be put off though, as beyond the whole Drew Barrymore people dead and needing to eat people thing it actually has stronger themes of discovering who you are and pitching together as a family and making things work. It’s not joke after joke kind of funny but definitely has plenty of hand on mouth, laugh out loud moments.

Watch with.. your partner or good friend

Watch it if…. you don’t mind gore and like a laugh

Odd Mom Out

Oh, this mom is my spirit animal for sure. During a couple of scenes I nearly stopped them so I could play them to my husband. Living on the Upper East Side in New York, Jill navigates her way through the wealthy mommy clique, that includes her sister in law. Sure this comedy relies on some played out stereotypes, but for me it’s no less funny because of it. I found the first episode a little too ‘try hard’ with too many jokes shoe horned in making it feel a bit like a stand up act. It definitely relaxes into itself as the season plays out and I cannot wait for the next season to be available.

Watch with your… mum friends

Watch it if… you’re a mum that rejects the whole ‘perfect’ mummy drama 😉


There you have my top 5 Netflix comedies, not all are Netflix orginals but you kind find all of the on Netflix UK. I would have added in Community which I LOVED but unfortunately Netflix no longer has it. I’m so relieved I managed to finish the last season of it in time before it went. Next on my list is Jane The Virgin, I watched a couple of these ages ago but I’ve heard such good things about it recently I’m going to dip in and give it another go. I must add that I watched most of these on my own so my watch with are obvs just suggestions! Feel free to binge away on your own.

Have you seen any my top 5?

Got any you would add to my list?


I’m part of the Netflix UK Stream Team

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Gilmore Girls A Year In The Life – My thoughts

First off, this post will contain spoilers so if you haven’t finished watching Gilmore Girls A Year In The Life then click away now, do not read this post! I would hate to ruin it for anyone so please, please don’t read this post unless you you’ve watched the four new episodes.

Who’s still with me?

Right, here we go, here are my thoughts on the most recent Gilmore Girls episodes. First off, it was so good being back in Stars Hollow, even if it was just for a few hours. Everyone has aged so well (if a little puffy faced..) and I felt like I wanted to clap every time one of the much loved characters came back on screen.. just me?

I must admit I wasn’t a huge fan of Spring and Summer and wasn’t surprised to find out that they were written and directed by Daniel Palladino and not Amy Sherman Palladino. They had a different feel to them for sure and what was up with the musical?! I want those minutes of my life back. I felt like it didn’t add anything to the storyline, apart from the scene with Lorelai and that one song. I’d love to know what you thought of it? I ended up skipping over most of it.

I’m so happy that Lorelai and Luke were together and that they ended up getting married. It was the perfect conclusion for them and brought a whole lot of closure and relief.

Let’s talk about Rory, I do feel like she got the rough end of the deal with these episodes. Gone was the focussed, ethical and sensible Rory we all knew. Instead she floundered and flip flopped throughout the series. Although the Paul storyline was funny, it was also rather cruel and not what we’d have expected from Rory. I guess she’s been so ‘together’ her whole life she was bound to have a season of ‘wandering’ at some point and instead of doing it in her early twenties she’s doing it in her thirties. I imagine lots of people can relate. I read an interesting interpretation that Rory has the tenacity of Lorelai but the entitlement of an elite trust fund kid, something that teen mum Lorelai eschewed. This led to Rory assuming she’d walk into top jobs and get the success she craved but didn’t prepare her for the ‘real world’. 

Jess and Logan

We didn’t see much of Jess did we? I get the feeling that Jess is in Rory’s future though. He seems in such a good place and when Rory settles I imagine he could be the Luke to her Lorelai. Did you see the clever similarities woven into the storyline? How Jess got rid of the wifi box for Luke, he gave Rory the listening ear and the boost she needed like Luke would so often do for Lorelai. Talking of character paralells, we have to mention Christopher and Logan. I can’t be the only one that spotted them in the scene where Rory visits her father. Christopher’s phrasings, mannerisms and words were so Logan! It was then that the cogs in my little brain started whirring and I started to figure out where we could be headed with those last four words.

The last four words

Did you see them coming? Or were they a bolt from the blue?

I hate to be ‘that person’ but I had an inkling of what they could be and wasn’t that surprised with how it ended. It seems that we’re doing a full circle. Rory – Lorelai, Logan – Christopher, Jess – Luke. Did you spot the parallels? Maybe you disagree? I know there are a lot of theories knocking around and if you have one I’d love to hear it.

