Our pre-teen room makeover

Last month I blogged about how we were thinking of changing Noo’s room, giving it a pre-teen room makeover and make better use of the space she has, or rather lack of it! You can catch up on the post here.

The beds the girls have can be used separately or put together to form a bunk bed, so the first thing we did was move N’s bed out of her room and back into E’s to form the bunk bed. While we waited for Ns new bed to be delivered she moved back in with E. I knew that the transition of sharing a room again might be tricky, but wasn’t prepared for the repercussions around them sleeping, or rather not sleeping. It caused weeks of very stressful bedtimes as they would just keep each awake by winding each other up!

As I mentioned in the previous post we decided that a cabin bed would best suit the space and give her lots more storage so that she’s able to keep her room tidy. The problem we had before was that there was just no where for all her stuff to go meaning that trying to keep it tidy was such a nightmare. The hope with having a bed that had drawers, shelved, wardrobe and desk under it would solve that problem. We choose a highsleeper cabin bed from Mrs Flatpack.

Of course before ordering it I measured the space out properly to make sure it would fit, and purposely chose a bed with the ladder on the front rather than on the side as there wouldn’t be enough space for her to climb on at the end. When it came to building the bed, however, I hadn’t taken into consideration that we’d actually need space to build it. We only had centimetres between the ends of the bed and the walls. Oops. It was really quite stressful and puzzling at times as to whether we’d manage to finish it! It took a lot of strategic planning and late nights, but somehow we managed it! Phew.

The shape of her room and the fact that it’s so small makes it really difficult to photograph and there was no way I could get the whole bed in one good shot, so please do bear with me!

pre-teen room makeover

pre-teen room makeover

pre-teen room makeover


pre-teen room makeover

We decided to get rid of her old book shelves but we kept the wardrobe as the wardrobe with the bed was rather small and I didn’t want to cram her clothes in. Instead we use the hanging space in the bed wardrobe for all her school uniform.


I must admit I did enjoy figuring out where to put all her stuff and of course had a little cull of a few things that she didn’t need anymore. I love making sure that their is a space for everything so that tidying up is made so much easier. I did the same in E’s room over the summer. I order a load of underbed storage boxes and each one is themed so one for barbies and ponies, one for her play kitchen stuff etc. Makes tidying up in the evenings before bed such a breeze for them. It keeps all those little bits and pieces safely tidied away, and out of sight!

Another big thing we needed to do was buy a blind. Poor N had been complaining for months that her room was too light and she just couldn’t get to sleep. We were sent this blind from Web Blinds and it was perfect timing as you can see. I ordered a neutral grey colour (Luna Grey) and I think it works really well. Of course the best thing of all is that it blocks out the light perfectly, and as a result Noo has found it so much easier to fall asleep at night.

pre teen bedroom decor


N’s got her own little desk now which will be perfect for homework and dare I say it… make up in the future (!). We chose this chair Eames style chair in white as she loves my bigger one in my office. I’m going to get her some LED battery stick on spot lights for the top as it’s not particularly light.


pre-teen bedroom decor

pre teen room makeover

pre teen bedroom decor

pre teen bedroom decor

pre teen bedroom decor


N is so happy with her new room and we’re excited to add the ongoing touches to it as she gets used to the room and figures out what she needs. Hopefully this is a space she can call her own and will last her into her early teen years.

What do you think of our pre-teen room makeover?



Thank you to Web Blinds for Ns blackout blind, unless otherwise stated everything else we bought ourselves.

morganaOur pre-teen room makeover
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Those Autumn evenings

Despite promises of an Indian Summer it definitely feels like we’ve moved into a new season of cooler days and darker evenings. I think this shift in seasons is amplified with the change of pace. No more lazy pajama mornings, we’re now rushing around a piece of toast in one hand and a hairbrush in the other, shepherding half dressed children through the morning tasks and out of the door ready for school. Evenings are a blur of after school activities, errands and then only stopping when the children are in bed and the to do list has been ticked off or thrown in the bin! When my husband and I are both at home we really try to spend time together after the stress/bustle of the day. That 9pm-10pm time sat watching tv together or reading a book, or lets be honest here it’s more like watching tv while also looking at our phones!

I don’t know about you but I end up putting on my jamas when my girls do, sorry Mr Tesco but if you’re delivering to my house anytime after 7pm you’ll be met at the door by a topknot, no makeup wearing and pajama clad 30 something tired looking woman.

