A week on my feet

I don’t know about you but I’m pretty nosey, though not in the curtain twitchy old lady kind of way. I just love getting snapshots into people’s lives, and I’m fairly sure that’s why I love Instagram Stories so much, and probably one of the reasons I got into blogging. With Instagram Stories it’s a step beyond the styled pictures of Instagram, it’s like you get to be part of someone’s day. See, I told you I was nosey, maybe this is the modern equivalent of the curtain twitcher! With that in mind I’m joining in with the ‘a week on my feet’ campaign with Luxury Flooring, so here we go a little look into my week with a few #floorselfies or #fromwhereistand pictures, if we’re going to continue with an Instagram theme.

This is a fairly typical week for me, there’s no jetting off to far flung countries or extravagant parties, unfortunately, but don’t click close on the tab of your browser, do stay with me. I may be an ‘ordinary mum’ but I like to think this is part of my charm. This blog has never been a beautiful aspirational lifestyle blog, as much as I’d love that, it’s just not very me. I juggle my children, my work and everything in between and this little week in my life reflects that.


The school run. 


Obviously this isn’t just a job for Mondays but Monday I always feel it the most. I think lots of people reading this can relate to the busyness that comes with having children. With working from home I can often feel like my life is dictated to by the morning drop off and the afternoon pick up. I’ve got to squeeze as much work as possible into that half 9 until 3 time frame which sometimes goes really well and other times I feel like a fail miserably. The upside is that I love that I get to be there for those times and the fact that I can work flexibly around them is something that I definitely appreciate and refuse to take for granted.



With colder and darker evenings starting I love getting into my pajamas early and curling up on the sofa, though on a Tuesday this is normally after trying to find my way to the bottom of the ironing pile. This feat is something I rarely manage, I end up ploughing through the school uniform and leaving the rest for another time.


I must admit this flooring is one of the favourite things in our house! We used to have horrible, old deep pile cream carpet that after weaning and potty training two children it had definitely seen better days, so the day it went I rejoiced! We’ve had this grey laminate for 2 years now and my love for it hasn’t lessened. 



My children are currently obsessed with conkers, like many children up and down the country this time of year, so many walks home from school involve a detour to the park. They scour the ground and shake the trees for these Autumnal jewels, and walk home pockets full to the brim.


You all know if you read this blog lots or follow me on social media just how much of a fan of Autumn I am. Knitwear, boots, layers and crisp walks through the park make me so happy.



A big chunk of my time during an average week is spent walking to and from our local post office dropping off Little and Fierce Kids orders.


I’m lucky in that the Post Office is walking distance from my house and I can even pass it on the school run if I make the time. On a sunny Autumn day like this, with leaves falling round me, it’s definitely not a chore.



I try to keep Friday as a bit of an inspiration day, a day not to be glued to my computer screen.


There is a beautiful old cafe in my city that I love to pop into if I need a coffee and a break from the hustle and bustle. There’s no wifi and the phone reception is awful in there so it’s the perfect place for a homemade cake, a coffee and a book. I took a book on branding that I’ve been meaning to read but haven’t found the time. It was great to get into it with no distractions. The decor of the cafe and the lack of technological connectivity makes it feel like you’ve stepped back in time, it’s full of mirrors and wood and the floor is covered in old terracotta tiles. I couldn’t resist this floor selfie though, the mix of the tiled doorstep and the pavement of the busy street.



We try to keep the weekend as family time, where possible.


This particular Saturday was spent travelling to Kent and it all got a bit too much for my youngest. It was E’s first time camping and she was so excited, and very tired! And look, it was warm and dry enough for me to be wearing sandals!



We spent Sunday roaming around Hever Castle gardens and estate. 


I love the textures in this photo. I’m a sucker for autumn leaves, and these are particularly pretty shades of red, pink and orange.


I hope you enjoyed the snapshots into my week, come and see more on my social media.

where I stand in Autumn

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What would your week on your feet look like?


