My girls Mini Boden Wishlist for Autumn/Winter

Now that both my girls are at school they definitely don’t need as many clothes. When they were little I’d buy loads of t shirts and playwear so if they wore them to nursery and got messy it didn’t really matter. They had lots in their wardrobes but little of it would be expensive, I couldn’t cope with watching expensive clothes get ruined. When you’re starting out two businesses in one family and have a family to support every penny counts!

With both of them being older now and needing less clothes I’m being more mindful of what clothes we buy and would be more inclined to spend more money on less so that they will last. Like so many I am obsessed with Mini Boden and love that so many of their clothes mix and match. You can put together a capsule wardrobe of lovely prints that will make up lots of outfits, here’s some examples in my girls Mini Boden wishlist for the coming Autumn and Winter.

My girls Mini Boden Wishlist


girls mini boden wishlist aw16

Retro Stripe T-shirt |  Sherpa Lined Anorak

Velour Sweat Pants | Pinafore Skirt |

Glitter High-Tops | Fun Leggings | Raglan T-Shirt

These are the items I’ve got my eye on for my five year old. She loves comfy, fun and colourful clothes and I think these really fit the bill. The jacket will also be perfect for school in those cold winter months. I really love the stripey rainbow prints and I know that they will be an instant hit with E too.

girls mini boden wishlist aw16

Printed Jumpsuit | Skinny Jeans

Leather Chelsea Boots | Fun Breton

Shirt Dress | Cosy Parka

I like that Mini Boden have combined with the older girls Johnnie B on the Boden website, it makes shopping for my girls at the same time so much easier. N prefers more muted colours and less prints but still likes to have fun with her clothes. She does like to be different to her sister, there’s no matchy matchy outfits going on in our family. With buying from the same store however, I can sneakily get them similar colours and prints so they don’t necessarily match but they do a little.. shh don’t tell them 😉

To see more of our choices head on over to Pinterest and follow our board


What do you think of our choices?

Are you a fellow Mini Boden fan?



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morganaMy girls Mini Boden Wishlist for Autumn/Winter
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Pastel Hair Trend – Pink hair don’t care!

Up until last year I had never, ever dyed my hair. The closest thing to dying my hair I came to was using hair mascara in my teens (remember them?!) and that wash in wash out stuff that never really worked! It wasn’t until grey hairs started to appear that I thought the time may have come to embrace the dye so I went whole hog and got my hair dresser to do a bit of ombre too. I’d wanted it for ages but been far too scared! Once I’d done that I’d kind of got the bug. It’s a bit like getting a piercing or tattoo, once you’ve got one you want more! I used to be the same with my hair styles and lengths, I’ve had loads of different ones over the years. Now that I’m happy with the length of my hair I have to do something to stave off the boredom and it looks like colour could be my solution. Only now I’m a bit obsessed with the pastel hair trend.

My main worry was that at 31 I’m a bit old to be playing with colour, especially pastel colours like pink. Wasn’t it all a bit mid-life crisis ish, ok maybe not mid-life but you get what I mean. I’m a 30 something mum, not a teenager, would I be able to pull it off? I think because I’d never done it I felt a bit like it was now or never so I thought F it, why shouldn’t I have pink hair if I want it. I work from home, I’ve got no dress code, it’s the perfect opportunity to give it a try.

I’d been pinning pink ombre or rose gold ombre hair for a few weeks when I dropped it into conversation at the school gate with my hair dresser (and fellow reception mum). I showed her loads of ideas and we decided to go for it!


Rose Gold Hair Inspiration


This was the first time..

pastel hair trend

When that faded quicker than we expected, we added some lighter blonde bits and a darker pink a couple of weeks later. I think I’ll be experimenting with it every time I get it cut, it definitely feels more fun and a lot more ‘me’

I have to admit I’m loving these more daring styles at the moment..

Pastel Hair


Part of me still wishes I had blonde hair – it would make following the pastel trend easier for me!

Hey, who knows what my hair will look like next month..!

morganaPastel Hair Trend – Pink hair don’t care!
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Kids colourful bedroom ideas from George at Asda

I haven’t done a home style interiors post for a while and putting this one together has reminded me how much I really miss doing them so I’ll definitely be writing more from now on. I enjoy styling rooms and have had fun over the years with the girls bedrooms. I love splashes of colour, so kids colourful bedrooms are a must in my book!

