The perfect summer cover up with White Stuff

When it comes to my summer wardrobe my main focus is versatility. With the weather in the UK going from hot sun to dreary rain and back again we need to be prepared for anything. I don’t know about you but I can’t afford to spend money on loads of clothes only to never get to wear them because of the change in weather. Anything I buy in the summer months needs to earn its place, and pieces that can be worn and adapted for different weather and occasions, are much easier to justify.

The lovely people over at White Stuff asked if I’d like to try a key piece from their summer collection, the Rose Tassle Jacket, it’s such a beautiful and versatile item of clothing that of course I jumped at the chance.

Teamed with their Little Delhi Skirt in khaki and a pretty cutwork jersey tee I wore it out for a family lunch in the rather intermittent British sunshine.

white stuff summer cover up

white stufff summer cover up

white stuff summer cover up

I love that this jacket can be worn on the beach over a swimsuit, teamed with the vest top, trousers and heels or in this case a skirt, it will soon become a summer staple and must have in your holiday suitcase. I’m off to Turkey later in the summer and this will be the first thing I pack for sure!

You can shop my ‘alfresco dining look’ in this feature by The White Stuff alongside another lovely blogger here – Hard Working Summer Cover Ups -White Stuff

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Our new master bedroom with Bruno Mattress review

My least favourite room in our old house was the master bedroom. It was a tiny room with a wardrobe left by the previous owners and barely enough space to walk around the bed. I dreamed of having a light and airy bedroom and lost hours pinning ideas to my Pinterest board. When we bought our new home I already knew exactly the kind of feel I wanted and had earmarked the furniture to go in it. We’ve even got a brand new Bruno mattress for it!

As you can see I’ve gone with a laid back look with lots of white and clean lines. I took some inspiration from the rooms at our favourite hotel, Watergate Bay, so it has a relaxed beach feel without the overt ‘beach’ theme.

Bed – Lex, | Bedside tables – Homesense | Chest of drawers and Mirror – IKEA | Storage bags – Southwood Stores | Yellow cushions – Sainsburys | Yellow blanket – charity shop find, though Sainsburys has something similar currently | Lamps – Cohen,

I’m still not 100% happy with the colours, I might switch out the yellow for teal and pale turquoise, at least I can do that without having to worry about repainting walls! 

You can see more ideas and inspiration on my Pinterest board


As I mentioned earlier we were sent over a Bruno mattress just as we moved so we were lucky enough to have not only a new bed but also a new mattress. Our old mattress was memory foam but had started to sag and dip on one side meaning it wasn’t a very comfortable nights sleep at all. The Bruno mattress arrived all boxed up, all we needed to do was unbox it, and unroll it onto our bed. Take a look here for our unboxing and review – as well as my husband knocking a whole vase of peonies onto our bedroom floor!!

As you can tell by my over use of the word fantastic, we are really pleased with the new mattress. It has been designed to give support in all the right places, to contour the body meaning that weight is distributed evenly so that there are no pressure points. This is especially good for us as my husband suffers with lower back stiffness and has found that since having this mattress he is sleeping better and no longer waking with back pain. 

It’s not a memory foam mattress and in the video you can see the support form is cut into 7 different zones. The top layer is natural latex which is hypoallergenic and allows air to flow which keeps you cool in the simmer and warm in the winter. Bruno mattresses are only available online with free delivery & 101 nights to try it. If you don’t love it, they will collect it free of charge, and give you a full refund, no questions asked.


I’m so happy with this room is shaping up look and feel wise and of course I’m over the moon to sleep so well in it too. Now if only we could stop the youngest from creeping in during the night and stealing the bed space!


Thanks to Bruno for gifting us this mattress, as always all views are my own. Post contains affiliate links.

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Finding seasonal home and living style inspiration

I don’t know about you but I love looking for home ware and interiors style inspiration, whether it’s from blogs, Instagram, Pinterest or shops, I’m always on the look out for products and style trends that suit our home. In recently moving to a completely new home that’s a blank canvas of white walls, grey carpet and oak doors we have the opportunity to really make this place our own. 

Before we even moved in I had been busy putting together ideas for each of the rooms. Colour palate wise I knew I wanted muted tones to run through the whole house, greys, dusky pinks, a splash of yellow, and of course a lot of white.

Here’s a few little sneak peeks..


Within the girls rooms my older daughter has gone for monochrome with a turquoise accent and my younger daughter is all about yellow and the rainbow – no muted tones for her! The only thing I’ve insisted on is that we keep the walls white so if they change their minds as they grow we aren’t constantly changing wallpaper and repainting. We can’t paint the walls of our new build for a while yet anyway so that certainly helps!

Like I said, I’m always on the look out for inspiration and this home style guide by Nectar is bursting full of ideas and inspiration for the seasons, to have a look and download, click here.

I love that the guide has two sections, Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter and it takes you through each room for both seasons. I must admit like to refresh my spaces during the seasons so Spring/Summer will differ from Autumn/Winter accessories wise. Obviously I don’t redecorate every few months, that way madness lies, but I like to change things up a little to reflect the season or to give it a style update.