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morganaA week on my feet
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30 something birthday gift guide – my wishlist for September

After putting together my Mini Boden wishlist for my daughters last month, it reminded me how much I love putting together that style of post. I used to do them regularly and fell out of the habit for some reason, not any more though! I’m back on it for this month with a little 30 something birthday gift guide and wishlist. With my ’30 somethingth’ birthday coming up this month, I’ve had a look at some of my favourite sites and pulled together some things that have caught my eye. I’ve decided that all birthdays from 31 onwards will be named 30 something as it makes the thought of getting older a little easier to bear! Obviously I don’t expect to get this stuff for my birthday but it’s fun to dream and even have some things to work towards. Take a look at my choices and let me know what you think.

My 30 something birthday gift guide

30 something birthday gift guide,/a>30 something birthday gift guide

I Need Coffee enamel pin – Jolly Awesome Art, Etsy

i need coffee pin

I love enamel pins and have a wishlist that goes on for days, in fact I must dedicate a post to my favourites and how to style them. This one is so cute and pretty much sums up my life mantra 😉 If you like enamel pins you MUST take a look at dedicated Pinterest board, Pins and Patches I have to have

Gin glasses


Now this needs no explanation, I swear that gin and tonic tastes even better out of these bad boys. I’ve had my eye on them for a while and need some in my life. This set is on Amazon and comes with two balloon glasses.

Nike Air Max Thea trainers – Office


I have had the same trainers for the gym since N was born, so yeah about 8 years! Gosh, that’s awful isn’t it? To be fair it’s not like I wore them much for the first five plus years, but still, it’s time for an upgrade. These Nike Air Max Theas are beautiful and look super comfy.

Coffee cup phone case – Skinny Dip


I LOVE Skinny Dip for phone cases and accessories, they are so funky and cute. I get bored easily so a quick swap around of cases makes me happy. I know, it’s the simple things.

Naked2 colour palate – Urban Decay 


I’ve had this on my wishlist for EVER and look longingly at them when I walk through Debenhams. I used to wear eyeshadow a lot but now I hardly ever bother. I think having this colour palate in my life would give me the push and the perfect colours to get to up my game make up wise. This particular palate is perfect for my colouring, I know that because I tried them out with the assistant on the beauty counter 😉

Black is my happy colour tshirt – Freesbees Clothing, Etsy


Since choosing this it has since sold out and the shop is currently ‘on holiday’ but you get the idea. I’m a sucker for a printed slogan tee and those that know me will know that this particular slogan is perfect for me. I don’t think I really own clothes in bright colours, well apart from my yellow mac, obviously!

Jasper ring – Etsy


On a trip to London in the summer I lost my favourite Turquoise ring, I stupidly left it in the hotel I was staying in. Since then I’ve been on the hunt for a replacement. I know this is Jasper and not Turquoise but it’s a beauty.

Big Magic – Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert


I love an inspirational book and this one by Elizabeth Gilbert (Eat, Pray, Love) fits the bill perfectly. I’ve read great things about it and think it would be great for me right now.

How to Style your Brand by Fiona Humberstone


I saw this one being recommended in a group, or blog post very recently and think it would come in handy for blogging and for my business, Little and Fierce Kids. I’m always on the look out for tips and good advice and this particular book has had some great reviews.


There we have it, my 30 something birthday gift guide ideas. I’ve kept it really varied and would love to know what you think of my choices. Has anything caught your eye? Maybe you have your own wish list, I’d love to know what’s on it!



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Project Mc2 interview with Ysa Penarejo

Recently my 8 year old had the opportunity to interview two of the cast members of the hit Netflix show Project Mc2, one of her absolute favourite programmes. You can read how her video chat with Victoria Vida (Adrienne Attoms) went here. This time I’m sharing her interview with Ysa Penarejo who plays Camryn Coyle, the analytical and highly intelligent member of the group of teen spies that loves her souped up skateboard. N got to find out how much Ysa is like her character and some cool behind the scenes stuff.

project mc2 ysa penarejo

What is your favourite thing about being in Project Mc2?

My favorite thing about Project MC2 is the awesome missions the girls go on. Some of the missions are pretty crazy but a lot of fun. Also, I love the outfits! I wish I was as stylish as the girls!


Any funny moments that you remember from filming?

We had so many funny moments on set! It’s hard to keep track haha! My favorite funny moment was when Genneya, Victoria, and I were just standing, waiting to start a scene. Something happened and it reminded us of an inside joke, we looked at each other and started laughing! No words needed.


