Interview with Vikki and Dom from The Cake Tasting Club #MumBoss

You all know how much I love cake, right? Well combine that love with my love for small businesses kick started by mamas and you have a winning combination in my eyes. Introducing this month’s Mum Bosses Vikki and Dom, the force behind The Cake Tasting Club.

Cake Tasting Club

Hello! We are Vikki, mum of three/expert multi-tasker, and Dom, mum of strong willed two year old and tiny human/lover of all things cake and carb based! Basically we are obsessed with desserts and would always have double pudding when the opportunity presents itself.  

Tell us a little bit about your business

Our cheeky little business is The Cake Tasting Club (had you at cake right?!) which is a subscription based business delivering you surprise cake by mail in letterbox friendly boxes. If you love cake, and who doesn’t right (only weirdos) this is the club for you. We currently have three jazzy options of boxes – The Classic which is a mixed box of three bakes, The brownie box which is a box of three different brownies (or blondies) and the mini box for one which contains one generous portion of baked loveliness. The choice is yours kipper.


What made you want to start up The Cake Tasting Club?

Both of us have other businesses, Vikki runs a wooden toy business and Dom a local cake business and we met whilst showcasing our wares in a local pop-up shop enterprise. We clicked on our love of cake and felt our combined skills could create an amazing venture- the cake tasting club was born! Ta da!

Cake Tasting ClubOnce you had the idea how did you go about turning it into a reality?

Basically we were both so excited by the concept that we just did everything initially needed to set it up really quickly, banged the website out and got chatting it up on social media! The rest is history!


Have you made any mistakes?

Probably lots! But I think it’s all a learning curve, you just need to learn from it and keep pushing forward.


Best thing about running your own business?

The flexibility, being able to work the hours you can around other commitments. I think working in a partnership is also really great as you keep each other motivated and also you can eat lots of cake together- off cuts are the best.

Cake Tasting Club

The hardest thing?

We are both busy mums, so the time we have is limited it’s sometimes tricky to prioritise and use the time we have best because there’s always a million things we could be getting on with! Makes me think about all the time I had before kids- what did I do with it?


What inspires you?

Certain cheeky celebrities (I’m looking at you Mr Hollywood) no but really other amazing MumBoss business owners out there who are running all these amazing small businesses. I feel like we are in this lovely little community of support, everyone looks out for each other and there’s a real sense of a collective goal. Sisters are doing it for themselves! Oh yeah.


Any advice for anyone out there thinking of starting up their own business?

Just go for it and trust your instincts! I think planning is good but you can plan, plan, plan so I think just get going and learn along the way! The joy of running your own business is that you can break the rules. You can do it girl!


As a treat for you, my lovely readers..

Classic Box is normally £15 but first box is £9.99 with code CAKETRIAL



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morganaInterview with Vikki and Dom from The Cake Tasting Club #MumBoss
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Interview with Danielle from Team Hen #MumBoss

I love sharing the stories of fellow mums that have worked hard to build up a business, and this month’s MumBoss I find particularly inspiring, she found a gap in the market and promptly set about addressing it. We all know that Hen Parties can end up being tacky when that’s all you see on the high street, well that doesn’t need to be the case. Team Hen creates and sells beautiful Hen Party gifts and accessories. I wish they’d been around when my Hen Party was being planned! If you’re getting married, or are being a bridesmaid then you really must read this interview and check out what Danielle and Team Hen offer.


Hi, I’m Danielle and I’m the founder and creative director at Team Hen. I’m married and have two children, Harriet (3 years), and Edward (15 months). We currently live in Milton Keynes, though started our lives together in London. My previous career was in IT in London, which I loved, but had to give up when I had my first child as with commuting and childcare, it just wasn’t a viable option to continue. 


Tell us a little bit about your business

I started my company Team Hen in January of last year. Team Hen offers a much needed alternative to the garish and tacky Hen Party paraphernalia so widely found on today’s High Street. We design and make original, on-trend gifts and accessories for Modern brides and their Hens.


What made you want to start up Team Hen?

I was organising my best friends Hen Party; when looking for gifts and accessories for the weekend it quickly became apparent our options were limited – everything was cheap, tacky and over the top. I designed and had made some some items for the event – and so Team Hen was born!


Once you had the idea how did you go about turning it into a reality?

I designed some badges and gift bags and had them made for me – I started selling on ETSY, and quickly turned a profit. I invested all profits into producing more items and new designs. In Feb of 2015 we were accepted by Not On The High Street, and the business really took off. We launched our own website in February of this year, and are now concentrating on building our brand in to a national ‘go-to’ for anyone organising a Hen Party.