The evenings are not that cold yet, and I’m not ready for the fluffy dressing gown and slippers of winter but I need something a little more than pajamas. I’ve discovered these gorgeous and stylish kimono style gowns by Verry Kerry.

Verry Kerry are passionate about producing ethical, colourful and unique clothing. Founder Kerry Mounsey talks about how she was always a bit different, even as a 3 year old she chose to wear odd socks and always had an idea of what she likes and doesn’t like. Doesn’t she sound just like my girls? I love working with brands that have a clear identity and a story behind them, much more fun than buying from the highstreet.

They have so many lovely kimono designs to choose from, I particularly loved this one,



At 5ft 2, however, I just knew something full length like this would swamp me, so I opted for a mid length kimono.


Carmen Miranda short kimono gown



It’s perfect for pottering round the house and then lounging on the sofa ready to watch Sons of Anarchy or reading a book. This kimono is so light and comfortable and I was particularly drawn the the bright print and, of course, the black edging. I shall spend many evenings wearing this stylish kimono – much better than a scruffy hoodie!







Thank you to Verry Kerry for partnering with us and sending over the kimono, as always all views expressed are my own.





morganaThose Autumn evenings
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What’s on my wishlist for September

We have a little running joke with the girls that’s been going since they were really tiny. When they want something they see in a shop or on an advert, you know the kind of want that’s desperate and all-consuming even though they’ve only just spotted the thing and probably don’t even know what it is! Well, to avoid meltdowns we invented the ‘wish list’ basically this wishlist lives in their heads and even Father Christmas can see it, I know right, a-mazing. So when they want something we just say, quick add it to your wish list! I even remember a little Noo watching TV saying “That’s on my wisher-list, and that and that” CUTE.

So this leads me on to sharing with you my current wisher-list  wish list, here’s a collection of things that I’d love to get my hands on, especially seeing as it’s my birthday soon!


september Collage september wisher list Collage

Gray by Southwood Stores Brave t-shirt – I find Hayley who owns Southwood Stores and created the label Gray, really inspirational. I’ve followed her for years on Instagram and I’m so happy with how successful she’s become. I’m a sucker for the printed tee and this one I think is just perfect.

Slogan pencils from Bonne Nuit – I love these! To be honest I rarely use pencils, but I think I would if they looked like this!

What went down, Foals – I am a HUGE Foals fan and I definitely need this CD for my car

Chanel Chance, Eau Fraiche – I’ve completely run out of perfume, *sob*, so I’m very much in need of a new scent. I adore this one by Chanel, it’s really fresh and light, perfect for daytime.

Slogan mug from Bonne Nuit – another funny one from Bonne Nuit. I already have another mug from them and think this one would be the perfect addition!

Michael Kors slim runway watch – OK so a girl can dream! Love this Michael Kors watch. I can’t seem to find it anywhere in the UK though.

Petite dungarees from Topshop – I have some lovely dungarees from New Look Petite but they’re really thin material so I could do with getting another pair for winter… not that I’m obsessed or anything.

Mother t-shirt by Selfish Mother – Not only are these t-shirt super stylish and comfy they also help towards a good cause. All profits from sales of Mother designs go to Women for Women International – an amazing charity that helps women in 8 war-torn regions rebuild their lives through training programmes. More info here.  This means £10 from the sale of each tee going straight to help others!

Mini flip calendar clock from Violet and Percy -I adore this clock and just know it would be a beaut of an addition to our living room.

Sail Handmade riveted camera strap – I finally got my beloved Olympus Pen back from being repaired last week and I’ve lost my strap! These gorgeous ones from Sail Handmade are simply gorgeous. Thanks to Erica from The Edited for introducing them to me.


So there’s my wisher list for this month, I’m not asking for much… am I..?!

What do you think of my choices?