Are you anything like your character? If so, how?

Cam and I do share some similar character traits. Camryn doesn’t have the best communication skills and I can totally relate! Also, we care for our friends very much.

Project MC2

Project MC2

What was your favourite subject at school?

My favorite subject in school is math!


Were you good at science and technology?

Science and technology aren’t my strongest suits, but I love them just as much as math.


As a child, what did you want to be when you were older?

When I was a child, I wanted to be either a doctor or a dancer.


What have you learnt whilst filming Project Mc2?

I learned a lot about balancing school and personal time.


Project MC2

Project MC2

Why do you think it’s cool to be smart?

Being your best and true self is cool!


What one piece of advice would you give young girls at school?

Always put your best foot forward and don’t be afraid to explore elements out of your comfort zone.


What personality traits do you think girls need in order to be smart and successful?

Three personality traits I believe girls need in order to be smart and successful are confidence, dedication, and motivation.


We really recommend Project Mc2 for any pre-teen girl, it’s such a fun show with a great message. We hope you’ve enjoyed the cast interviews, be on the look out for our review on the new dolls coming soon.


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What we read in August #CoffeeWorkRead

I’m a bit disappointed that I’ve only managed to read two books this month. Normally we go on holiday and I get to storm my way through a whole pile but as we’ve not had a family holiday I’ve had to fit my reading in in the evenings or snatched moments here and there.


Our Endless Numbered Days 


Our Endless Numbered Days by Claire Fuller

It felt like this book took me at eternity to read. It was rather heavy going for a summer read and by the end of it I felt a bit depressed and a little disturbed if I’m being truly honest. We follow the story of Peggy, with her German piano playing mother and rather unconventional father who seems to be fixated with planning for the end of the world. Peggy is abducted by her father and they end up living in a remote woodland somewhere in Europe and this is where the majority of the book is set. We are voyeurs into their bizarre way of life and watch on as it unravels. It is beautifully written and I think it would suit a book club or even studying at A Level or beyond. There’s a lot of detail and depth to the plot that would be interesting to unpick with others but I found it hard to persevere with and without giving anything a way I found the ending rather haunting and disturbing. Not one I’d rush to recommend!


Before We Met 

before we met - lucie whitehouse

Before We Met by Lucie Whitehouse

This, on the other hand, was such an easy read. It’s my first Lucie Whitehouse book and I found her writing style engaging and it definitely drew me in and kept my attention. It still felt rather light as a story in spite of it’s rather dark psychological plot, I think this was due to the writing style. Whitehouse weaves the story of married couple Mark and Hannah as Hannah comes to realise that she might not know her husband quite as well as she thought she did.

Unfortunately, about half way through this book I guessed where the plot was was leading and figured out the twist. Of course I kept reading to make sure I was right and to see how she would reveal it. Even though I guessed the plot I still found it an enjoyable book to read and I would read more by the author. It wouldn’t make it on a list of favourites but I’d recommend it if you like thrillers and are looking for a decent psychological thriller that it also an easy read.


What my girls have been reading


My two have devoured books this summer, and I’ve had a ball reading to them both at bedtime. E is getting more and more confident with her reading and I love hearing her read aloud to herself in bed. 

The Fairytale Hairdresser- The Princess and the Pea

 kittie lacey princess pea fairytale hairdresser book review

The Fairytale Hairdresser and the Princess and the Pea by Abi Longstaff and Lauren Beard

We all LOVE The Fairytale Hairdresser book series and you can read more of what we thought of it and be in with the chance of winning a copy by clicking here – Kittie Lacey, the best Fairytale Hairdresser in all the land


Double Act

double actDouble Act by Jacqueline Wilson

 Now, I remember reading this when I was younger, like N I was a huge Jacqueline Wilson fan. Unlike me, N read loads over the summer, from David Walliams books, to Enid Blyton, to Jacqueline Wilson. I love that she reads so much, but I can’t keep up! We need to put up more shelves in her room to accommodate them all. This particular book follow the lives of twins Ruby and Garnet, they are identical and do everything together but couldn’t be more different. They navigate the changes that being ten can bring along with the upheaval of their Dad getting a new girlfriend. I particularly love how Wilson tackles important issues for children in a fun yet hugely responsible way. There’s loads of scope for discussion with your children off the back of her books.