Have you made any mistakes?

Oh yes! Where do I start! As the designer at Team Hen I have a very personal relationship with the products – we’ve launched one or two items that just haven’t sold (despite me thinking they’re great!) Luckily, we only launch new items in small runs, so it’s never been a disaster!


Best thing about running your own business?

I didn’t start my business to become a millionaire – I started the business because I needed an outlet for my creativity and passion. Being a mother is such a privilege, and don’t take it for granted – but I need to do something that fulfills my brain, and soul; Team Hen does that for me – my children have my heart. 

Also, its nice being able to work in your pyjamas (some days!)


The hardest thing?

The guilt – my children are still young, and are not yet at school, so we juggle childcare between grandparents and nursery sessions. They are both happy, content children, but the guilt i feel when I’m later than usual to pick them up because the postman hasn’t arrived to collect the days orders is horrendous.


What inspires you?

Other women, especially other mothers, running their own businesses. There are some unbelievably talented women out their, doing it for themselves – add a child or two into the mix and i don’t know how I, or any other mothers, do it. 


Any advice for anyone out there thinking of starting up their own business?

Fail Fast – Fail Cheap. By that I mean, if your launching new, untested products don’t buy thousands! Even if the margins aren’t great for the first run, buy small until the product is proven. A good margin counts for nothing if they don’t sell!

Also – don’t try to do it all. I ran the business alone for so long – whilst pregnant with my son and only took a 3 week break after he was born. Looking back it was ridiculous. My husband finally convinced me to take on some staff, and I’ve never looked back. We now have a merry team of 5 plus myself, who do everything from making our products to packing up the orders and dealing with day to day enquiries. Its a fab team and I love them all!


I find Danielle’s story really inspiring and love the products that she creates. Team Hen have kindly given us a discount code, so head on over and take a look.






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morganaInterview with Danielle from Team Hen #MumBoss
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Interview with Pamela from marketing company, AB FiftyOne #MUMBOSS

I’ve known this month’s MumBoss through blogging for a little while now, my home has even been featured on her blog! As soon as I found out that she was setting up her own marketing company I just knew I had to set up a MumBoss interview with her. I know lots of bloggers with marketing backgrounds and bloggers that want to branch out into marketing so I think this interview will be really insightful.


I’m Pamela, I live up in Aberdeenshire (just north of the granite city) with my husband and 2 little ladies. I’m a marketer by profession but have also been blogging and vlogging for a number of years over at Life With Munchers and Roost Blog. After obtaining by honours degree from university, I went straight into the world of work and have had the pleasure of being a marketing manager and working with some rather exciting car brands and more recently an oil company.


Tell us a little bit about your business

I set up a content marketing company in Aberdeen, AB Fiftyone, after recognising that there was a natural shift from traditional to digital marketing happening and local companies didn’t necessarily have the in house resources to be able to harness this new potential. I help companies build an integrated marketing strategy for both offline and online that is tailored around how people are consuming content these days. Gone are the days when advertising was enough, now companies have to evolve to tell all, not only about themselves but what their product or service can be a part of.
Being able to not only help companies get online, but show them how best to have a presence and use every type of content available from written, video and even digital outreach to boost their message is very rewarding.


What made you want to start up AB Fiftyone?

The industry I was working in took a big hit in 2015 and huge cut back saw thousands lose their jobs. Had it not been for that, I would never have sat down and worked out a new direction. As I was a blogger, I could already see how national brands were using content and digital outreach to bolster their marketing and I knew it was a matter of time before this became a reality for local companies too.


Once you had the idea how did you go about turning it into a reality?

Thankfully I already had strong connections in the marketing industry and so getting up and running was daunting but exciting at the same time. I’m thankful that the tools of my trade are a laptop, camera and ability, so it wasn’t long before I was reaching out.


Have you made any mistakes or got any regrets?

I guess it’s too soon to say if I’ve made any mistakes as such, but certainly knowing who you can trust in business is a steep learning curve.


Best thing about running your own business?

The flexibility, without a doubt, is the best thing. I’m in complete control of the workload I take on and being able to balance this with family life is so rewarding.


The hardest thing?

The hardest thing has to be having the grit and determination to go out there and sell yourself.


What inspires you?

I enjoy what I do! Everyday I get to do more and more of what I love and that inspires me to keep going. I work with clients who I personally find exciting, interesting and energetic and couple that with a balance of family life and it’s like a dream come true.