I particularly love the focus on muted tones and natural materials, and it features the cactus, and you all know how much I love a cactus (or three!).

When I watched The Great Interior Design Challenge one of the designers had a thing for the wood material,OSB and he managed to use it in most of his designs. I spotted the use of OSB as a headboard in Nectar’s style guide.

It’s such a creative way to change up a space, and a cheap one too! I love the idea of incorporating it into my new workspace behind the desk that will run along the back wall of the room.

I love that white marble worktops feature in the winter kitchen, we’re ahead of that one..

white marble kitchen top

If you’re looking for some interior inspiration without doing the hardwork of trawling through Pinterest or other places then be sure to look up the design guide.


Does your style inspiration change for each season?

How do you update your home seasonally?



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Living in limbo land

I’ll hold my hands up. I’m starting to feel a bit stressed and overwhelmed with waiting to move into our new home. I’m trying to work and focus while surrounded by boxes and mess and it’s getting to me. I think if I had a regular 9-5 job where I could just check out and focus on something else away from the house for most of the day I’d find it easier. We have been given a new move day but this won’t be confirmed until later this week so I’m in limbo, not knowing whether to crack on with getting the rest of our lives packed into cardboard boxes or just to wait. I don’t know about you but when I’m about to move I just check out of our house mentally and I’m already thinking about the new one. I find motivating myself to stay on top of jobs like thorough cleaning and tidying a bit of a battle. I’m fully aware that this is reeks of first world problems and all that but alas it’s how I feel!

In an attempt to pull myself out of this I want to focus on the fun we’ve had in this house and the bits of it that I’m going to miss. We moved into to this house when our eldest was just a toddler so we’ve been here for about seven years. It’s the only home she remembers and is the only home that our youngest has ever known.

When we bought it there was nothing wrong with it structurally, but it just wasn’t to our taste at all decor wise. Due to me being a student at the time, and my husband just starting out with his business we didn’t have money to spend to do the things we wanted to do. All our pennies had gone on the deposit with nothing left for renovating. This meant having to put up with the house just not being very ‘us’ and I’ll admit while being at home with my youngest I really got fed up with it!

The living room and dining room space were the first that we properly renovated back in 2014, the rooms needed completely replastering, the carpet ripping up and well, everything, changing! I have very few photos of what it used to look like, purely because I hated it that much I tried so hard not to take many photos in there!

One of my favourite changes – getting rid of the smelly wee stained carpet and replacing it with grey laminate flooring.

We also had shutters put in  our bay window the following year, 2015. We love the shutters so much that we are having them fitted in the front downstairs window of our new home.

Our living room and dining room makeover

Freshening up our living space

Last year we finally had the horrible small bathroom renovated, and where there once was brown wallpaper and turquoise tiles now it’s got beautiful white subway tiles with grey grout and a fantastic shower.

renovating our small bathroom

renovating our small bathroom

renovating our small bathroom

renovating our small bathroom

renovating our small bathroom

Renovating Our Small Bathroom

It’s weird, I finally feel that we are making our stamp on this house only to move out of it! You might wonder why we’re moving at all, but the main reason is desire for a set aside office room and a fourth bedroom that can be a permanent guest bedroom. We live far away from all our family and a lot of friends so having space to properly host them is so exciting for me. I can’t wait to properly host and entertain in our new home, I love having people to stay and having a proper guest room makes this so much easier.

With it being a new build we can really make the house our own, but without having to live in a house that decorated in someone else’s taste. This home is a blank canvas for us, and as fan of white walls anyway it feels more me than any home we’ve ever been in. I’ve already started blogging some of my plans for the new house, like the shared workspace, and no doubt there will be many more to follow.

Even just writing this post has helped my anxiety and stress levels, though it probably helps that I’m sat in a cafe not at my desk that’s surrounded my big brown boxes!

Now, fingers crossed I can stay level headed this week ready for our much hoped for move early next week!


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Creating a workspace that works for me

Very soon we’ll be moving into our brand new home, as it’s a new build it’s a completely blank canvas of white walls and grey carpet. One of the reasons we choose this specific house was the extra room it had downstairs that would be big enough to be a shared office and stock room as well as a music room, giving the mister space for his instruments as well as room to play them. As with most interior projects Pinterest has been my starting point to get inspiration on how to make sure that it’s a workspace that works.

As I mentioned the room will have a dual use so it will need to work for both my husband and I and not feel crowded. We need to be clever in planning out the room and create plenty of storage. I love the fact that with it being at the front of the house it is full of natural light. We’re having shutters fitted like the ones in the bay window of our current house, but they won’t come for another couple of months yet. Of course at first we’ll have a very make shift workspace cobbled together with bits from our old house but I’ve got lots of ideas and plans to make the most of the space.

Obviously I’m keeping the white walls, the main colour palette for this room will be similar to the rest of the house being grey, black and natural wood and neutral tones. It will feature the industrial storage racks from Cox and Cox that I shared recently here.

