Eating out at Disneyland Paris – The Earl of Sandwich

We recently visited Disneyland Paris in October Half Term and as you can imagine we had a fantastic time. While we were there we had the opportunity to go to both Planet Hollywood, and The Earl of Sandwich, two of the restaurants at the Disney Village. 


Situated in the Disney Village, The Earl of Sandwich is the perfect place to grab a bite to eat before heading back out and enjoying the rest of Disneyland Paris. With the option to take away or eat in it’s quick food that tastes great.

earl of sandwich

Since it opened, Earl of Sandwich, Paris has been serving its customers The World’s Greatest Hot Sandwich®. Made to order in just 4 minutes, the gourmand’s delight comprises of deliciously fresh, top-quality ingredients and is served on bread baked to order, on the premises (the recipe is a closely guarded secret). Featuring hot sandwiches as well as a selection of salads, wraps and desserts the restaurant also has a breakfast menu and offers a selection of delicious fruits and home-made cakes and puddings!

After ordering you get a buzzer which will buzz when your food is ready to be collected.


earl of sandwich

Unfortunately for us we went on an extremely busy day, it was a French Bank Holiday, so the queues were huge. I guess this shows just how popular it is! The staff were still friendly and helpful despite being run off their feet.

The girls were happy with the meal deal style of kids food both the mister and I were happy with our wraps and potato wedges. It was good to get a lunch that was warm but not too heavy and despite being busy the service was really fast.

earl of sandwich

This is a perfect place to stop in and grab some lunch and have a break from the park. It’s not far from the hotels either so well situated if you’re staying on site like we were.


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We were given complimentary lunch for this purpose of this review, all views are our own.





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Planet Hollywood, Disneyland Paris

We recently visited Disneyland Paris in October Half Term and as you can imagine we had a fantastic time. While we were there we had the opportunity to go to Planet Hollywood, one of the restaurants at the Disney Village.

planet hollywood, disneyland paris

This Planet Hollywood is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, while the Park itself will be celebrating 25 year next year so it’s been a part of Disneyland Paris from very early on. Outside there are hand prints from various stars though not many names were recognisable to my two children. It just shows how fast the showbiz industry moves!

The staff were so friendly and helpful and my girls loved the atmosphere being surrounded by big screens and movie memorabilia. I must admit the decor could do with a bit of updating as it did feel a little tired, not that my children noticed this!

We had the classic food, sharing nachos and burgers. While my youngest girl choose pasta (typical! She ordered this in every place we ate out!) and the eldest had a hot dog and chips.

planet hollywood, disneyland paris

The nachos portion was huge and really fresh, I ate so much I worried that I wouldn’t have space for my burger!


planet hollywood, disneyland paris
planet hollywood, disneyland paris

planet hollywood, disneyland paris

The prices were similar to most of the restaurants in the park, if you are half board at one of the Disney hotels you can use your vouchers to put towards paying for your meal. We found it was a great place to go for lunch away from the hustle and bustle of the main park and really felt like we were being looked after by the staff. You might say that it was because we were reviewing it but a quick look around showed me that everyone was getting the same treatment.

planet hollywood, disneyland paris

We were given complimentary lunch for this purpose of this review, all views are our own.

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Disneyland Paris at October Half Term

Seeing Disneyland Paris on the television as a child, or Euro Disney as it was known back then, always captivated me. The place just seemed so magical and everyone so happy. It was like nothing bad could happen there. I didn’t get to go as a child but I knew that if I had children some day I would love to take them there and see if the magic was real. 

Since having my girls I’ve been desperate to take them, but my much more sensible husband wanted us to wait until they were older, to be the ‘right’ age so they could get the most out of it. Earlier I finally convinced him that with the girls being five and eight that time had surely come, so we booked our break for at Disneyland Paris for October half term. Unfortunately my girls don’t miss a trick and they soon caught wind of it so we weren’t able to do that magical surprise reveal, but they were wonderfully excited nonetheless, and gleefully counted down the days.

Prepare yourself now for a whole lot of Disney, I’m going to share with you our favourite things about our trip to Disneyland Paris at October Half Term.

We flew into Paris which was very exciting as it was the first time my youngest had been on an aeroplane and as my eldest girl was just a toddler on her last plan trip it all felt new and exciting to her too. 

Disneyland Paris October Half term

N’s new Jurni case was packed with her clothes, shoes, ipad and colouring books for the flight. She was so pleased to be responsible for her own things and thanks to the fact that it’s perfect hand luggage size she had it with her all the time. E’s Trunki on the other hand was full of toys and princess dresses, essential items, obviously! Don’t worry, all her clothes were safely packed in our main case. Having cases that the kids could sit on and in E’s case be pulled along on really helped with all the waiting around and queuing, especially when there was no where to sit in the departure lounge on the way home.

