Planning my ten year old daughter’s bedroom makeover

My eldest daughter turns 10 in just a couple of months. 10. T E N. While I try and get over how fast time is whizzing by I’m working on changing up her bedroom and making it feel more like her space. Like most of the rooms in our new build home it’s a black canvas of a white walls with neutral grey carpet. She’s got a few new bits of IKEA furniture but she still needs a desk and lots of accessories that reflect her personality.

Our inspiration for the room comes from her love of Harry Potter, Star Wars, oh and unicorns (!) and the colour scheme we’re going with is monochrome with a splash of turquoise. I’d ideally like this room decor to see her through her teen years so I’m trying to keep the big pieces neutral and the accessories and soft furnishings themed as these can be easier updated and replaced in the future as her tastes change.

Her previous room in our old house was really small and so she had a cabin bed but in this one she’s got a single white metal frame bed as she has a lot more space, in fact she’s got the biggest bedroom in the house. As I mentioned earlier, we’ve bought her a MALM IKEA bedside table and chest of drawers in light turquoise to replace the storage she’s lost since moving, but the room still feels unfinished.

The most important thing she needs is a space to do homework that can also be used as a dressing table. Then it will be the accessories and soft furnishings needed to pull it all together.

Here are a few ideas for her bedroom make over








The wall stickers will go on the wall at the head of her bed where her bedside table and long mirror are. I think the Wayfair desk and Eiffel chair make a great match and will be perfect for homework and make up. I just need to get a mirror, a Hollywood style one with bulbs all around it would be perfect.

We’ve also spotted some Star Wars bedding by George at Asda that will definitely be added to the list! I can’t wait to get started once she’s back at school and of course I’ll be sharing the results right here so you can expect to see it in October.

You can get more of a feel for the space we want to create by taking a look at my Pinterest inspiration board for pre teen bedroom decor ideas.

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morganaPlanning my ten year old daughter’s bedroom makeover
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The living room (so far) in our new build home

When we moved into our new home the living room, like most brand new homes, was just a white box with grey carpet. The perfect blank canvas, but also rather daunting! Happily we discovered that all our living room furniture from our previous house all fitted in and worked well. We’ve been in this house for about three months now and have added a few new items to our living room and we’re also planning on a new tv unit, built in shelves and art work on the walls, but here’s what it looks like so far.

yellow arm chair, Scandinavian homeware

yellow armchair

As you can see, similarly to our old house, we’ve gone for a yellow, grey and blush pink colour theme, with copper accessories. We picked up the armchair on an IKEA trip and I’m so very pleased with it. With all our furniture and the carper being grey it injects some warmth and colour into the room. I love having a laid back Scandinavian vibe in our home and I think this room reflects that well.

We were sent a gorgeous copper wire ceiling light from the Artisan Lighting Company and I think it fits the room beautifully. I just need to get a better bulb that’s a little more aesthetically pleasing!

Our Zinc sofa from the French Connection for DFS collection is still going strong, though the cushions no longer have that fresh new look. I guess that’s real life and having children for you!

Copper wire light shade

I really enjoying spending time in this room, whether it’s watching TV in the evenings, reading a book curled on the armchair or chatting with friends over coffee. I try and keep it as toy free as possible and the children aren’t allowed to eat in here. I guess I’m trying to keep it as a little sanctuary of calm!

As I mentioned earlier I’m on the look out for a TV unit for the room to finish it off. We’re getting built in bookshelves for that end of the room too and I can’t wait to unpack all the boxes of books that are cluttering up the office! I’m torn between scouring ebay and auctions for a G-Plan style sideboard or going for something new and more contemporary. 



I like both of these but I’m still tempted to go G Plan, and Hello Retro have some gorgeous pieces.

What do you think?

If you have any questions or would like to know where anything is from then just leave it in a comment below or find me on social media.


(Thank you to the Artisan Lighting Company for sending me this copper light. All view are my own. This post also contains affiliate links)

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morganaThe living room (so far) in our new build home
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