Gilmore Girls A Year In The Life – My thoughts

First off, this post will contain spoilers so if you haven’t finished watching Gilmore Girls A Year In The Life then click away now, do not read this post! I would hate to ruin it for anyone so please, please don’t read this post unless you you’ve watched the four new episodes.

Who’s still with me?

Right, here we go, here are my thoughts on the most recent Gilmore Girls episodes. First off, it was so good being back in Stars Hollow, even if it was just for a few hours. Everyone has aged so well (if a little puffy faced..) and I felt like I wanted to clap every time one of the much loved characters came back on screen.. just me?

I must admit I wasn’t a huge fan of Spring and Summer and wasn’t surprised to find out that they were written and directed by Daniel Palladino and not Amy Sherman Palladino. They had a different feel to them for sure and what was up with the musical?! I want those minutes of my life back. I felt like it didn’t add anything to the storyline, apart from the scene with Lorelai and that one song. I’d love to know what you thought of it? I ended up skipping over most of it.

I’m so happy that Lorelai and Luke were together and that they ended up getting married. It was the perfect conclusion for them and brought a whole lot of closure and relief.

Let’s talk about Rory, I do feel like she got the rough end of the deal with these episodes. Gone was the focussed, ethical and sensible Rory we all knew. Instead she floundered and flip flopped throughout the series. Although the Paul storyline was funny, it was also rather cruel and not what we’d have expected from Rory. I guess she’s been so ‘together’ her whole life she was bound to have a season of ‘wandering’ at some point and instead of doing it in her early twenties she’s doing it in her thirties. I imagine lots of people can relate. I read an interesting interpretation that Rory has the tenacity of Lorelai but the entitlement of an elite trust fund kid, something that teen mum Lorelai eschewed. This led to Rory assuming she’d walk into top jobs and get the success she craved but didn’t prepare her for the ‘real world’. 

Jess and Logan

We didn’t see much of Jess did we? I get the feeling that Jess is in Rory’s future though. He seems in such a good place and when Rory settles I imagine he could be the Luke to her Lorelai. Did you see the clever similarities woven into the storyline? How Jess got rid of the wifi box for Luke, he gave Rory the listening ear and the boost she needed like Luke would so often do for Lorelai. Talking of character paralells, we have to mention Christopher and Logan. I can’t be the only one that spotted them in the scene where Rory visits her father. Christopher’s phrasings, mannerisms and words were so Logan! It was then that the cogs in my little brain started whirring and I started to figure out where we could be headed with those last four words.

The last four words

Did you see them coming? Or were they a bolt from the blue?

I hate to be ‘that person’ but I had an inkling of what they could be and wasn’t that surprised with how it ended. It seems that we’re doing a full circle. Rory – Lorelai, Logan – Christopher, Jess – Luke. Did you spot the parallels? Maybe you disagree? I know there are a lot of theories knocking around and if you have one I’d love to hear it.

Favourite bits

The Secret Bar – How funny were the shouts of “Five O” when Taylor was about to walk past? Honestly, I was in fits of giggles.

Kirk – Oh how I love Kirk! His short film, the pig, Ooober, it was all funny.

Lorelai trying to pack her camping back pack. In these scenes Lorelai is my spirit animal for sure. The way she keeps trying to stuff everything in and then waking up in the morning still surrounded by it all, so funny.

I have to talk about Emily, her storyline was hands down my favourite. To see her character develop and change in the wake of Richard’s death was perfect. I loved the scene with the DAR when she calls then all out and wanders off. To see her happy and settled doing her own thing in Nantucket just warmed my heart.

Least favourites

Rory – I get what they were doing with her character I really do, but man she was dull. It was like banging your head against a wall watching her at times.

The musical – so, so awful

The lack of Sookie! I know, I know, Melissa McCarthy is super busy and there was scheduling conflicts, and blah blah blah but it still wasn’t the same without her. The five minute scene she was in felt shoe horned and I’d have preferred her to have been at the wedding.