Have you or your children read any of these books?

What did you think of them? I’d love to know!

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win kittie lacey book

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Simple crumble recipe – Blackberry and Apple

Firstly I have to say that if you’re looking for a I Quit Sugar recipe for crumble then I suggest you look else where, my  sugar ban just had to be suspended for this beaut of a simple crumble recipe!

We went blackberry picking in the woods just the other day and had so much fun spotting the ripest berries, reaching high to grab the best ones while being careful not to get caught on the brambles. My two girls had proud beams on their faces as we walked home with full tubs of these black jewelled berries in our hands. I’ve got so many wonderful memories of blackberry picking with my parents when we lived in Cornwall. We could spend the whole day walking and foraging for berries at this time of year then heading home with berry stained hands and over flowing tubs. It’s lovely to get the chance to share this with my girls, even though we don’t live in the countryside it’s still something we can join in with when walking in the little woodlands near our house here in the North West.

Of course when we got home we dived straight into making crumble! Here’s my go to simple crumble recipe –


Blackberry and Apple Crumble
Serves 4
Write a review
Prep Time
30 min
Prep Time
30 min
441 calories
71 g
40 g
17 g
5 g
10 g
218 g
5 g
39 g
1 g
5 g
Nutrition Facts
Serving Size
Amount Per Serving
Calories 441
Calories from Fat 144
% Daily Value *
Total Fat 17g
Saturated Fat 10g
Trans Fat 1g
Polyunsaturated Fat 1g
Monounsaturated Fat 4g
Cholesterol 40mg
Sodium 5mg
Total Carbohydrates 71g
Dietary Fiber 5g
Sugars 39g
Protein 5g
Vitamin A
Vitamin C
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your Daily Values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.
For the filling
  1. A tub of handpicked blackberries
  2. 3 cooking apples
  3. Pinch of sugar to taste
For the crumble
  1. 100g plain flour
  2. 75g butter
  3. 50g rolled oats
  4. 100g demerara sugar
  1. Pre heat the oven to 200C
  2. Peel, quarter and core the apples and then chop the quarters again in half or large chucky bite size pieces.
  3. Add the chopped apple into a pan with the blackberries and sprinkling of sugar
  4. Cook on a low heat for 5 minutes, stir occasionally
  5. Transfer the apple and blackberry mixture to a shallow oven proof pie dish
For the crumble topping
  1. Blend the butter and flour in a food processor for a few minutes until it looks like bread crumbs, you can do this by hand instead, just make sure the butter is at room temp to make it easier.
  2. Add the oats and sugar and stir
  3. Sprinkle the crumble mixture to cover the blackberries and apples in the pie dish
  4. Bake the crumble for approx 30 minutes until crisp and golden brown on the top.
  5. Serve with custard or vanilla ice cream
Coffee, Work, Sleep, Repeat http://coffeeworksleeprepeat.com/

What do you reckon, do you think you’ll be giving my simple crumble recipe a try?

Pin me for later 😉

simple crumble recipe pin

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Interview with Victoria Vida of Netflix’s Project MC2

I’ve blogged about Project MC2 a few times now, you can take a look here for those posts. It is my 8 year old daughter’s absolute favourite programme and one that I am more than happy for her to obsess over. It’s based around a group of four super smart, science skilled American teenage girls that are recruited to join a secret spy organisation. What I particularly love about the series is that each girl has a particular style and smashes through that lie told over girls that because they are interested in science and technology they must be dull and boring and can’t be interested in fashion and style too. 

project mc2 victoria vida

Being part of Netflix Stream Team I’ve been able to chat with Netflix and tell them how much of a fan N is. The first season is only three episodes long and poor N has been desperate for more, so when I got the chance I asked when we’d see more and we were excited to find out that a new season was about to launch! In knowing she was a HUGE fan Netflix made it possible for N to interview two Project MC2 cast members, Victoria Vida who plays Adrienne Attoms, a culinary chemist and Ysa Penarejo who plays the intelligent, analytical Camryn Coyle. Of course N was over the moon about this opportunity and spent a long time squealing and jumping up and down in that girly pre-teen way, hey who I am kidding, I joined in too!

