If you had a superpower what would it be? And other questions to ask your kids

My youngest girl, the one who will always be my baby has just turned six. On a side note this also means I’ll have been blogging for 6 years in June of this year, mind boggling! At each birthday I try and film her answering set questions, though I fear I may have neglected to do it last year, oops. You can see her ever so cute 3rd birthday one on my old channel here, I really must move it over to my new one.

When Shepherds Friendly got in touch asking if I’d like to share the 20 questions they’d come up with to ask children, it gave me the nudge to get my act together and film E answering them. You can download the 20 questions to ask your children work sheet here. As you can see there’s a really good mix of silly and fun along with some more serious ones.

As well as having fun colouring in and writing her answers I obviously filmed her answers, carrying on with our tradition. Take a look..

I love her answers, I knew a unicorn would feature in there somewhere! I must say the magic opera singing powers were unexpected though! It’s funny the things they come out with isn’t it? I’m so pleased I have these videos to look back on.

Why not have a go with your kids, I’d love to know what answers they come out with.

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morganaIf you had a superpower what would it be? And other questions to ask your kids

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