Living in limbo land

I’ll hold my hands up. I’m starting to feel a bit stressed and overwhelmed with waiting to move into our new home. I’m trying to work and focus while surrounded by boxes and mess and it’s getting to me. I think if I had a regular 9-5 job where I could just check out and focus on something else away from the house for most of the day I’d find it easier. We have been given a new move day but this won’t be confirmed until later this week so I’m in limbo, not knowing whether to crack on with getting the rest of our lives packed into cardboard boxes or just to wait. I don’t know about you but when I’m about to move I just check out of our house mentally and I’m already thinking about the new one. I find motivating myself to stay on top of jobs like thorough cleaning and tidying a bit of a battle. I’m fully aware that this is reeks of first world problems and all that but alas it’s how I feel!

In an attempt to pull myself out of this I want to focus on the fun we’ve had in this house and the bits of it that I’m going to miss. We moved into to this house when our eldest was just a toddler so we’ve been here for about seven years. It’s the only home she remembers and is the only home that our youngest has ever known.

When we bought it there was nothing wrong with it structurally, but it just wasn’t to our taste at all decor wise. Due to me being a student at the time, and my husband just starting out with his business we didn’t have money to spend to do the things we wanted to do. All our pennies had gone on the deposit with nothing left for renovating. This meant having to put up with the house just not being very ‘us’ and I’ll admit while being at home with my youngest I really got fed up with it!

The living room and dining room space were the first that we properly renovated back in 2014, the rooms needed completely replastering, the carpet ripping up and well, everything, changing! I have very few photos of what it used to look like, purely because I hated it that much I tried so hard not to take many photos in there!

One of my favourite changes – getting rid of the smelly wee stained carpet and replacing it with grey laminate flooring.

We also had shutters put in  our bay window the following year, 2015. We love the shutters so much that we are having them fitted in the front downstairs window of our new home.

Our living room and dining room makeover

Freshening up our living space

Last year we finally had the horrible small bathroom renovated, and where there once was brown wallpaper and turquoise tiles now it’s got beautiful white subway tiles with grey grout and a fantastic shower.

renovating our small bathroom

renovating our small bathroom

renovating our small bathroom

renovating our small bathroom

renovating our small bathroom

Renovating Our Small Bathroom

It’s weird, I finally feel that we are making our stamp on this house only to move out of it! You might wonder why we’re moving at all, but the main reason is desire for a set aside office room and a fourth bedroom that can be a permanent guest bedroom. We live far away from all our family and a lot of friends so having space to properly host them is so exciting for me. I can’t wait to properly host and entertain in our new home, I love having people to stay and having a proper guest room makes this so much easier.

With it being a new build we can really make the house our own, but without having to live in a house that decorated in someone else’s taste. This home is a blank canvas for us, and as fan of white walls anyway it feels more me than any home we’ve ever been in. I’ve already started blogging some of my plans for the new house, like the shared workspace, and no doubt there will be many more to follow.

Even just writing this post has helped my anxiety and stress levels, though it probably helps that I’m sat in a cafe not at my desk that’s surrounded my big brown boxes!

Now, fingers crossed I can stay level headed this week ready for our much hoped for move early next week!


morganaLiving in limbo land


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  • Anna-Marie - May 16, 2017 reply

    Totally feel for you Morgana. Moving house is the most stressful thing! When we moved we had a buyer that messed us around so much we ended up selling to someone else! If we hadn’t I am quite certain we wouldn’t have moved at all. I remember the boxes and how much space they took up and most of all I remember that anxious feeling of waiting for news. Hopefully, this week you get a final date and before you know it you will be in that gorgeous new house.
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    morgana - May 16, 2017 reply

    Thanks Anna-Marie. I’m super thankful and grateful that we have a lovely new home waiting for us, but you’re right being surrounded by boxes and the anxious waiting is rubbish. Fingers crossed we’ll have a confirmed date soon. x

  • Kerry - May 16, 2017 reply

    I remember you getting those shutters.
    I love them! Can’t quite believe that was in 2015 though. Where has that time gone? I imagine it does feel like living in limbo. It was the same when we left our house. Our dining room was stocked with boxes from floor to ceiling. I’d say just keep packing. For once in my life, I was organised and had everything packed ahead of time for our move. It was such a relief when it finally came to moving day. I have to say I’m a tad jealous. I would love to move from our house. I’ve totally fallen out of love with it xxx
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    morgana - May 16, 2017 reply

    Apparently we should know for sure at the end of the day today whether it’s all systems go for monday. As soon as I know I’ll be packing up the kitchen and even the children quick as lightening! haha xx

  • Jenny - May 16, 2017 reply

    Oh babes there is nothing worse than waiting and wanting to just get in and get settled so you can crack on with normal routines and life. lol Seems like forever waiting but when it’s all over you will be loving your new space and so much to decorate and play with. #wrc

    morgana - May 17, 2017 reply

    Oh gosh it does seem like forever, but I’m sure you’re right when we’re (finally) in and look back on this it will feel like no time at all. xx

  • Hayley @hayleyfromhome - May 17, 2017 reply

    Your home looks so beautiful Morgana, I’m sure you will be sad to leave but at the same time it’s exciting that you’ll have somewhere bigger to have room to work and have friends come to stay. It makes me feel a little better reading this as our home isn’t at all what I really want, it’s a new build but we just had the basics and still haven’t been able to afford to make our mark on it. We moved in when Lucas was one, then had the twins so it’s been low down the list of priorities, it’s desperate for new flooring and a lick of paint but we’ll get there in the end! I hope the move goes smoothly, fingers crossed you’ll be in it soon and enjoying making it your own xxx
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    morgana - May 17, 2017 reply

    Thanks Hayley. It’s hard when the house changes and renovations gets further down the list of priorities isn’t it? It was that way for us for a long while. I think I found it harder than my husband as I was in the house 24/7 pretty much whereas he was out working long hours and couldn’t see what I saw! xx

  • Kerri-Ann - May 22, 2017 reply

    Don’t you just love the power of writing things down. You created a lovely space in your living room. When you move will you keep all the same furniture? #WRC
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  • Pamela | Life With Munchers - May 29, 2017 reply

    It’s always so daunting moving and please make sure you give yourself time to settle in and feel at home… that can take some time. I know that feeling of being in a house that isn’t to your taste… especially having just moved out of a perfectly finished one. But in the same way that you thought completing would never happen, it will come together xx
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