After a flight where the youngest girl squealed with excitement while the eldest held on for dear life, we arrived in Paris and made our way to Disneyland. We were staying at the Newport Bay Hotel, which is one of the onsite Disney hotels, and it was beautiful. We didn’t have tickets for the Halloween party which was happening in the park that evening so we headed out to a very busy Disney Village for dinner while feeling very tired.

newport bay hotel

Disneyland Paris, October half term

In choosing October Half Term I was worried about the weather being bad, but we were so fortunate with the sun coming on all but our last day. Visiting during the Halloween period meant that much of the park was decorated with pumpkins and the ‘baddie’ characters came out to play. My two were so excited by this as it meant they got to meet Maleficent. As the week went on it transitioned to Christmas at the park and it was so exciting to see the little changes each day. Honestly the attention to detail at Disney is astounding.

disneyland paris october half term

If you’re a regular reader you’ll know that my two girls are very different, the youngest loves bright colours, glitter, princesses and general silliness, while the eldest is a massive Star Wars fan, loves fast rides and thought she’d grown out of princesses and Disney characters, though if you saw her face during the parades you’d never have guessed that. I was keen to see how this would play out during the week, would there be enough for us to do as a family or would we spend most of the day split in half.

For those that haven’t been before the main park is split into different lands, each with a theme Fantastyland, Discoveryland, Frontierland and Adventureland. While we were there most of Frontierland was closed for redevelopment and half of Discoveryland was the same – this is where Star Tours is. Of course my Star Wars mad eldest was disappointed that the Star Wars part was closed off but she still got to be a Jedi – more on that later! Here are our favourite bits from each land.


This was by far my youngest’s favourite, from the iconic castle, to meeting her favourite Princess, not to mention the teacups and Small World ride. She enthusiastically queued for nearly two hours at the Princess Pavillion to meet her very favourite princess, Ariel. I can’t say I was quite as happy about the long wait as she was but seeing her face when she talked to Ariel and hugged her kind of made it all worthwhile.


disneyland paris october half term

This is the face of a very happy five year old


The highlights of this were the Buzz Lightyear ride, Space Mountain and Jedi Training Academy. We were really happy to find out that the Jedi Training Academy was still on despite the rest of the Star Wars attraction being closed. I must admit that it wasn’t really well organised or promoted. We relied heavily on other people in the queue that had done it before to explain the process. Basically you queue in the morning to book a time slot for the training and also for the show that follows. It’s also worth noting that your child must be between the ages of 7 and 12 for this activity. We queued and despite the confusion we booked our place for later that day.

The children get to ‘train’ as a Jedi and then come out to do a show for people to watch afterwards. Now we had no idea what to expect and were all shocked when the Storm Troupers and Darth Vader himself arrived. Each child got to put their Jedi skills to the test and fight Darth Vader! Honestly you should have seen their faces when that was revealed – they had no idea. I apologise for the blurry photos but I hadn’t got my camera settings right in time to capture the brief time N was centre stage.

jedi training academy, disneyland paris


jedi training academy, disneyland paris

Jedi Training Academy

Jedi Training Academy show

I’m sure you’ll agree that some special memories were made that day! If you have a Star Wars mad child then I really recommend you get them onto this.

Adventureland and Frontierland

The Pirates of the Caribbean ride is really the only bit worth noting here for Adventureland. The Blue Lagoon restaurant is situated about halfway round it, it’s like you’re in a cavern, and the hanging lights make it so atmospheric. We ate there on our second night and loved it.


With much of Frontierland closed we didn’t spend much time there but we did get to meet Jessie from Toy Story, another of my youngest’s favourites. This time it was a much more manageable 20 minute wait!

We saw two parades while we were there and they are definitely worth trying to get a front row spot for. Our best view was at the start of the parade in Fantasyland. We managed to be right at the front and had a great view. Even our eldest girl, who’s ‘too old for princesses’ got swept up in the magic and excitedly waved at everyone!





We made so many magical memories during our five days at Disney and all will admit that it lived up to our huge expectations. Keep an eye out for more posts on our Disney trip over the next couple of weeks, including our top tips for making the most of it as well as some restaurant reviews and our favourite bits of Disneyland Studios.


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What do you think of our trip?

Have you been to Disneyland Paris before? I’d love to know what your favourite bits were if you have.


This post is written in association with Jurni who provided my eldest girl with one of their brand new cases for teens.  Don’t tell my daughter but I’m totally borrowing it for my next trip away! 😉 For more information find them on social media here – Twitter, Facebook. All views are our own, as ever.

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A change is as good as a rest

The week before half term we were all exhausted. Each morning I would have to wake two very sleepy children up, cajoling them from their slumber with the promise that it would soon be half term. The littlest would beg for five more minutes, a big change from the child that would practically leap out of bed at the thought of school in September. I wrote on social media how much we were looking forward to a rest.. Little did I know that as I was writing this my lovely friend in Cornwall, that would be hosting us during half term, was starting to panic. In a house with four children and a dog there’s not a lot of peace, sleep or indeed rest, how were we going to get the rest we so wanted in her house. She messaged me with her worries, forewarning us that her children hadn’t been sleeping well, and they’d started to get up early, but I reassured her that all would be well and we were just looking forward to seeing them.