Any advice for anyone out there thinking of starting up their own business?

Research…find out what makes you different and unique, especially if you are entering into a busy market. That and just having the belief that you are good at what you do. Don’t let what others are doing distract you from your own plan.


I hope you’ve enjoyed Pamela’s story and picked up a few tips.

If you have any questions leave them in comment or contact Pamela via social media.




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morganaInterview with Pamela from marketing company, AB FiftyOne #MUMBOSS
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Interview with Steph from screen printing business Flat102

It’s been a few months since I shared a MumBoss interview, so it’s time to get back on track. I’ve loved setting these interviews up with inspiring mums that run their own businesses and I hope you enjoy reading all about them. I’ve got lots of fantastic interviews lined up and the businesses vary in size, time they’ve been running, and the sector they’re in so there’s something for everyone and each are super inspiring. This month we have a creative business and mama to showcase – Steph and her screen printing business, Flat102. You lovely lot can get a discount in Steph’s online store thanks to her generosity! I’ve really enjoyed finding out more about Steph and her screen printing business and hope you do too. 


Hi, I’m Steph! I’m 37 and married to James, Mum to Max and expecting a baby girl in 4 weeks!  We live in Buckingham after swapping London life for the country 18 months ago.  I had an amazing 10 years at Disney working in film marketing on some fantastic films, but while on maternity leave I made the difficult decision to leave my fab team and concentrate on family life while also pursuing my dream of launching my own screen printing business.

Tell us a little bit about your business

I originally set up an Etsy shop in 2011 as a bit of a hobby and creative outlet for the cushions and bags that I made of an evening.  The name Flat102 came from the number of the flat I owned in East Acton where my dream of one day owning my own business first started.  It wasn’t until I took an evening screen printing class that I discovered my passion and knew what I wanted that business to be.  I now create hand screen printed art in my home studio aka the garage!  The pieces of art I design and print are a reflection of what I love and would like to have in my own home.  Over the course of the next few months I am hoping to branch out and start printing home textiles.  Cushions, tea towels, napkins etc.


Once you had the idea how did you go about turning it into a reality?

The first step was to bring my old Etsy shop ‘back to life’ and then with a lot of help from my husband turn half of our garage into a studio.  Having a dedicated space to work (and make a mess) has been a real turning point as it feels less like a hobby and more like a business.  Like many small businesses Flat102 is still very much a work in progress, but I am looking forward to some exciting collaborations and wholesale conversations that are happening.

Have you made any mistakes?

Yes! Too many to mention, but I try to not dwell on them and instead look at them as lessons learnt. 


Best thing about running your own business?

The best thing is getting to do what I love while also being able to stay at home with Max.  After that it would be getting feedback from customers who love something I have put my heart into.  When that order comes in, knowing they have spent their hard earned cash on something I have made is a thrill that I don’t think I will ever stop feeling.  I love the process of making, having something tangible at the end of each printing session, after having spent so long in the corporate world I find this so rewarding.  Finally having the flexibility to work to my own timetable and the freedom to try anything is great.   


The hardest thing?

The freedom to try anything!  I often feel completely overwhelmed by all the ideas that are swirling around my head and all the things I want to achieve, but I am gradually learning to prioritise.  I also struggle with self-belief…give me a product that someone else has made and I will market it like a pro for them, but for some reason I find it so hard to do that for myself and my own products.  For now I’m just faking it ‘till I make it!

What inspires you?

My inspiration comes from a huge range of sources…fashion, nature, my crazy boys!  At the moment I am inspired by anything striped!  I LOVE Breton tops and if you ask James he would say I have far too many!  I am also inspired daily by the amazing supportive network of women that Hayley Southwood has brought together in her Southwood Social Hub.  


Any advice for anyone out there thinking of starting up their own business?

Just go for it and remember its progress not perfection that matters.  It can be so easy to compare yourself to similar businesses and feel like you’re not good enough, especially if they are well established.  It’s important to keep an eye on what is out there, but you are on your own journey so just enjoy it!


I hope you’ve enjoyed Steph’s story and picked up a few tips.

If you have any questions leave them in comment or contact Steph via social media.