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Small bedroom decor ideas for my pre-teen girl

Last year my eldest went from sharing a room with her sister to moving into our little box room. We found that she needed her own space and and was so desperate she was prepared to take the small bedroom. The only downside to this is she has very little space and storage so her room constantly looks messy. We’ve decided that a cabin bed that has storage and a desk would be a good move and help solve a few of her problems, so our project for this summer is to get the bed and re-vamp her room a little, she feels it’s too pink and floral at the moment. She’s nearly eight and feels ready for a bedroom that will be right for her pre-teen and teen years. I think the monochrome palate with a splash of colour will work really well for this. She’s also obsessed with pandas and already has the bedding featured so we’ve put together some bedroom decor ideas around it.
pre-teen bedroom Collage

Preteen bedroom decor ideas

Light Box // Wall pockets

Seventy Tree – Pandalphabet print // Highsleeper Cabin Bed

Mini raindrop wall stickers // House shelf

Panda bedding // Desk chair // Paper toy storage bag

Light string ombre cotton balls // Be Brave wall banner // Mermaid cushion

I’ll be blogging our progress so stay tuned for more posts on her pre-teen bedroom over the summer.

For more ideas you can see our Pre-teen bedroom decor board on Pinterest.

Follow Morgana’s board Pre-teen bedroom decor ideas on Pinterest.

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I’ve found THE moisturiser I’ve been searching for

This time last year I wrote about searching for a better moisturiser, something that would cater for my sensitive skin, combat wrinkles AND spots, and well an all round miracle worker really! I tried a few, from this one, to this one, but still I’ve not been 100% satisfied. In the end, I unhappily reverted back to my cheap sensitive cream,  I just can’t afford to keep trying different creams and shelling out more and more money in the search of what’s right for me.

Being so busy I do less product reviews now and I’m super picky with what I take on but when the lovely folk at Green People offered to send over their new DD tinted moisturiser for me to test out, I was keen to see how it fared and whether it would be the moisturiser that I’d been searching for.

DD tinted moisturiser

The new Age Defy+ DD tinted moisturiser SPF 15 is the first certified organic tinted moisturiser and has caused quite a stir in beauty circles.

I’ve been using it for about a week now and I love it, with this product I can hand on heart rave about it. I now no longer need to bother with foundation and just use this and concealer, something I’ve never been able to do with other tinted moisturisers. The coverage is fantastic and the smell, like all Green People products, is lovely. The fact that it’s organic and not full of nasties just adds to it’s appeal to me and means that I can be confident it won’t flare up my sensitive skin.

It’s available in light and medium (I’m light) and to make it easier to find out which is best for you there is the option of ordering tester sachets here so you can try before you buy.

I’ll definitely be investing in this DD tinted moisturiser when I’ve used up this bottle, it has quickly become a staple product in my beauty regime and make up bag.

morganaI’ve found THE moisturiser I’ve been searching for
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My dream guest bedroom

Ever since we’ve owned our own home I’ve longed to have a guest bedroom. Unfortunately in our 3 bedroom semi this is still something of a dream, even if we moved N back in with her sister her room isn’t big enough for a double bed or even a pull out sofa bed. I guess it’s very middle class of me to want something like this, but with being so far away from all our family I just want to be able to host people properly when they come to stay, rather than shoe horning them into my office to sleep a very uncomfortable sofa bed. I love having people over and playing hostess and would hate to think that people thought they were in the way or that we hadn’t thought about them.

If we had the extra room it would look a little like this,

the white company guest room

(image from The White Company)


A girl can dream right?

I love the grey colour palette and almost coastal theme – I think it’s the Cornish in me. I’d love to recreate a room like the ones on my Pinterest board, a space that feels like a light and relaxed space, and one that would be perfect for a guest room.


Follow Butwhymummywhy’s board Guest bedroom on Pinterest.


So, ideally I’d put fresh flowers in there and a little basket of toiletries and pore over those Pinterest tutorials on how to be the best host and what essentials does your guest room need (I know, I’m such a goon).

For now, however I feel that we need to make the best of what we have and reorganise the office/guestroom. I might upgrade our tired sofa bed and invest in a day bed, one like this that can be a sofa, double bed and even two singles for the girls’ sleepovers.

daybed Collage

(Serene Eleanor Day Bed with Trundle Guest Bed in Opal White – Beds on Legs)

If I add in some lovely throws and cushions like the ones on my Pinterest board I know this could work well in the small space the we have.

It does mean I’ll have to organise all my boxes of stock and tidy up my overflowing desk, I’ll admit it doesn’t exactly feel like an oasis of calm in there at the moment! With new flooring going down next month and a fresh lick of white paint on the walls maybe we’ll be on the way to having an office/slash guestroom to be proud of.