After a very long drive from the North West of the country right down to the South West, their gorgeous cottage right in the countryside was such a sight for sore eyes. We were met at the door by my beautiful pregnant friend and ushered inside with all our bags and belongings. What followed was the best few days, full of quality time for our family with their family. As a couple it can sometimes be difficult to find friends where the husbands get on just as well as the wives and vice versa. Although I had been friends with Jo ever since we were 16, our husbands had only met a handful of times, yet they get on brilliantly, they have so much in common and can rival Jo and I when it comes to the time they can spend talking to each other! We had a wonderful couple of evenings crashed on the sofas chatting about everything from our families, worries, God and well life in general as well as laughing over old photos of Jo and I of course!

Our children had great fun together. Both my girls were born within weeks of Jo’s eldest two sons so they had a ball, and you know what N is like with small children so the younger two of Jo’s brood were well looked after too! We spent much of the time we were there exploring the outdoors and giving the children a chance to run wild. As I grew up in Cornwall it holds a special place in my heart and I love getting the chance to share it’s beauty with my family.




We had the best few days in Cornwall, sure it wasn’t a ‘rest’ in the conventional sense. There were no lazy mornings or time spent lounging around, but yet my heart felt so happy. That change of pace away from the busyness and stress of our every day lives was just what we needed. Fresh air and the company of friends that just get you is a wonderful combination, and I am so thankful to have Jo, Chris and their family in our lives.


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Our perfect stay at Watergate Bay Hotel in Cornwall

For the past few summers we’ve packed up the car and headed down to Cornwall to stay in my dad’s caravan and last summer was no exception. While we were there we met with friends that introduced us to Watergate Bay Hotel in Newquay. Fresh from the beach, with wind swept hair, sandy feet and wet haired children we enjoyed a relaxing couple of hours in their living space. There were plenty of families around, yet it didn’t feel overrun with children, there were couples tucked away chatting over beer and groups huddled over table laughing over board games. For me it was love at first sight, with a relaxed feel and such attention to detail on its interiors throughout, I just knew that we just had to come back at stay there one day. With my husband equally smitten and me talking about the hotel at any chance I could shoe horn it into the conversation I was over the moon when he surprised me with a break there in celebration of his 30th birthday and our 9th wedding anniversary.

After dropping off our very excited girls with the inlaws at their home in the New Forest we then set off driving the rest of the journey to Cornwall. Now we aren’t a particularly soppy or romantic couple (no Valentines presents here) we decided to each make a Spotify playlist to listen to during our drive, a bit of a nod to the mix CDs we used to make each other I guess. Mine was full of forgotten favourites while the mister went for a mixture of the new and the old. Of course Ben Howard featured in both, we can’t take a trip to the ocean without him. If you fancy listening to our choices I’ve embedded them at the end of this post.

With a strong heritage rooted in Cornwall, my dad was born and bred in Cornwall while my Granddad was a miner and a market gardener and I of course grew up in a tiny Cornish village. Therefore Cornwall always feels like coming home to me, and this trip was no different, as soon as we passed that border sign I couldn’t help but feel a big smile fill my face and the weight of my worries and work just lift right off me. The beach and the crashing waves as we drove round Watergate Bay was truly a sight for sore eyes.



After arriving and checking in we excitedly made our way to our room and this is what we found, a beautiful Ocean view room. If you regularly read my blog you’ll know just how much this room’s interior design suits my taste, in my eyes it was just perfect and I felt instantly relaxed.







It may have been a rather grey February day but that didn’t stop me from enjoying our ocean view, hearing the waves crashing onto the beach was music to my ears.


Watergate Bay Hotel is not just a retreat for couples but a wonderful family friendly hotel and some where I know our girls would love. The downstairs living space is so light and well planned out, the perfect place to unwind. I was worried at first that with it being half term that I might, you know, not love the fact that there would be umm….. children around… but it was so chilled. People just milled around, children played in the playrooms and then sought out chatting parents to share their stories or pictures before wandering back to play with their friends.

The mister and I love reading and before the girls came along we’d often be tucked away in a coffee shop together reading our books. So of course we had to make the most of this time and over a glass of wine or a coffee just sat reading together.






We went for a swim before dinner, and words cannot describe the infinity pool or even the outdoor hot tub on the deck with a perfect view of the ocean. Click here to check out photos on their site, it’s not to be missed!

Later in the evening we ate dinner at Zacry’s the inhouse restaurant, and of course I couldn’t stop going on about the overall design of the interiors, before even glancing at the menu I just knew we’d be in for a lovely evening. Both my starter and main course centred around fish and seafood, my favourite and whenever I’m by the coast there really i no other choice for me.






Breakfast the next day with families chatting and planning their day around us, children eating freshly made waffles we tucked into an English breakfast and pored over newspapers.




It sounds so cliche, but we spent the rest of our morning walking hand in hand along the beach and sharing our hopes and dreams for the future, refreshed by our short stay and ready to face the world.. or our children at least!

We will definitely be visiting Watergate Bay Hotel again, next time maybe we’ll take the girls and go for a few days. I know they’d love to learn to surf and we already know how much they love the beach. Until then I’ll keep dreaming and remembering our perfect stay.


-My husband booked this break for us, I haven’t received anything for this review, I just loved it so much I just had to share it with you.

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