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(discount valid until October 21st 2016)

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#MUMBOSS -Getting to know Sarah from stationery store Got2Jot

I don’t know about you but I’m a bit of a stationery geek. Rather embarrassingly, when I worked in a office one of my favourite days was when the office supplies delivery came and I got to raid the cupboard for pens and coloured post it notes! Even when I was at school nothing beat the excitement of choosing a new pencil case for the start of term! If like me you love stationery, you NEED to check out this month’s mum boss’ store – Got2Jot. It is full of beautiful notebooks, pens and organisers, and you lovely lot can get a discount thanks to Sarah’s generosity! I’ve really enjoyed finding out more about Sarah and her business and hope you do too.

PR shot small

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your family

My name is Sarah Sibley, a born Scouser who never forgets her routes but now lives in a pretty village in Northamptonshire. I am married to Graham and have 2 children, Sam (17) and Beth (14).

I am approaching a big birthday this year so feel it’s a good time to reflect and see what I want to do in the next stage of my life, not only work wise but health and fitness.

Tell us a little bit about your business

I set up Got2Jot in 2013 to offer a range of fun, fashion stationery initially focused on kids stationery but then realised as its online there is an opportunity to sell lovely ranges to parents as well.

I’ve always loved stationery and feel it’s important when you choose a business start up idea that it’s something you have a passion for. I have been running the business in the background alongside my main Marketing Consultancy work . In May this year I took the plunge and have decided to work full time on making Got2Jot grow so it is now my main focus.

Hello notecard 1 studio seed

What did you do before and has it helped with your current business?

My background has been primarily in retail marketing – I am a bit of a shopper to say the least so for me it’s always been a perfect fit. I have had lots of experience using research to understand customers needs and wants, market opportunities and developing ideas to launch. Luckily my last contract was working with a big retailer where digital marketing is fundamental  so this has allowed me to take a lot of learning back into my own business. The main issue I have faced however is when you work in a large organisation you have the experts to then go and land the projects whereas when it’s your own business it’s down to you so boy what a steep learning curve

How did you come up with the idea and what gave you that push to start?

I’ve always had a passion for stationery from school right through to work. Being a project manager meant that I had to be highly organised and I always used stationery to keep a track on what I needed to achieve that day. It was a lovely comfort blanket for me.

In 2012 I went to Australia on holiday with the family and the number of lovely stationery stores out there was amazing, they were way ahead of the UK in terms of stylish, organisational stationery for adults but also colourful fun stationery for kids. So I thought this was a good opportunity to try and bring a UK version to the market combining fashion with function but with a fun, colourful basis.

I also knew that although contracting work was lucrative when it was there, I needed to have a back -up plan if ever anything should happen and the contract end. Previously when contracts ended for me I went into a bit of a tailspin in terms of what I needed to focus on but having Got2Jot behind me I always knew that my back up was something I loved and could build on.

Once you had the idea how did you go about turning it into a reality?

Research, Research, Research – I looked at the market to see where there was a potential gap and how I would need to position it differently. I also did a lot of focus groups with friends and mums who fitted the target market I was aiming for.  This then allowed me to create what the business idea should be and the types of products that I needed to source.

I visited trade shows to get ideas initially and also internet searches to find products and suppliers that were smaller, different to the high street. I also involved my daughter who joined me visiting trade shows such as Top Drawer as she gave a different view on products for” tween” girls.

Have you made any mistakes or got any regrets?

There were a few product selections which didn’t work as well so I had to write off.  For example diaries and calendars – For a stationery business you need to offer a range of diaries but beyond Feb/March it’s very hard to sell through so ordering the right quantity but still enough choice is a challenge.

Best thing about running your own business?

Flexibility in planning your day so you can balance between home and work. The house is a more settled environment and I can take out time to go and take my daughter to hospital appointments or my son to University visits without worrying about taking time off work.

I also love the fact that this is all my idea, hard work and I can control it. I’m not working and selling other peoples products, they’re products that I love and my customers love. Financially it also means that the margin I make is all mine, I’m not having to share it with anyone else.

The one thing that I have found that there are some real stationery addicts out there (some even worse than me) so the biggest challenge is how to reach them and to get on the top of their shopping list.

Blush pink notebook

The hardest thing?

Where do I start…

Setting up the website initially in 2013 which I did with my husband was really challenging as although we were both marketing people it’s completely different doing it all yourselves and the tech work behind setting up the online shop, photography, SEO etc was so much to plan and very long evenings

I have recently switched to a wordpress site with a woo commerce shop which I manage alongside with a website consultant who I use to help do the tech side.

More recently being at home although it’s flexible it can be lonely as I am quite an extrovert so get my buzz being round other people, so I try and plan the week to get out and meet others to help bounce ideas etc.