My five year old and I have put together a moodboard of kids colourful bedroom ideas for her room. My two have switched and chopped and changed bedrooms over the years and in all honesty E has had no say in the way her room currently looks. It’s all things I’ve chosen or her sister chose before she moved into her own room. The basic colour palate is fine, and hey with white walls you can pretty much do anything colour wise. E is a huge colour lover so we’ve kept this in mind while picking out bedroom accessories and furniture from George at Asda.

Kids colourful bedroom ideas

george kids bedroom Collage

1. Kids Daisy Beanbag Seat – Yellow // 2. Shopkins bean bag // 3. Seahorse cushion // 4. Pink bean bag chair

5. Seahorse rug // 6. Russian dolls throw // 7. Colour change rabbit light  // 8. Drake desk

9. Mermaid fitted sheet // 10. Webster bed – yellow // 11. Shopkins Cookie cushion // 12. Finley desk chair


As you can see it’s quite an eclectic, colourful mix what with seahorses and Shopkins! We’re not fans of matchy-matchy bedrooms and unlike my children I don’t like to theme their rooms solely on a cartoon character. I know how quickly their tastes change and I’m not prepared to re-decorate on their every whim! However, it’s a great compromise to pick up a few homeware accessories of their current favourite to add in and George at Asda have loads to choose from.

kids colourful bedroom ideas

PIN ME for later 😉

Get some more colourful kids bedroom ideas on my Pinterest board

What do you think of our choices?

Do you love splashes of colour like we do?

This is a collaborative post

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Our summer swimwear favourites

My girls have loads of swimming costumes all of various shapes and sizes, we’ve got a box in the utility with all their swimwear as well as some bits in their wardrobes. With the littlest doing swimming lessons once a week and the eldest being in the town’s swim squad and swimming 4 times a week (I know! She’s a fish!) we need lots ready to go. I do make a distinction between functional swimwear for lessons and training and beach wear. I really think that beach wear is the chance to have a little more fun with prints and styles.

I’ve been having a look at the collection of swim wear and beach wear and here are some of my choices.

geometric swimwear text Collage

I chose these with my 8 year old in mind and think she would love the surfy style and geometric print. I’m not a fan of bikinis on children but I think this tankini is a great compromise. Both my girls have cover ups for when we’re on the beach and I love this whole matching set. With UPF 50+ protection these are all perfect for a sunny beach days.


watermelon swimwear Collage text

Now, this collection is just perfect for my littlest, she loves bright, fun prints and I think this watermelon themed collection from Sunuva is just so cute. We’re already big fans of Sunuva and like Platypus Australia their beach wear and swimwear gives UPF 50+ protection from the suns harmful rays.

All swimwear from House of Fraser.


What do you think of my choices?


This is a collaborative post

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What we think of Matalan school uniforn

When both my girls started school one of the things they were most excited about was wearing a school uniform. No joke. I think with my youngest especially it was because she wanted to be a big girl like her older sister. It’s safe to say that now they are both established at school the novelty has worn off! They are still very opinionated about what kind of uniform they want though, for example now that N is in the juniors she no longer wears pinafore dresses, apparently they are just not cool (who knew?). I like to get organised with the Autumn/Winter uniform and will start buying bits now. Of course I size up as kids grow like weeds over the summer holidays. The only thing I leave until the last minute is shoes, I get them at the end of August.

I tend to buy a lot of uniform, especially for my youngest, she is always coming home with board marker on her shirts and dresses and food stains down her top. We joke that you can tell what she’s been doing and eating during the day as you can see it all over her clothes! N on the other hand has always taken great pride in her appearance and is really fussy when it comes to clothes and that even includes uniform!

We’re lucky in that my girls school doesn’t have a strict policy where you can only buy uniform from them or a certain shop, you don’t even need to have the school badge on anything. This means that somewhere like Matalan is perfect. Here’s a few examples from the Matalan school uniform range.

matalan school uniform 2 Collage

As you can see we’ll never make serious kids fashion bloggers, will we?!


Our Matalan school uniform review

Matalan is a great place to pick up school uniform, my girls have always had various things from there and considering how affordable it is we’ve been really happy with how they’ve worn and washed. It’s not often you manage to get affordability and quality clothing. I’m particularly happy that the pinafore you see E wearing is stain resistant! As I mentioned early she’s not the neatest and cleanest of children so having a Teflon stain resistant coating that repels water and stains AND restricts stains from absorbing into the fabric is a must for her uniform!

The only downside to buying in lots of uniform is sewing name tags in everything, oh well at least I have all summer to get around to doing that job..!