Workspace inspiration

FYI if you want to lose hours of your day staring and scrolling through beautiful interiors photos then you must visit

As you can see from the workspace photos that I’ve shared I’m looking at having a long desk running from wall to wall with storage shelves above it. The opposite wall will be for the instruments including seating. I really want this room to be a creative workspace that works for me and for my husband who will be sharing it with me. Obviously I won’t compromise on style either! Here are just a few workspace accessories on my wishlist..

Get the look


Elsie Dove Grey Desk Lamp – Homebase £24.99

Knagglig pin box – Ikea £5

Large peg board – This Modern Life £65

Seagrass basket – Ikea £9

Cult Living office chair – Cult UK £189

Flap analogue clock – Habitat £150

Hello wall hook – This Modern Life £38

When we’re in the house it will take time to get the room the way we want it. It will need to be functional for me as a space to keep stock and pack orders from my kids accessories business as well as a space to blog and work from. It will be great to have this as a shared office space with my husband too who also runs his own business. I can’t wait to get started on it and share our progress.

If you’d like some more inspiration then check out my Pinterest board –


What do you think of my ideas?

Got any hints and tips or ‘must haves’ to share?



(This post may contain affiliate links | All prices were correct at the time of publishing | Linking up with The Twinkle Diaries for Home Etc)

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Industrial Inspired Storage by Cox & Cox

industrial inspired storage homeware trend

Recently I shared my ever growing love for industrial inspired interiors and I’m carrying on with this theme and bringing a couple of gorgeous Cox & Cox homeware accessories to your attention. If you’re a regular reader you’ll know that I’m moving house in the next couple of weeks so any new homeware additions have to work in our new space. We’re moving into a brand new home with white walls and grey carpet so it’s perfect for us and a blank canvas style wise. 

As I mentioned the lovely people over at Cox & Cox have asked me to show case a couple of their products, now if you don’t know Cox & Cox then you need to. The homeware collection is beautifully curated and I have a wish list longer than a very long thing and often lose hours browsing their site. Tying in with the industrial theme I’ve chosen two wire wall racks, one of which I featured in my previous post.

At the moment these are both in my dining room but in our new home they will be going in the office / music room. Here’s how I’ve styled them,

industrial inspired storage

industrial inspired storage

industrial inspired storage

industrial inspired storage

Wire wall rack – £70




Wire Magazine Rack – £30

This wall rack will be used in my work space as an inbox for mail and ongoing projects and courses that I’m doing. It can also be in the living space styled with magazines, like I have currently.

To take the edge of their stark colour and edges I like to style these with plants and pastel colours to soften them and make them more inkeeping with a family home.

You can see more Industrial Interiors Inspiration on my Pinterest board –


How would you style these?

Another question?




I received these Cox & Cox products for this feature, as always all view are my own

May contain affiliate links

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My Dress Moments

With the summer fast approaching we know that wedding season will soon be upon us. This can cue a mass panic when it comes to choosing the right outfit, and let’s face it, it won’t just be one, but many. Not to mention all the summer parties and even Graduation ceremonies. Personally I’ve got four wedding invites already! The lovely people at Marks and Spencer have come to my rescue and asked me to choose dresses from their new summer range for those all important summer events.



Floral Print Prom Dress

One of my favourite dresses in my wardrobe is a vintage 1950s prom dress, so I when I spotted this floral print prom dress in the same shape I knew I had to have it. The nipped in waist and high neck halter are so flattering and with the billowing skirt it is such a comfortable and stylish dress. I’m often drawn to dark colours, that just aren’t really suitable for a summer wedding, but the fact that this has a floral print makes it so on trend and perfect for a special summer event. I styled the dress with nude peep toe court shoes as I didn’t want anything to take away from the dress.



Striped Slip Dress with belt

This dress was a bit of a gamble for me, it’s a straight cut and I’m petite and curvy but the detail at the back hooked me and I was desperate to give it a try. I like that it’s a formal dress but also fashion forward and not too traditional. I enjoy finding something a little different for formal events and I think this dress fits that brief. It feels so soft and I love that it has pockets – something I think all dresses and skirts should have!



Summer Party

Cold Shoulder Swing Dress (blue)

For a summer garden party you cannot go wrong with this kind of dress, it’s comfortable and stylish and the colour is beautiful! It is so versatile and can be dressed up for a more formal party but also teamed with flats for a relaxed beach party. I particularly like the cold shoulder detail and the flattering sleeves that cover the tops of my arms. I can imagine wearing this dress a lot in the summer and I’m really tempted to go and buy it in another colour. For my garden party look I teamed it with M&S gold mules and a straw basket bag. It would look great with a wide brimmed straw hat too.

I was really impressed by the range of summer dresses at M&S, I must admit that I often buy clothes for my children there but rarely for myself. There is so much choice online and it’s so easy to get it delivered to your local store. Top tip – it’s worth trying a few different sizes as I discovered that I needed to size down on all my dresses. 

Have you got any summer events that you need to shop for?

What kind of dress do you prefer?


You can see these dresses and those chosen by a few other bloggers over on featured on M&S Dress Moments 


Photos by Hannah (Teacups and Pearls)

A huge thanks to Bartle Hall for letting us shoot the dresses in their gorgeous hotel and wedding venue.

This post is written in collaboration with Marks and Spencer


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