How do you balance work and family life?

Having older children doesn’t necessarily mean that you can devote all your time to the business.

Yes you have the time in the day when they are at school but then you need to be around to help with more complex homework for GCSE’s. (Although the Maths still baffles me) It’s also a good time to be around to help my eldest who is starting second year of A Levels with all the work, pressure and University choices if that’s the route he goes down.

Your role changes to be more of a sounding board, advisor and emotional support.

In terms of balancing and being organised what tips or tricks can you share?

I take Monday mornings to plan out the week so look at events, meetings, product re-stocking, social media planning so I feel the rest of the week is organised. So having a weekly planner is a great idea.

I sometimes use the social media scheduling tools to get messages out but if I am at the desk I prefer to do it “live”

Now I have the time I’m using it to explore the local women’s networking groups to find others which are like minded and a good mix. I definitely don’t do those breakfast ones where you have to bring so many referrals (I know they work for some but too much pressure for me)

As the kids are older I bounce ideas off them, both are doing business studies and its good for them to see how a small business runs and the decisions you have to make. They also are a wealth of knowledge on social media and photography, particularly my teenage daughter.

Finally be brave, you have to move out your comfort zone so that will mean knocking on the doors of friends and family initially to get them to help you, buy from you and spread the word. Awkward sometimes but necessary.

Gold shimmer dots noteboooks

What inspires you?

Positivity and encouragement from others. Seeing how other small businesses have grown and expanded but to a point that still allows the work life balance.

Any advice for anyone out there thinking of starting up their own business?

Research your idea thoroughly and try to create something that is slightly different to what else is out there. Talk to anyone you know in your own network of friends, family who work in business who maybe able to help or advise or introduce you to others who will help you.

Accept that there are some things that you need to outsource as your time is precious, so work through what you can do yourself and then allocate a budget to support. I use an accountant and a website developer.


I hope you’ve enjoyed Sarah’s story and picked up a few tips.

If you have any questions leave them in comment or contact Sarah via social media.


Here’s the DISCOUNT info –

15% off when you use the code CWSR15  at the checkout


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(Discount ends 10/07/2016)


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#MUMBOSS – Getting to know Carrie Anne from Mere Soeur

I’m excited for you to get to know this cool mama, Carrie Anne from Mere Soeur. If you haven’t heard of her brand, Mere Soeur before you NEED to check it out. I know lots of you have been loving my Strong Mother travel cup, well this is the lady behind them and so much more mama merch that you need in your life.

carrie anne 1

I’m Carrie Anne, I live in North Wales with my little boy River (15 months). His papa lives in Essex and runs a barber shop in Hackney. We all come together every fortnight for family time. I get by on jugs of coffee and chocolate based baked goods the rest of the time.

Tell us a little bit about your business

Mère Soeur is a lifestyle brand dedicated to empowering mums, celebrating sisterhood and offering a little something different. We have totes, tee, pins, mugs and I’m about to launch a bunch of brand new products over the next month or so!

carrie anne 3

How did you come up with the idea?

I was so inspired by the mama community online and the growing sisterhood I knew I had to create something to celebrate all things mermaid and put across the message of sisterhood and how important it is to understand and help each other. I basically started designing products that I would want to buy and I’m just glad other people like them too!

Once you had the idea how did you go about turning it into a reality?

Before I started Mère Soeur I knew next to nothing about business, printing, designing etc. I knew what i wanted to do but had no idea how to do it. There are services available and people who are waiting to answer your questions and give you guidance. Your local job centre is a great place to find out what services are offered in your area. It’s so worth it. I now have a business mentor, funding and a wonderful accountant!

Have you made any mistakes or got any regrets?

I’m always making mistakes. Every day I make mental notes to ‘do things differently next time’ or ‘make sure that doesn’t happen again’. It’s all part of the process but I don’t have any regrets. You have to mess up to improve and there’s no point going over and over things you just have to brush your shoulders off and move on to the next thing.

Best thing about running your own business?

Definitely the flexibility. Having the opportunity to be with River as often as possible, taking a day off midweek to go to the beach or even just nip out for a lunch date with the little guy is what makes it all worthwhile. After that I’d say that creating something you love and feeling passionate about what you’re doing is priceless. Exhausting, fun, daunting but priceless. Lastly, the feedback from customers and being part of such an incredible community totally warms my cockles. Getting to know the mamas and their families online and in “real life” is just the best.

carrie anne 2

The hardest thing?

