Project Mc2 toys review – the coolest girls in STEAM

If you’re a regular reader you’ll know how much we love the Netflix series Project Mc2. A programme that centres around a group of highschool girls that are also secret spies that use their talents in tech, science and art to solve mysteries. Recently we were sent some of the latest Project Mc2 toys to review that accompany the series, the Ultimate Spy Bag and the experiment doll of new character Devon, complete with Puffy Paint Experiment. 

I would say that these are more than just fashion toys, they are stealthily bringing science and tech into the mainstream. They may not be for everyone, but for a girl, like my eldest, that loves fashion and dolls as well as science experiments and computers it’s a pretty perfect combination. She doesn’t have to choose or feel looked down on for still enjoying style and fashion while nurturing her interests in science and tech. This is where the tag ‘the coolest girls in STEAM’ comes in. Now you might be wondering what the whole ‘coolest girls in STEAM’ thing is all about. Well, STEAM stands for Science, Technology Engineering Arts Mathematics and recently there has been calls for more of a push towards incorporating these subjects into education more, and especially encouraging girls to pursue them. 


What is Steam – Education Closet


The Ultimate Spy Bag

Adrienne Attoms from Project Mc2 is a big deal in our house, you’ll know that from when we interviewed the actress Victoria Vida who plays Adrienne in the series. After this interview the love for the character (and actress!) has grown and my nearly nine year old daughter is obsessed so this Ultimate Spy Bag that belongs to the character is a must have for her. 

Project Mc2 Toys review

Project MC2 Toys review

It is full of forensics inspired science experiment ideas and the importantly disguised essentials for solving mysteries. It comes with 15 pieces of kit, such as nail varnish that’s really a torch, a fingerprinting kit which includes dusting powder that can also be used as shimmer makeup powder, an air blower that looks like a perfume bottle and cards to collect fingerprints, there’s even a magnifier hidden in the makeup compact.

I know that N has enjoyed dusting for finger prints and writing secret messages that can be hidden in the lipstick and even shot across the room with it. There’s so much scope for an imaginative child and it’s cleverly put together. They can really feel like a member of the NOV8 team with this kit.

It retails at £39.99

project mc2 toys

Devon D’Marco’s Doll with Puffy Paint Experiment

Devon is a new character that’s been introduced in Season 2, she’s a fun and creative character that loves expressing herself through art. So it fits that her experiment is Art related!

The Doll itself is beautiful and detailed. It’s not like a doll to be dressed and undressed and have her hair done, I would say it’s definitely more of a display fashion doll. Unfortunately, it doesn’t stand on it’s own and unlike the McKeyla Mcallister doll we’ve already got, it didn’t come with a stand, which I think is a shame.

We haven’t tried out the Puffy Paint Experiment yet, I still need to find some powdered drink mix for it (something that’s much more readily available in the US where these dolls originate from).

I know that N is keen to collect the each of the character’s dolls so she can display them and I think if you have a super fan on your hands they would look to do this too!

Devon doll Project mc2

The  Project Mc2 Dolls with Experiments, such as this one retail for £24.99

Of course we’ll be testing out the experiments and spy tips and tricks over the next few weeks so keep an eye on our social media where we’ll be sharing photos and videos of how N gets on with them.

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We were sent these toys for the purpose of this Project Mc2 toys review all opinions are our own.

morganaProject Mc2 toys review – the coolest girls in STEAM


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