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In the early days of being a parent you wonder whether you will ever really sleep again. A basic human function that was once taken for granted becomes a kind of Holy Grail. You think of those dreamy nights and lazy mornings with a kind of wistful nostalgia or crazed hysteria drenched desperation depending on just how sleep deprived you might be feeling at that time. You start having competitive parent discussions at baby groups about just how tired you are and how little sleep you’re getting. Jealousy and disbelief descends when you hear a smug, ‘my baby sleeps through’ uttered from a smiling mum who’s hair is brushed and make up deftly applied. I swear the first few months of my girls’ lives are a fog to me. 

Now that my girls are six and nine a full nights sleep is generally had and definitely expected. The thought of having another baby and going back to sleepless nights actually scares me! I think these days because I expect to sleep that on the nights I can’t or when I struggle to fall asleep I find it incredibly frustrating and definitely struggle to work the next day. I don’t know about you, but when I don’t sleep well it completely impairs my ability to function as a human being. I can’t think straight, I’m irritable, actually I fear that I become the worst version of myself. How I, and those around me survived that newborn baby stage I honestly do not know. Like I said it’s all a big foggy!

I must admit that since we’ve moved house I’ve struggled to settle to sleep, I think being surrounded by boxes and not having a proper bed didn’t help because since our new bed was delivered and we started to get more organised I’ve felt a lot more relaxed. Change, it seems, impairs my ability to settle and rest, I guess I’m quite like a child in that way! Having a good bed, and mattress are just pieces to the puzzle that make up good sleep.

It’s not just about what we need to have or do for good sleep but also what we need to avoid. Caffeine, my best friend, swiftly becomes my darkest nemesis when consumed after 2pm in the afternoon. I’ve learnt that if I have any coffee after that point I can guarantee that very little sleep will be had. I end up lying awake for hours on my phone which, according to research is one of the worst things we can do as the light tricks our brain. I’m always up for finding out how to get a better nights sleep, and this video is really helpful, I mean, who knew that cheese actually helps!


There’s more tips in this handy article too, How to Sleep Better

What do you think?

What are your top tips for a good night’s sleep?


This post is conjunction with Tempur but all thoughts are my own.

morganaPutting the sleep in Coffee Work Sleep Repeat


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  • Angela Milnes - June 19, 2017 reply

    Having a good mattress and sleep is so important to me, especially with my health conditions. it’s makes the world of difference getting a good rest at night!

  • Claire at Tin Box Traveller - June 19, 2017 reply

    I’m really bad at looking at screens too much before bedtime. I love it that counting sheep is still a tried and tested method for dosing off. I use it all the time!

  • hannahspannah.co.uk - June 19, 2017 reply

    I have chronic conditions that affect my sleep. My tip is to switch off and ignore social media from 8pm. If not, I can’t sleep. I think it’s FOMO!

  • Mummy Times Two - June 20, 2017 reply

    Sleep is definitely underrated, getting the baby to stay asleep for longer than half an hour would be my top tip. I love a lovely snuggly duvet though too, which is probably more realistic x

  • Sarah - Arthurwears - June 20, 2017 reply

    I’m with you on this – I’m terrible with lack of sleep, it literally affects everything and I often feel a bit depressed because I’m so tired and don’t want to do anything! Arthur only started sleeping proper chunks of sleep 2 months ago (he’s 2) and I’m now 6ish weeks away from giving birth I’m starting to worry. Mattresses do make a massive difference though, I have really bad PGP and a bad mattress makes it worse. We bought a good one for our bed but our spare room is really old and in the occasion I’ve ended up in there with a toddler (if husband was poorly or something) I’ve really noticed it!

  • Kate | lesbemums - June 20, 2017 reply

    Gosh I’ve been meaning to change our mattress for *whispers* years it haven’t got round to it. I know, bad! I wouldn’t be surprised why my back aches and why I don’t often get a solid nights sleep.

  • Molly - June 20, 2017 reply

    Chamomile tea in the evening and a break from screen time before bed is my best friend for a good night’s sleep. And even better – no children in the house, ha!

  • Donna - June 20, 2017 reply

    The only time I ever sleep really well is when we’re away. Everyone else’s bed always seems more comfortable than my own! x
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  • Sam | North East Family Fun - June 20, 2017 reply

    A good night sleep has been tough in this heat! My number one tip is to leave your phone downstairs x

  • Bridie By The Sea - June 21, 2017 reply

    I got a new mattress about six months ago and it has transformed my sleep! Hope yours works wonders too – sleep is sooo important to me too! Xx

  • Sophia - June 22, 2017 reply

    There are so many things I know I shouldn’t do after a certain time as it affects my sleep. Caffeine, screen time etc! xo

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