Written in association with Beds on Legs

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The Philips Lumea trial results.. did it work?

We’ve reached the end of my 8 week trial with the Philips Lumea IPL hair removal system, if you missed the previous posts you can find them here, and here.

Since I last blogged about the Lumea, about 4 weeks ago, I have only needed to use it once to make sure my legs are smooth and hair free. With each session taking about 20 minutes that’s a lot of time saved!


It’s so nice to have smooth legs during the winter months when I usually just become a bit of a yeti (I’m sure any beauty bloggers are recoiling in horror at that thought!). Like I said in my first post, as a mum of two I barely have time in the mornings for much of a beauty regime and when it comes to spending 10 minutes extra in the shower shaving my legs or 10 minutes extra in bed… my bed wins every time! If I’m more realistic it’s 10 minutes that get used up making packed lunches, or quickly doing the girls hair before rushing out of the door!

It helps that the Lumea is surprisingly super easy to use and now that I’m in the maintaining stage I’ll only have to use it once a month. It takes up very little time and  as I usually use it while watching TV in the evening when the girls are in bed, it doesn’t really use up any of my time.

The novelty of not having to worry about my legs or finding the time to shave or even just remembering to shave before a party or going swimming, still hasn’t worn off.



I know that this will be such a god send in the summer months especially.

So now that trial period is over let me answer the big questions..

Does it work?


Is it worth the money?


So in answer to the first big question, yes it did work for me and in fact it out did my initial expectations. As I’ve said previously my hair is blonde and it works best on darker hair so I was concerned with how well it would work on me.


You can check with this chart to see how well it would suit you

I need not have worried, it may have taken a couple more goes initially to lose the hair but now all the hair is gone. I’m definitely going to keep using it for maintenance and can’t see me going back to shaving any time soon!

The exact model I have is the Philips Lumea Precision Plus SC200611 IPL Hair Removal System and is currently available from Boots for £297.49. You get everything in that, there aren’t any other hidden extras. It comes with a charger so there isn’t even a need for batteries. As for whether it is worth the money isn’t something I can decide for every one, obviously we’re all on different budgets, but I will say if it’s a purchase you can afford and have been considering then I say go for it, you won’t regret it.

Pin me for later 😉



“Lumea, the secret to beautiful hair free skin, for up to 2 months”

Philips Logo

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Philips via Mode Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Philips.

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The Philips Lumea 4 week update – does it work for me?

You might remember last month I told you all that I’ve been asked to trial the Philips Lumea hair removal system, (it uses ‘an innovative light-based technology called IPL (Intense Pulsed Light), derived from the technology used in professional beauty salons’) You can catch up on that post if you missed it here.

I’m testing it for an 8 week period and this week marks the halfway point so I’m going to let you know how I’ve been getting on with it


After reading the manual and giving it a go I must say it is super easy to use once you get the hang of it and I found it completely pain free. I have read other reviews where people have found it painful so I was a little nervous when I first used it but happily found that it didn’t hurt a bit.

It’s recommended that you use it once a fortnight but I decided to do it weekly and have genuinely seen results. Parts of my legs are hair free already and overall the hair is much thinner and hardly noticeable. After the 2 month period of using it fortnightly / weekly they should be completely hair free then they’ll just need maintenance of occasional uses to keep them that way.

I’ve definitely enjoyed the break from having to constantly shave my legs, it means I’ve I can spend less time in the shower and more time in my bed in the mornings!

As I mentioned previously I’m only using it on my legs (it is suitable for under arms, bikini line and face) until I get the hang of it. Now that I feel more confident I’m going to give it ago on my underarms so I’ll let you know how I get on with that in my 8 week post.

I’m putting a little demo video up on my Instagram (@butwhymummywhy) so keep an eye out for that.


Here are my top tips

1) shave your legs before you use it but don’t put on any lotion

2) make sure it’s charged up before you use it. Twice I’ve sat down to use the Lumea and realised it’s battery has run down then you have to wait about 20 minutes before you can use it!

3) the flash of the laser is really bright so make sure you use it in a well lit room so not to hurt your eyes (seriously!)