Project MC2 interview victoria vida

Victoria Vida is on the right and plays Adrienne Attoms in the hit show Project MC2

Just last week N was able to video chat with Victoria and despite her nerves she did a wonderful job. It helped that Victoria was lovely and so kind to N throughout the chat, even asking N about her own life, which of course made her feel ten feet tall.

I got to watch and listen in to the video chat from the door way I might add (!) and even though we can’t share the actual chat with you here are some of our highlights.

When asked what she loved most about Project MC2 Victoria lit up and answered that it was the message of the show, that we girls can be anything we want, doctors, scientists, and all while keeping our ‘feminine touch’. This of course refers to the fact that while the girls in the show are super smart they aren’t portrayed as the stereotype of ‘boring’ and ‘bland’ like so many smart girls in TV are. Each girl has their own personality and sense of style, N thinks it’s so fun and I find it really refreshing.

“You can be smart and cool, smart and funny, smart and be a fashionista, you can be smart and be you!”


While chatting with N, Victoria drew parallels between herself and her character Adrienne Attoms. Not only do they both love to wear heels, more importantly they are both very strong, very feminist and very proud of their Latino backgrounds. She’s quick to point out they that both value friendship and kindness too. 

While filming the show Victoria feels she’s learnt a lot, “We chicas are very powerful and we are capable of many things. It’s important to own that power that we girls can have and to show the world that we’re more than a pretty face and we can also do great things. Like Adrienne Adams, she’s very smart and always true to herself. Always be yourself, it’s what makes you different, unique and beautiful, and you shouldn’t be afraid of being different, you shouldn’t erase yourself, you should embrace yourself.”

“Being smart and intelligent will take you places”


When asked what we need to be successful Victoria reminds N of the importance of believing in your dream and working hard for it. So many girls underestimate themselves when they really shouldn’t, they need to be themselves no matter what. I nodded rather vehemently in the background while she was saying this. I was so impressed with how articulate she was and the way she communicated with N throughout the interview.


I think you’ll agree that Victoria Vida’s words are pretty inspiring for not only pre-teen girls but a good reminder for all of us. Check out Victoria and the rest of the Project MC2 girls over on Netflix.


morganaInterview with Victoria Vida of Netflix’s Project MC2
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Exploring the new Tate Modern

Do you have places that when you visit them you just feel inexplicably happy? When just taking a walk there is blissful? One of those places for me is the Tate Modern, more specifically the new Tate Modern. I didn’t think I could love it anymore but then I visited on Friday and I ended up spending the whole day there, yep, the whole day.

Basically what they’ve done is built on the former power station’s subterranean oil tanks. This new extension is called the Switch House and is home to an even more interactive display of art. From performance pieces, to video, to larger installation work. From the outside is resembles a large pyramid style structure and on the inside you cross between old and new via bridges or the iconic Turbine Hall. You can see a video and stills of the new building project here, on the Tate website.

The children were with their grandparents and husband in meetings all day across London so the day was mine. I spend most of it exploring the Switch House floor by floor and wandering around the bottom floor known as The Tanks.


new tate modern

turbine hall - new tate modern

turbine hall - new tate moden


switch house - new tate modern

I particularly enjoyed the larger installations in the Switch House, especially the ‘Between Object and Architecture’ collection.

switch house - new tate modern

switch house - new tate modern

switch house - new tate modern

john cage quote - new tate modern

Living Cities – The Switch House

switch house - new tate modern

switch house - new tate modern

living cities - new tate modern

the whole world + the work = the whole world quote new tate modern


When coming to the end of my visit I had one last wander with my headphones in and Wolf Alice on loud. Art and music are so special to me and almost interconnected so while walking around people watching and smiling I must have looked like a bit of a loon. It was a special little moment for me, one that recharged me and will treasure for a long time.



What’s your ‘happy place’?

Will you be giving the new Tate Modern a visit this summer?

morganaExploring the new Tate Modern
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What we’ve been reading in July #CoffeeWorkRead

This month has been a much better month reading wise. Having lots of park and beach days has meant I’ve been able to read while the girls have been playing. I’ve also been enjoying curling up with a book in the evenings rather than watching television, or if I’ve drawn the short straw and had to take N to her evening swim training sessions at least I’ve got an hours worth of reading time! I must mention that Amazon have an offer on at the moment, which I of course took advantage of, they are doing 3 for £10 on selected paperbacks! Definitely worth checking out to make sure you’re stocked up on summer reads.

