30 something birthday gift guide – my wishlist for September

After putting together my Mini Boden wishlist for my daughters last month, it reminded me how much I love putting together that style of post. I used to do them regularly and fell out of the habit for some reason, not any more though! I’m back on it for this month with a little 30 something birthday gift guide and wishlist. With my ’30 somethingth’ birthday coming up this month, I’ve had a look at some of my favourite sites and pulled together some things that have caught my eye. I’ve decided that all birthdays from 31 onwards will be named 30 something as it makes the thought of getting older a little easier to bear! Obviously I don’t expect to get this stuff for my birthday but it’s fun to dream and even have some things to work towards. Take a look at my choices and let me know what you think.

My 30 something birthday gift guide

30 something birthday gift guide,/a>30 something birthday gift guide

I Need Coffee enamel pin – Jolly Awesome Art, Etsy

i need coffee pin

I love enamel pins and have a wishlist that goes on for days, in fact I must dedicate a post to my favourites and how to style them. This one is so cute and pretty much sums up my life mantra 😉 If you like enamel pins you MUST take a look at dedicated Pinterest board, Pins and Patches I have to have

Gin glasses


Now this needs no explanation, I swear that gin and tonic tastes even better out of these bad boys. I’ve had my eye on them for a while and need some in my life. This set is on Amazon and comes with two balloon glasses.

Nike Air Max Thea trainers – Office


I have had the same trainers for the gym since N was born, so yeah about 8 years! Gosh, that’s awful isn’t it? To be fair it’s not like I wore them much for the first five plus years, but still, it’s time for an upgrade. These Nike Air Max Theas are beautiful and look super comfy.

Coffee cup phone case – Skinny Dip


I LOVE Skinny Dip for phone cases and accessories, they are so funky and cute. I get bored easily so a quick swap around of cases makes me happy. I know, it’s the simple things.

Naked2 colour palate – Urban Decay 


I’ve had this on my wishlist for EVER and look longingly at them when I walk through Debenhams. I used to wear eyeshadow a lot but now I hardly ever bother. I think having this colour palate in my life would give me the push and the perfect colours to get to up my game make up wise. This particular palate is perfect for my colouring, I know that because I tried them out with the assistant on the beauty counter 😉

Black is my happy colour tshirt – Freesbees Clothing, Etsy


Since choosing this it has since sold out and the shop is currently ‘on holiday’ but you get the idea. I’m a sucker for a printed slogan tee and those that know me will know that this particular slogan is perfect for me. I don’t think I really own clothes in bright colours, well apart from my yellow mac, obviously!

Jasper ring – Etsy


On a trip to London in the summer I lost my favourite Turquoise ring, I stupidly left it in the hotel I was staying in. Since then I’ve been on the hunt for a replacement. I know this is Jasper and not Turquoise but it’s a beauty.

Big Magic – Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert


I love an inspirational book and this one by Elizabeth Gilbert (Eat, Pray, Love) fits the bill perfectly. I’ve read great things about it and think it would be great for me right now.

How to Style your Brand by Fiona Humberstone


I saw this one being recommended in a group, or blog post very recently and think it would come in handy for blogging and for my business, Little and Fierce Kids. I’m always on the look out for tips and good advice and this particular book has had some great reviews.


There we have it, my 30 something birthday gift guide ideas. I’ve kept it really varied and would love to know what you think of my choices. Has anything caught your eye? Maybe you have your own wish list, I’d love to know what’s on it!



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morgana30 something birthday gift guide – my wishlist for September


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  • RachelSwirl - September 16, 2016 reply

    I have the Naked 2 pallette and yeh its lovely but… you know what it’s not all that!
    RachelSwirl recently posted…It’s Official, Our Extension Has Begun!My Profile

  • Gemma @ Gemslittletreasures - September 23, 2016 reply

    Loving all these ideas! Big Magic is on a wishlist of mine also. I am all about the inspirational, motivational book right now-i just need them to give me the kick up the butt i need! Also think i may have to have a look at a new phone case as mine is only just holding on and is looking very shabby-thanks for the ideas! x

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