Interview with Victoria Vida of Netflix’s Project MC2

I’ve blogged about Project MC2 a few times now, you can take a look here for those posts. It is my 8 year old daughter’s absolute favourite programme and one that I am more than happy for her to obsess over. It’s based around a group of four super smart, science skilled American teenage girls that are recruited to join a secret spy organisation. What I particularly love about the series is that each girl has a particular style and smashes through that lie told over girls that because they are interested in science and technology they must be dull and boring and can’t be interested in fashion and style too. 

project mc2 victoria vida

Being part of Netflix Stream Team I’ve been able to chat with Netflix and tell them how much of a fan N is. The first season is only three episodes long and poor N has been desperate for more, so when I got the chance I asked when we’d see more and we were excited to find out that a new season was about to launch! In knowing she was a HUGE fan Netflix made it possible for N to interview two Project MC2 cast members, Victoria Vida who plays Adrienne Attoms, a culinary chemist and Ysa Penarejo who plays the intelligent, analytical Camryn Coyle. Of course N was over the moon about this opportunity and spent a long time squealing and jumping up and down in that girly pre-teen way, hey who I am kidding, I joined in too!

Project MC2 interview victoria vida

Victoria Vida is on the right and plays Adrienne Attoms in the hit show Project MC2

Just last week N was able to video chat with Victoria and despite her nerves she did a wonderful job. It helped that Victoria was lovely and so kind to N throughout the chat, even asking N about her own life, which of course made her feel ten feet tall.

I got to watch and listen in to the video chat from the door way I might add (!) and even though we can’t share the actual chat with you here are some of our highlights.

When asked what she loved most about Project MC2 Victoria lit up and answered that it was the message of the show, that we girls can be anything we want, doctors, scientists, and all while keeping our ‘feminine touch’. This of course refers to the fact that while the girls in the show are super smart they aren’t portrayed as the stereotype of ‘boring’ and ‘bland’ like so many smart girls in TV are. Each girl has their own personality and sense of style, N thinks it’s so fun and I find it really refreshing.

“You can be smart and cool, smart and funny, smart and be a fashionista, you can be smart and be you!”


While chatting with N, Victoria drew parallels between herself and her character Adrienne Attoms. Not only do they both love to wear heels, more importantly they are both very strong, very feminist and very proud of their Latino backgrounds. She’s quick to point out they that both value friendship and kindness too. 

While filming the show Victoria feels she’s learnt a lot, “We chicas are very powerful and we are capable of many things. It’s important to own that power that we girls can have and to show the world that we’re more than a pretty face and we can also do great things. Like Adrienne Adams, she’s very smart and always true to herself. Always be yourself, it’s what makes you different, unique and beautiful, and you shouldn’t be afraid of being different, you shouldn’t erase yourself, you should embrace yourself.”

“Being smart and intelligent will take you places”


When asked what we need to be successful Victoria reminds N of the importance of believing in your dream and working hard for it. So many girls underestimate themselves when they really shouldn’t, they need to be themselves no matter what. I nodded rather vehemently in the background while she was saying this. I was so impressed with how articulate she was and the way she communicated with N throughout the interview.


I think you’ll agree that Victoria Vida’s words are pretty inspiring for not only pre-teen girls but a good reminder for all of us. Check out Victoria and the rest of the Project MC2 girls over on Netflix.


morganaInterview with Victoria Vida of Netflix’s Project MC2

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