The thing I find most difficult is having to squeeze little bits of work in throughout the day. We’ve just started 1.5 days of childcare but up until now it’s been a case of using naps, youtube breaks (don’t judge me!) and bedtimes to snatch a bit of time to work. Hopefully I can be more efficient and more present now we’ve found a great nursery.

What inspires you?

The open arms of sisterhood, the online community of mamas we’re so lucky to be a part of, creative people working hard to make it happen with or without babies! These ladies….. @thecostasisters @tibaandmarl @craftedsisterhood

carrie anne 4

Any advice for anyone out there thinking of starting up their own business?

Go for it! Don’t be deterred by how long everything takes or how well everyone else seems to be doing. Basically, don’t let ANYTHING stop you. If you have to take it slow then so be it. You’ll get there. Everybody starts somewhere and there’s no reason you can’t make it work.

Listen to your body. It’s great to be bursting with drive and ambition and ideas but letting yourself burn out will put you out of action for much longer than a little bit of ‘me’ time will. Treat yourself, you deserve it!


mere soeur collage


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#MUMBOSS – Getting to know author Aimee Horton

This month I’m super happy to share with you a friend of mine, Aimee Horton, we’ve known each other through blogging for years and in that time Aimee has become an author and I’ve set up Little and Fierce. I don’t think a day goes by when we don’t text, whats app or tweet each other! She’s been a great help and sounding board to me and I LOVE her writing and think you will too.


Hello! I’m a wife, mother, author, and runner. I love the sunshine, and hate the cold, and I’m grumpy if my nails aren’t nice. I believe you can never have too much pizza or too many Yorkshire puddings, and that if you don’t laugh you’d cry.

Tell us a little bit about what you do

It’s still really strange to say that I’m an author. AN ACTUAL REAL-LIFE AUTHOR. I am also the Content Manager at Polarn O. Pyret UK.

What made you want to start?

I’d decided I didn’t want to do marketing anymore; it just wasn’t the right industry for me. I started writing a blog and some of my readers suggested I should write a book, so I decided to go for it. I had always wanted to be an author but a lack of confidence during my teenage years put me off. Getting older I realised I had nothing to lose giving it a go.

Once you had the idea how did you go about turning it into a reality?

I wrote a couple of awful books. Well actually I wrote a few awful chapters and sent them off to agents. At the beginning I was so busy wanting an agent, I didn’t write anything good. Then one day on a whim I decided to write a funny book to self-publish. It wasn’t intended to be anything but a bit of fun. Turns out that when you have fun, the people who read your work have fun too. People liked my heroine, Dottie, and I got carried away and started to write more. I sent it onto a publisher on a whim last year and they took me on!

Have you made any mistakes or got any regrets?

I have made lots of mistakes, but I try really hard not to have regrets. I’m a firm believer that the mistakes and errors you make shape the person you are. If I hadn’t tried to write a thriller, I’d not have had brilliant feedback from an agent telling me about pace and tone of voice. If I’d not attempted to plot a book in a certain way, I wouldn’t have learnt how actually I sometimes just need to splurge. The list goes on.


Best thing about being a writer?

Apart from when people actually tell me they’ve read my books (AND ENJOYED THEM) I’m lucky enough to be doing what I love yet still have the flexibility to fit around the kids.

The hardest thing?

The fact that people don’t think I do anything all day can really grate. But also, the process of writing a book is pretty much a “just keep swimming” way of thinking. I spend a lot of my days hating my work, and thinking I’m wasting my time. It has a really impact on my confidence at times. Luckily I have good friends who keep me on track, and obviously the kids don’t stand for self-pity when there are games to set up on the X Box.


What inspires you?

EVERYTHING! My family and friends. The people around me. Newspaper articles, Instagram, people having coffee in Costa, or just something somebody says on the radio. Sometimes I have no idea how or why ideas have come to me!

Any advice for anyone out there thinking of writing a book?

Just do it. If you don’t know how to start or what you want to write, just set yourself a target of writing for 20 minutes a day.. One of my friends got me into that when I was working on my first full novel, and it was invaluable. How many words can you splurge in 20 minutes? When you write like that you start to see the wood from the trees a little bit.

Also, please write for you, not what you think a publisher or an agent will want. If it’s forced, it will show.

Without wanting to sound corny, follow your dreams. It’s not always easy, it’s not going to happen overnight, in fact you might need to work in the day and fit following your dreams round your job, but do it, it’s worth it.


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Surival of the GinnestMother’s RuinedLush in TranslationSurvival of the Christmas Spirit

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