Hodor, beautiful blooms and a chocolate giveaway #LittleLoves

  While I was scrolling through Facebook earlier this week a post from Emma (Life at the Little Wood) popped up telling the story of their beautiful home. I adore Emma house and it was so interesting to read the story of the build, you can read the posts here The Little Tale of The

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Dinosaurs, Unicorn pencils and trying to relax #LittleLoves

I feel like I haven’t stopped this week! The mister has been working long days and add to that two trips to Old Trafford(!!) so I’ve been holding the fort at home, juggling the girls, the house, the business and this blog. I’ve been trying to make myself stop working at 9pm, but it doesn’t


Peaky blinders, sunshine and beautiful bluebells #LittleLoves

This week has zoomed by for me! We had such a wonderful sunshine filled weekend and then the week days have come and gone so quickly. After working on the back garden a bit over the weekend I’ve enjoyed sitting outside and working. It’s lovely to be surrounded by flowers and have the sun shining, a


Triathlons, kayaking and getting back to work #LittleLoves

I finally feel back into the swing of things work wise after the late Easter holidays and then the bank holiday (which was lovely by the way). Now I need to get my head down for the next few weeks before the next half term break (!!) I’m still going strong with cutting out sugar

give up sugar

Quitting sugar, Game of Thrones and Nothing but Thieves #LittleLoves

It’s been back to normal for us this week, no more holiday it’s all about school and work, and after two weeks off it was a shock to the system I can tell you! At least we have this lovely bank holiday weekend to look forward too. Here’s hoping we at least get a bit


Coffee shops, a museum and a theme park #LittleLoves

We’re on our holidays! Apologies for how rushed this might be, I’m writing this on Wednesday night as it’s the only moment I can grab to put the post together. I’m hoping to squeeze in some commenting too as I really want to know what all my fellow little lovers were up to last week! We’ve

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Printed nighties, family time and pushing through #LittleLoves

We made it to Friday! Woo! From Thursday last week to Thursday this week I’ve been rather poorly so I’m afraid this isn’t the most action packed Little Loves ever. I also want to apologise to those that linked up last week who haven’t had a comment from me. I’m afraid with being poorly and juggling

annie sloan antoinette pink chalk paint

The long weekend, Horrible Histories and chalk paint #LittleLoves

I had a wonderful Easter weekend full of friends, in fact we were so busy the girls barely had a moment to get stuck into their Easter eggs! We spent hours chatting to friends, both old and new, and I feel so much better for it. It’s just such a shame that my girls had

little loves easter

Daffodils, bomber jackets and kids in shows #LittleLoves

What a jumble of a week. From the tragic news in Brussels and Turkey to the upcoming Easter celebrations, it’s been a week of highs and lows really hasn’t it? I for one am ready for this long weekend of family time.   I’ve just started a new book, but if I’m honest I’ve hardly picked