(Thanks to Matalan for sending over this school uniform for my growing girls. All prices were correct at time of publishing. As always all opinions are our own.)

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Summer ready with Vertbaudet

As much as I love partnering with brands I already know and love it’s also fun to try out new ones, so when Vertbaudet asked us if we’d like to try some pieces from the kids summer range I thought it would be a great chance to try a brand I’d never bought from before.

My two have very different tastes so often we end up having to buy from different shops for each of them. Checking out Vertbaudet’s summer range online I was so pleased how easy it was to choose outfits for both my girls. I’m having a thing for playsuits and dungarees at the moment, not only do they look great, they are just so easy to throw on and you have an instant outfit. I was happy to find that Vertbaudet had plenty to choose from in these styles.

For the five year old I chose a yellow broderie anglaise playsuit. E loves colourful clothes so I knew this would be an instant hit. To go with it I picked up a more neutral grey cardigan and white floral leather sandals.




E’s outfit – she wears age 7-8

Yellow Broderie Anglaise Playsuit  £20

Grey cardigan with macrame flower £17

Leather floral and white sandals £21 (30% off usual price of £30)

As for N I found it really easy buying for her as one of the first pages I saw had an outfit that I knew she would love.


I got the whole outfit, minus the scarf and N could not be happier with it. N is 8 and a half and I would say average height wise for her age. I ordered her outfit in age 9 and it fits perfectly.



N’s outfit, she wears 9-10

Short denim dungarees – £14

T-shirt with lace detail – £7


Pumps – £9 (with 40% off)

We are really happy with the outfits from Vertbaudet and I’d definitely consider buying from them again. The quality was good and the price really reasonable. We’ve had these clothes for about a month now as I wanted to see how they fared being put to the test by my girls and our washing machine! I can happily say that they are all wearing well. The sandals have hardly been off E’s feet at the weekends, a testament to how comfy she finds them – at five she’s not one to suffer for style! One thing I would say is size up on everything. I’m so thankful that one of my mum friends told me this before I placed my order. N is of average height for 8 so I got her 9-10 which fit perfectly. E is only 5 but tall for her age so her outfit is in 7-8.


Have you ordered from Verbaudet before?

What do you think of our outfit choices?




(All prices correct at time of publishing. As with all our reviews and partnered posts all views and opinions are our own, for more info on this see here)

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Little corners of my home in May

I love adding little touches to my home, they don’t have to be expensive homewares or fancy gadgets but something little that gives a new feel to a room. I’ve done a few projects in our living room and dining room, like repainting the dining room chairs and table as well as the side table in the living room. This month I couldn’t face another big job like that so I’ve made some little vases, plant pots and tea light holders. Well, I haven’t ‘made’ them, I’ve just upcycled them. Is that still an ‘in phrase’ in home decor, who knows, I’ll just go with it.

I gathered some jars and glass tea light holders from around the house and armed with my new chalk paint spray  headed out into the garden.





I’m not a fantastic DIYer or a particularly creative or patient one. If there’s a project that involves lots of long winded stages then I’m just not going to do it, no matter how pretty it looks on Pinterest! This chalk paint spray, however, could not be easier to use and it dries crazy quickly. From start to finish these took just over half an hour. Perfect.

I’ve dotted them around in our downstairs living space, some are vases, some tealight holders and others are plant pots.



Our back garden is full of bluebells and forget-me-nots. I know that some consider the tiny blue flowers to be a weed but I absolutely adore them and having a little flower pot vase is the perfect excuse for me to bring some inside.





You know me and my succulent and cactus obsession so it’s no surprise to see two little pots with these beauties in them!




I’m so pleased with how well they’ve turned out. I really love the chalky matte finish that they have. I’ve used spray paints on things before but they’ve always had a shiny finish. All in all the spray was so easy to use and much better for a project like this than having to faff around with paint and paint brushes.

The vases just need a spray coat of Pinty Plus water based varnish, so that they can be washed without damaging the paint.

Now that I know how easy it is to use I’ve got my eye on what I can use it on next. Our poor weather worn outdoors dining set, or the old metal chair my dad passed on to us or even the TV unit, decisions, decisions. I’ll definitely be choosing at least one of these for next months project so don’t forget to check back.

What do you think

Would you give this chalk paint spray at try?

What would you upcycle with it?



I’m a Pinty Plus Ambassador and will be sent chalk paint sprays to try out and share with you each month. As always all views are my own. You can view the whole range here – Novasol Spray UK

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