All in all I of course loved being back in Stars Hollow and have already watched through the series twice. Do you think they’ll bring in back so we can follow Rory and her pregnancy? They’ve certainly left it open for it haven’t they? I’d love it if they made more but on the other hand I wouldn’t be devastated if they ended it there. What do you think?

Now it’s over to you.. what did you think? What are your theories? I’d love to know!


morganaGilmore Girls A Year In The Life – My thoughts
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Gilmore Girls viewing party – 10 things you have to have!

OK, hands up, who’s stupidly excited about the return of Rory and Lorelai? If you’ve no idea what I’m on about then you might want to read a different post, maybe this one? For all you die hard GG fans, keep reading as I’m going to share the ten things you need to host the ultimate Gilmore Girls viewing party.

Have you seen the trailer? Of course you have! But you’re going to watch it again, aren’t you? I can tell 😉

Right, so here we go, are you ready

1.Your best GG fan girls

You cannot have a Gilmore Girls viewing party without your fellow GG lovers. Set a date for your viewing party and if it’s for the new ones A Year In The Life then make it on the actual night it’s released of make a pact to wait and all watch them together at a later date. For the latter you all must love each other a whole lot to wait!



Self explanatory. Any GG party has to involved food and pizza is right up there with coffee when it comes to what is synonymous to Rory and Lorelai.

3. Bingo cards

Add even more fun to you night and play Gilmore Girls Bingo. Check out these downloadable bingo cards or you can even turn it into a drinking game though that could get a little messy.


Gilmore Girls Bingo Printables –


Gilmore Girls Bingo

4. Pop Tarts

So you can buy them, which let’s be honest that is exactly what Lorelai would do, but if you’re feeling particularly creative you can make your own, like these beauties.


These awesome homemade Pop Tarts are by Hello Glow,  I’m wondering whether to try and make mini pop tart pops, OR I might just buy Pop Tarts and a load of sweets instead 😉


5. The Rory

Remember when Emily threw a birthday party for Rory and even named a cocktail after her? Well, you too can drink a Rory, check out how here.

6. MORE food – take out

Yes, I know I’ve mentioned food already BUT this is the Gilmore Girls we’re talking about, there can never be enough food. Whether it’s take out, tacos, or just loads of sugary sweets, you need to annoy Luke and get loads of junk food for your party.

Check out these awesome take out boxes by PaperConfete! You can download them and make your own.

gilmore girls viewing party


7. Fan girl t-shirts

Whether you make your own or buy them here are a few of my favourites..





8. Coffee or at least coffee cake!

You can’t channel you’re inner Lorelai without lots of coffee, whether it’s hot coffee, iced or even coffee cake, there has to be a nod to the good stuff at your party.

Check out this awesome coffee cart by A Beautiful Mess!



9. Whose team are you? 

This is a big deal and something every GG fan will have an opinion on, which guy should Rory end up with (you have to choose between Dean, Logan and Jess, you can’t opt out and be wishy washy saying that maybe it’s someone she hasn’t met yet.

Whether you have t-shirts, badges, or cups with your team on, make it something fun. Of course we all know which Team is the right Team, don’t we… 😉


Team Jess pin – Greenwich Letterpress

10. Decor!

Make sure your living room looks the part. There are so many cool GG printables out there, like these from 


blog-tableHere’s a

Here’s a direct download link

You can even do a GG photo booth with these cool props available from GenuineDesignCo’s Etsy Store, digital download versions are available here.

Gilmore Girl Photo Booth Props - GenuineDesignCo

Gilmore Girl Photo Booth Props – GenuineDesignCo

I’m throwing a GG viewing party with some fellow GG fangirls so keep an eye out for my post about it in the coming weeks. Let me know if you throw one, I’d love to hear about it.

For more ideas check out our Gilmore Girls Pinterest board


morganaGilmore Girls viewing party – 10 things you have to have!
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