Favourite bits

The Secret Bar – How funny were the shouts of “Five O” when Taylor was about to walk past? Honestly, I was in fits of giggles.

Kirk – Oh how I love Kirk! His short film, the pig, Ooober, it was all funny.

Lorelai trying to pack her camping back pack. In these scenes Lorelai is my spirit animal for sure. The way she keeps trying to stuff everything in and then waking up in the morning still surrounded by it all, so funny.

I have to talk about Emily, her storyline was hands down my favourite. To see her character develop and change in the wake of Richard’s death was perfect. I loved the scene with the DAR when she calls then all out and wanders off. To see her happy and settled doing her own thing in Nantucket just warmed my heart.

Least favourites

Rory – I get what they were doing with her character I really do, but man she was dull. It was like banging your head against a wall watching her at times.

The musical – so, so awful

The lack of Sookie! I know, I know, Melissa McCarthy is super busy and there was scheduling conflicts, and blah blah blah but it still wasn’t the same without her. The five minute scene she was in felt shoe horned and I’d have preferred her to have been at the wedding.


All in all I of course loved being back in Stars Hollow and have already watched through the series twice. Do you think they’ll bring in back so we can follow Rory and her pregnancy? They’ve certainly left it open for it haven’t they? I’d love it if they made more but on the other hand I wouldn’t be devastated if they ended it there. What do you think?

Now it’s over to you.. what did you think? What are your theories? I’d love to know!


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Gilmore Girls viewing party – 10 things you have to have!

OK, hands up, who’s stupidly excited about the return of Rory and Lorelai? If you’ve no idea what I’m on about then you might want to read a different post, maybe this one? For all you die hard GG fans, keep reading as I’m going to share the ten things you need to host the ultimate Gilmore Girls viewing party.

Have you seen the trailer? Of course you have! But you’re going to watch it again, aren’t you? I can tell 😉

Right, so here we go, are you ready

1.Your best GG fan girls

You cannot have a Gilmore Girls viewing party without your fellow GG lovers. Set a date for your viewing party and if it’s for the new ones A Year In The Life then make it on the actual night it’s released of make a pact to wait and all watch them together at a later date. For the latter you all must love each other a whole lot to wait!



Self explanatory. Any GG party has to involved food and pizza is right up there with coffee when it comes to what is synonymous to Rory and Lorelai.

3. Bingo cards

Add even more fun to you night and play Gilmore Girls Bingo. Check out these downloadable bingo cards or you can even turn it into a drinking game though that could get a little messy.


Gilmore Girls Bingo Printables –


Gilmore Girls Bingo

4. Pop Tarts

So you can buy them, which let’s be honest that is exactly what Lorelai would do, but if you’re feeling particularly creative you can make your own, like these beauties.


These awesome homemade Pop Tarts are by Hello Glow,  I’m wondering whether to try and make mini pop tart pops, OR I might just buy Pop Tarts and a load of sweets instead 😉


5. The Rory

Remember when Emily threw a birthday party for Rory and even named a cocktail after her? Well, you too can drink a Rory, check out how here.

6. MORE food – take out

Yes, I know I’ve mentioned food already BUT this is the Gilmore Girls we’re talking about, there can never be enough food. Whether it’s take out, tacos, or just loads of sugary sweets, you need to annoy Luke and get loads of junk food for your party.

Check out these awesome take out boxes by PaperConfete! You can download them and make your own.

gilmore girls viewing party


7. Fan girl t-shirts

Whether you make your own or buy them here are a few of my favourites..





8. Coffee or at least coffee cake!

You can’t channel you’re inner Lorelai without lots of coffee, whether it’s hot coffee, iced or even coffee cake, there has to be a nod to the good stuff at your party.

Check out this awesome coffee cart by A Beautiful Mess!



9. Whose team are you? 

This is a big deal and something every GG fan will have an opinion on, which guy should Rory end up with (you have to choose between Dean, Logan and Jess, you can’t opt out and be wishy washy saying that maybe it’s someone she hasn’t met yet.

Whether you have t-shirts, badges, or cups with your team on, make it something fun. Of course we all know which Team is the right Team, don’t we… 😉


Team Jess pin – Greenwich Letterpress

10. Decor!

Make sure your living room looks the part. There are so many cool GG printables out there, like these from 


blog-tableHere’s a

Here’s a direct download link

You can even do a GG photo booth with these cool props available from GenuineDesignCo’s Etsy Store, digital download versions are available here.