“Lumea, the secret to beautiful hair free skin, for up to 2 months”

Philips Logo

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Philips via Mode Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Philips.

morganaThe Philips Lumea 4 week update – does it work for me?
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Testing out the very fancy Philips Lumea

As a blogger I have days where I absolutely LOVE what I do and today is very definitely one of those days. I’ve been asked to trial the Philips Lumea hair removal system, it uses ‘an innovative light-based technology called IPL (Intense Pulsed Light), derived from the technology used in professional beauty salons’ -very fancy, eh?


I must admit I’m pretty rubbish when it comes to shaving my legs. When I was younger I was desperate to shave even though my mum hated the idea and told me not to! She was blessed with very little hair on her legs and what she did have was white blonde so you couldn’t even see it anyway. This was not the case for me unfortunately, so one day I just went ahead and shaved anyway and I’ll admit that even though I got shouted at I genuinely didn’t care, I had lovely smooth legs and felt really grown up! I know that I will be approaching the whole idea much differently with my two girls when the time comes.

Needless to say the novelty has worn off after nearly twenty years of shaving! When I’m in a rush in the morning, which is most days, I barely have time to have a quick shave, and now that winter is coming I know I won’t be getting my legs out in public anyway. My poor husband is the only one that has to deal with them! Before you recoil in horror, thankfully I do take after my mum a little in that although I have dark hair on my head, my arm and leg hair is fairly light and I don’t have a lot of it so it’s not that bad, promise.

I’m really hoping that the Philips Lumea will help cut down the amount of time I spend on hair removal and also mean that I actually have nice smooth legs much more often! I’m also going to be using it on my underarms too (an area that I do shave everyday you’ll be relieved to know!).

I’ll be testing it out for the next 8 weeks and reporting back on how I’m getting on on here and also via Twitter and Instagram. Please, feel free to ask me any questions you have about the product and how I’m finding it. Just tweet me or leave a comment below.


 “Lumea, the secret to beautiful hair free skin, for up to 2 months”

Philips Logo

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Philips via Mode Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Philips.

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My week of organic beauty with Green People

This week has seen a bit of change to my ordinary morning and evening skin care regime. I’m a bit of a creature of habit when it comes to skincare and usually just stick to what I know. Therefore my products haven’t seen a lot of change over the years, apart from my moisturiser which I vowed to invest earlier this year. As part of Organic Beauty Week the lovely brand Green People sent over some products for me to try that would replace what I usually use in my day to day. I was very interested to see how I’d get on especially after having such fantastic results on E’s skin with their Organic Children range



firming eye gel /gentle cleanser and make up remover / hydrating firming serum / fruit scrub exfoliator  / anti-ageing facial oil


Gentle cleanser and make up remover


Now that I am in the last few days of my twenties I know it’s high time I took better care of my skin so swapping a baby wipe for actual make up remover was really long overdue! Although I miss the ease of the wipe this make up remover does leave my skin feeling much cleaner and my skin doesn’t have that tight feeling I used to get afterwards.


Firming eye gel


Now this one is one of my stand out favourites. Around my eyes in where I’ve really noticed sign of ageing (eek) so I’ve been looking for a product that will help combat it. You really only need a small amount and I noticed a difference after just a few days. Teamed with my YSL Touche Eclat I think I’m on to a winning combination.


Anti-ageing facial oil & Hydrating firming serum


It’s recommended that you the use the anti-ageing facial oil and the hydrating firming serum together. At first I was dubious about using an oil -worried that I’d revert to teenage skin but I’ve realised that you only need a tiny amount and afterwards my skin feels so mousturised, not greasy at all. Although a product I definitely wouldn’t have chosen for myself I’m definitely a convert. I wasn’t as blown away by the serum, I think it’s because I’m used to using more of a creamy moisturiser unlike this gel like serum. My skin likes it though and it does work well with the oil.


Fruit scrub exfoliator


I adore the facial scrub, I really feel it’s boosted my skin and  found it to be really revitalising in the morning much better than my usual facial wash. I’ve always been loyal to my previous brand as after trialling different products when I was younger they all seemed to react badly to my skin, the Green People one, however makes my skin feel much cleaner.



I love the fact that I know what I’m putting on my skin. There are no hidden ingredients or completely baffling terms to get my head around. I’ve always favoured more natural products for the girls so have no idea why it’s taken me so long to follow suit. I’ll definitely be keeping these in my skincare regime and the firming eye gel will be a permanent fixture in my make up bag.


I was sent these products for the purpose of this review, all opinions are my own.

morganaMy week of organic beauty with Green People
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