Strictly Between Us


Strictly Between Us by Jane Fallon

If you’re looking for an easy summer read then this is a good shout. I’d not read any Jane Fallon books before but I wasn’t surprised when I read that she did the screen play for the hit 90s TV show Teachers. The way she writes the dialogue and creates characters lends itself so well to television. The premise is simple two best friends, one cheating husband and many plots to catch him out. Of course there are intricacies to the story line and a few cheeky twists, so it makes an easy but fun read.


While My Eyes Were Closed


While My Eyes Were Closed by Linda Green 

I devoured this book in two days, it had me completely gripped! Despite the fairly grim subject of child abduction it isn’t a heavy or dark book. While playing hide and seek in the park Lisa’s daughter disappears without a trace – every parents nightmare. Such a page turner that’s full of suspense. It’s very character driven with little twists and turns in the plot development. I definitely recommend it!

The Girls


The Girls by Lisa Jewell

Aimee of Pass the Gin mentioned this book a while ago in one of her blog posts so when I spotted it on Amazon I thought I’d give it a try. I’ve not read any Lisa Jewell books before and I was pleasantly surprised by this one. It kept me guessing all the way through and I was really surprised at the ending, though I can imagine it being disappointing for some. Set in London we get to know families and teenagers that live around a large communal garden, the perfect summer hang out for kids and teens. Things take a dark turn when 13 year old Grace is found by her younger sister, unconscious and partly undressed one night after a party. We follow the events leading up to that night giving clues about what could have happened.

What my girls have been reading


My two have definitely read less recently, first crashing out early because of school and now going to bed late without reading due to the holidays! I’m trying to get them to have quiet time in the afternoons for puzzles, games or reading so we’ll see how successful I am at convincing them it’s a good idea!


The Dumb Bunnies Go To The Zoo


The Dumb Bunnies Go To The Zoo by Dav Pilkey

Oh man, this book had both my girls in giggling fits. E chose it on a recent library trip and she’s requested it a whole lot since then! It is a very, very silly book and one that all kids will love.

Famous Five On A Treasure Island

20160729_150000462_iOSFamous Five On A Treasure Island by Enid Blyton

What a classic, eh? This is the old school version so all the children have their original names 😉 I’ve been pestering N to read Famous Five books for ages, I just knew she’d love them as much as I did at her age. She finally relented a couple of weeks ago and thankfully she loved it. The first of the Famous Five books it introduces the characters and you follow them on their first adventure together.

They’ve got a few more on the go from our recent library trip, but I’ll save them for next month.

Have you or your children read any of these books?

What did you think of them? I’d love to know!





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Setting fitness goals and sticking to them

I am the worst. The absolute worst at setting fitness goals and sticking to them. You only need to have a scroll through my archives to see for yourself the heady sweeping promises full of hope and excitement only to be followed with radio silence or embarrassed confessions of failure. I hang my head in shame. Sometimes I set the bar too high promising to go running every night or workout for 30 minutes for 30 days and then either give up when it’s tough or when the 30 days are up.

I’ve realised that I need to make my fitness goals part of my everyday life, not an attempt to lose x amount of weight or drop a dress size or two, but just part of what I normally do like drinking coffee or taking the kids to school. You’ll know that we’ve recently joined our local David Lloyd and as part of that I worked with one of their trainers and he put together a work out for me. I’ve found this so helpful and made my trips to the gym much easier and more focused – I also now know how to work some of the weight machines and no longer find them intimidating – whoop!