Gilmore Girl Photo Booth Props - GenuineDesignCo

Gilmore Girl Photo Booth Props – GenuineDesignCo

I’m throwing a GG viewing party with some fellow GG fangirls so keep an eye out for my post about it in the coming weeks. Let me know if you throw one, I’d love to hear about it.

For more ideas check out our Gilmore Girls Pinterest board


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Project Mc2 toys review – the coolest girls in STEAM

If you’re a regular reader you’ll know how much we love the Netflix series Project Mc2. A programme that centres around a group of highschool girls that are also secret spies that use their talents in tech, science and art to solve mysteries. Recently we were sent some of the latest Project Mc2 toys to review that accompany the series, the Ultimate Spy Bag and the experiment doll of new character Devon, complete with Puffy Paint Experiment. 

I would say that these are more than just fashion toys, they are stealthily bringing science and tech into the mainstream. They may not be for everyone, but for a girl, like my eldest, that loves fashion and dolls as well as science experiments and computers it’s a pretty perfect combination. She doesn’t have to choose or feel looked down on for still enjoying style and fashion while nurturing her interests in science and tech. This is where the tag ‘the coolest girls in STEAM’ comes in. Now you might be wondering what the whole ‘coolest girls in STEAM’ thing is all about. Well, STEAM stands for Science, Technology Engineering Arts Mathematics and recently there has been calls for more of a push towards incorporating these subjects into education more, and especially encouraging girls to pursue them. 


What is Steam – Education Closet


The Ultimate Spy Bag

Adrienne Attoms from Project Mc2 is a big deal in our house, you’ll know that from when we interviewed the actress Victoria Vida who plays Adrienne in the series. After this interview the love for the character (and actress!) has grown and my nearly nine year old daughter is obsessed so this Ultimate Spy Bag that belongs to the character is a must have for her. 

Project Mc2 Toys review

Project MC2 Toys review

It is full of forensics inspired science experiment ideas and the importantly disguised essentials for solving mysteries. It comes with 15 pieces of kit, such as nail varnish that’s really a torch, a fingerprinting kit which includes dusting powder that can also be used as shimmer makeup powder, an air blower that looks like a perfume bottle and cards to collect fingerprints, there’s even a magnifier hidden in the makeup compact.

I know that N has enjoyed dusting for finger prints and writing secret messages that can be hidden in the lipstick and even shot across the room with it. There’s so much scope for an imaginative child and it’s cleverly put together. They can really feel like a member of the NOV8 team with this kit.

It retails at £39.99

project mc2 toys

Devon D’Marco’s Doll with Puffy Paint Experiment

Devon is a new character that’s been introduced in Season 2, she’s a fun and creative character that loves expressing herself through art. So it fits that her experiment is Art related!

The Doll itself is beautiful and detailed. It’s not like a doll to be dressed and undressed and have her hair done, I would say it’s definitely more of a display fashion doll. Unfortunately, it doesn’t stand on it’s own and unlike the McKeyla Mcallister doll we’ve already got, it didn’t come with a stand, which I think is a shame.

We haven’t tried out the Puffy Paint Experiment yet, I still need to find some powdered drink mix for it (something that’s much more readily available in the US where these dolls originate from).

I know that N is keen to collect the each of the character’s dolls so she can display them and I think if you have a super fan on your hands they would look to do this too!

Devon doll Project mc2

The  Project Mc2 Dolls with Experiments, such as this one retail for £24.99

Of course we’ll be testing out the experiments and spy tips and tricks over the next few weeks so keep an eye on our social media where we’ll be sharing photos and videos of how N gets on with them.

Check out all our Project Mc2 posts, including the cast interviews



We were sent these toys for the purpose of this Project Mc2 toys review all opinions are our own.

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Project Mc2 interview with Ysa Penarejo

Recently my 8 year old had the opportunity to interview two of the cast members of the hit Netflix show Project Mc2, one of her absolute favourite programmes. You can read how her video chat with Victoria Vida (Adrienne Attoms) went here. This time I’m sharing her interview with Ysa Penarejo who plays Camryn Coyle, the analytical and highly intelligent member of the group of teen spies that loves her souped up skateboard. N got to find out how much Ysa is like her character and some cool behind the scenes stuff.

project mc2 ysa penarejo

What is your favourite thing about being in Project Mc2?

My favorite thing about Project MC2 is the awesome missions the girls go on. Some of the missions are pretty crazy but a lot of fun. Also, I love the outfits! I wish I was as stylish as the girls!


Any funny moments that you remember from filming?

We had so many funny moments on set! It’s hard to keep track haha! My favorite funny moment was when Genneya, Victoria, and I were just standing, waiting to start a scene. Something happened and it reminded us of an inside joke, we looked at each other and started laughing! No words needed.