25.6.15 - Nottingham. The David Lloyd Leisure Nottingham West Bridgford Club. Photo: Professional Images/@ProfImages

The David Lloyd Leisure Nottingham West BridgfordClub. Photo: Professional Images/@ProfImages

Every Sunday we’ve been heading over to David Lloyd and while the kids enjoy a session in Kids Club (where they do sports, dance or crafts), the mister and I get to hit the gym for an hour. When we’re done we’ve been having fun in the pool as a family. My family are such fish compared to me but I know how much my girls love it when I come in the pool with them so I made the decision to just get over myself and jump in with them. It’s all part of my ‘wellness journey’, to make exercise part of our lifestyle to model it to my girls as just an ordinary part of life, not something you do to lose weight or begrudgingly.

setting fitness goals - family swimming

I’m pushing my comfort zone though and trying things that I normally would shy away from and during the week I’ve been trying out a few classes and particularly love Body Balance which is a mix of yoga and pilates. I’ve discovered that I really dislike early morning, full of people, sweaty, shouty classes. They make me want to run and hide! Who knew Legs Bums and Tums would be so tough?! I’m going to go back though, it won’t beat me (even if I could hardly walk for like a week afterwards…) Of course getting fitter and more toned are great bi-products in all of this. I’d be lying if I said dropping a jeans size isn’t a confidence booster BUT I don’t want it to be my sole motivator. Going on the BodiTrax machine is a great way to monitor my progress without just relying on the numbers on our dodgy scales at home. It gives you everything you could possibly want to know, from your fat distribution, muscle percentage, and your metabolic age, and so much more -there’s a great video here explaining it.

So in summary here are my less prescriptive and much more achievable ‘fitness goals’

Have fun and try new things

To do more sport as a family

Make exercise part of my life

Be more determined!



What do you think of my fitness goals?

Do you set goals, and most importantly do you stick to them?




(We are partnering with David Lloyd for six months, we have a complimentary membership during this time and will be blogging about how we find it. As always all views are our own)

morganaSetting fitness goals and sticking to them
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What we’ve been reading in June #CoffeeWorkRead

June was a rather quiet month for me book reading wise. I just haven’t been finding the time, or indeed been making the time, to sit down and read. I’ve missed it though and in the midst of all this turmoil a bit of escapism is so very welcome. Here are the books we’ve been reading this month.



Carol by Patricia Highsmith

It sounds silly but I think I picked the wrong season to read this in. It’s much more of a ‘curled up under a blanket on the sofa on a winter’s evening’ kind of book. Or am I being weird assigning seasons to books? Either way I struggled with this particular book. It centres around two women, one a naive young artistic shop worker and the rather more glamourous and worldly upper class Carol. It tells of their love story and journey they go through in 1950s New York. I really wanted to like this at it’s time groundbreaking book, but found the characters rather irritating. I know, not a very highbrow critique, but I just found it hard to warm to them. Feelings aside it is beautifully written and the adventure they go on is intriguing and kept me reading until the end. I know that this is now a film with Cate Blanchett playing Carol, a perfect casting in my opinion, and I think I’ll give it a try, though I might wait until a cosy Autumn evening.


The Gracekeepers


The Gracekeepers, by Kirsty Logan

I’ve mentioned this book in a previous post being the perfect chance for escapism. Set in, what we come to deduce is a post-apocalyptic dystopian future two very different women are searching for a home, and within that love. I was completely swept up into the story and felt disappointed when it ended, there seemed so much more story left to tell. The whole book leads you to that final chapter, but it in itself feels like a beginning for both characters. If you’ve read the Night Circus and enjoyed it I suggest trying this book out. It’s not as complex and mystical as the Night Circus, but a much lighter read though still magical.

What my girls have been reading


My five year old enjoys a wide range of books and the worst punishment is no bedtime story. We’ve even started doing two when we have time, one that she reads to me and then one that I read to her. I was even read to while I was in the bath the other day, rather reminiscent of poor Mrs Large in the classic Five Minutes Peace!

reading june coffeeworksleeprepeat

You Choose

You Choose, by Pippa Goodheart, Nick Sharratt

This is such a fun book that keeps both my girls happy for hours, well maybe not quite hours, but you get the idea. It’s great for things like car journeys, as the reader gets to make the story. Each double page ask the reader a question and they get to choose from lots of pictures. It really encourages make believe and is perfect for imaginative children.

As for my 8 year old, N has been ploughing her way through a number of books, here are just a few of her favourites. I honestly can’t keep up with her, she reads so many! You can see who are favourite authors are..


Candyfloss by Jaqueline Wilson

Grandpa’s Great Escape by David Walliams

Gangsta Granny by David Walliams


Have you or your children read any of these books?

What did you think of them?





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