Are you anything like your character? If so, how?

Cam and I do share some similar character traits. Camryn doesn’t have the best communication skills and I can totally relate! Also, we care for our friends very much.

Project MC2

Project MC2

What was your favourite subject at school?

My favorite subject in school is math!


Were you good at science and technology?

Science and technology aren’t my strongest suits, but I love them just as much as math.


As a child, what did you want to be when you were older?

When I was a child, I wanted to be either a doctor or a dancer.


What have you learnt whilst filming Project Mc2?

I learned a lot about balancing school and personal time.


Project MC2

Project MC2

Why do you think it’s cool to be smart?

Being your best and true self is cool!


What one piece of advice would you give young girls at school?

Always put your best foot forward and don’t be afraid to explore elements out of your comfort zone.


What personality traits do you think girls need in order to be smart and successful?

Three personality traits I believe girls need in order to be smart and successful are confidence, dedication, and motivation.


We really recommend Project Mc2 for any pre-teen girl, it’s such a fun show with a great message. We hope you’ve enjoyed the cast interviews, be on the look out for our review on the new dolls coming soon.


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Interview with Victoria Vida of Netflix’s Project MC2

I’ve blogged about Project MC2 a few times now, you can take a look here for those posts. It is my 8 year old daughter’s absolute favourite programme and one that I am more than happy for her to obsess over. It’s based around a group of four super smart, science skilled American teenage girls that are recruited to join a secret spy organisation. What I particularly love about the series is that each girl has a particular style and smashes through that lie told over girls that because they are interested in science and technology they must be dull and boring and can’t be interested in fashion and style too. 

project mc2 victoria vida

Being part of Netflix Stream Team I’ve been able to chat with Netflix and tell them how much of a fan N is. The first season is only three episodes long and poor N has been desperate for more, so when I got the chance I asked when we’d see more and we were excited to find out that a new season was about to launch! In knowing she was a HUGE fan Netflix made it possible for N to interview two Project MC2 cast members, Victoria Vida who plays Adrienne Attoms, a culinary chemist and Ysa Penarejo who plays the intelligent, analytical Camryn Coyle. Of course N was over the moon about this opportunity and spent a long time squealing and jumping up and down in that girly pre-teen way, hey who I am kidding, I joined in too!

Project MC2 interview victoria vida

Victoria Vida is on the right and plays Adrienne Attoms in the hit show Project MC2

Just last week N was able to video chat with Victoria and despite her nerves she did a wonderful job. It helped that Victoria was lovely and so kind to N throughout the chat, even asking N about her own life, which of course made her feel ten feet tall.

I got to watch and listen in to the video chat from the door way I might add (!) and even though we can’t share the actual chat with you here are some of our highlights.

When asked what she loved most about Project MC2 Victoria lit up and answered that it was the message of the show, that we girls can be anything we want, doctors, scientists, and all while keeping our ‘feminine touch’. This of course refers to the fact that while the girls in the show are super smart they aren’t portrayed as the stereotype of ‘boring’ and ‘bland’ like so many smart girls in TV are. Each girl has their own personality and sense of style, N thinks it’s so fun and I find it really refreshing.

“You can be smart and cool, smart and funny, smart and be a fashionista, you can be smart and be you!”


While chatting with N, Victoria drew parallels between herself and her character Adrienne Attoms. Not only do they both love to wear heels, more importantly they are both very strong, very feminist and very proud of their Latino backgrounds. She’s quick to point out they that both value friendship and kindness too. 

While filming the show Victoria feels she’s learnt a lot, “We chicas are very powerful and we are capable of many things. It’s important to own that power that we girls can have and to show the world that we’re more than a pretty face and we can also do great things. Like Adrienne Adams, she’s very smart and always true to herself. Always be yourself, it’s what makes you different, unique and beautiful, and you shouldn’t be afraid of being different, you shouldn’t erase yourself, you should embrace yourself.”

“Being smart and intelligent will take you places”


When asked what we need to be successful Victoria reminds N of the importance of believing in your dream and working hard for it. So many girls underestimate themselves when they really shouldn’t, they need to be themselves no matter what. I nodded rather vehemently in the background while she was saying this. I was so impressed with how articulate she was and the way she communicated with N throughout the interview.


I think you’ll agree that Victoria Vida’s words are pretty inspiring for not only pre-teen girls but a good reminder for all of us. Check out Victoria and the rest of the Project MC2 girls over on Netflix.


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