Holiday club, a baby shower and the freelance juggle #littleloves

The second week of our Easter Holidays is almost over, but we’ve got the lovely Bank Holiday weekend ahead of us first. This week has been split between working and family fun, with my two going to a holiday club each morning. They’ve had a blast and I’ve been able to put a few hours in before picking them up and spending time together. We’ve squeezed in a shopping trip, they’ve been on a bike ride with their dad and we’ve had a big baking session.

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I’ve finished The Bricks That Built The Houses and after struggling to get into it at first I completely fell in love with the lyrical prose of Kate Tempest. Spinning a tale around several twenty-somethings in London it was a lifestyle that lots can probably relate to, though for this country girl it was a different world. 

We love going to Manchester as a family and I’ve shared our favourite places to go to in this alternative family guide on the National Rail Cards blog – Manchester – An Alternative Family Day Out



Line of Duty.. I mean, there are no words. I promised I wouldn’t put any spoilers on here, so I’ll just leave this here.

As for Netflix the mister and I were happy to see that season 2 of The Get Down is now on. We’re trying not to just binge our way through it. As a music fan AND a Baz Luhrmann fan this programme is a big favourite of mine.

The Get Down

The Get Down


We had a big baking session last weekend for a friend’s baby shower. We made a huge dairy free chocolate cake and of course while we had everything out on the table we just had to make some biscuits, oh and some cupcakes! The girls had a friend over later in the day so they had a great time decorating all the biscuits, of course unicorns and rainbows featured heavily!

The girls came along with me to the baby shower while their dad went to the pub for the father to be’s shower! It was lovely catching up with friends I hadn’t seen in a while and the weather was simply beautiful. The highlight for my two was getting to design baby gros. I’m sure you can guess which two are theirs!



No fancy outfits shots from me this week, instead I’ll share about my girls. Look at this sparkle-tastic H&M dress that E bought with her Easter money from her Grandparents. She’s desperate to wear it, I’ve managed to put her off until Easter Sunday, if she had it her way she’d be in the muddy back garden with it on!

I’ve also taken the time to look through the girls wardrobes and realised they’re both in need of some new clothes. Thank goodness for Ebay and the pre-loved Mini Boden FB group. I think I’ll be stashing the 11-12 floral dungarees for a while though, even I could probably squeeze into them – they’re huge!



I came across Amber Run on one of my Spotify Daily Playlists and I’ve been enjoying them all week.

We’ve also had the Moana soundtrack playing a whole lot too and I don’t think we’re alone on that one!


and lastly

We are another step closer to our new home and should be moving in a few weeks time! I guess I better get started on the packing!

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morganaHoliday club, a baby shower and the freelance juggle #littleloves


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  • Anna-Marie - April 14, 2017 reply

    Yours must be the quickest house move in history!! Haha! Line of Duty was crazy wasn’t it?! I literally screamed out over and over! Such a good programme! Love the unicorn cookie! And the partly dress is gorgeous! Have a wonderful Easter weekend xxx
    Anna-Marie recently posted…PRISON BREAK, SIGN OF THE TIMES, EASTER THEMED BAKES | LITTLE LOVE 15/52My Profile

  • Rachel @ Coffee, Cake, Kids - April 14, 2017 reply

    That sparkly dress is amazing! I love that idea for the baby shower – it’s so cute. Hope the packing isn’t too stressful – we’ve moved 5 times in 5 years so I know exactly what is like! Have a lovely Easter xx

  • Kara - April 14, 2017 reply

    I have not been watching Line of Duty but feel I must. Your choices never steer me wrong.
    That sparkly dress – Addison would love where from ?
    I need to find the mini Boden pre love group. X

    morgana - April 14, 2017 reply

    H&M! Isn’t it fab? I should have put where it’s from on the post, I’ll do that now. I’ll also tweet you a link to the FB Mini Boden group xx

    morgana - April 14, 2017 reply

    H&M! Isn’t it fab? I should have put where it’s from on the post, I’ll do that now. I’ll also tweet you a link to the FB Mini Boden group xx

    morgana - April 14, 2017 reply

    H&M! Isn’t it fab? I should have put where it’s from on the post, I’ll do that now. I’ll also tweet you a link to the FB Mini Boden group xx

    morgana - April 14, 2017 reply

    H&M! Isn’t it fab? I should have put where it’s from on the post, I’ll do that now. I’ll also tweet you a link to the FB Mini Boden group xx

    morgana - April 14, 2017 reply

    H&M! Isn’t it fab? I should have put where it’s from on the post, I’ll do that now. I’ll also tweet you a link to the FB Mini Boden group xx

    morgana - April 14, 2017 reply

    H&M! Isn’t it fab? I should have put where it’s from on the post, I’ll do that now. I’ll also tweet you a link to the FB Mini Boden group xx

  • Kimberley | Oh Just My Little Blog - April 14, 2017 reply

    Thanks for the no spoilers. We’re half way through the last episode and now I won’t see Tom until Monday night so I’m having to be patient! I love the sparkly dress, I think I’d want to wear it all of the time too. I’ll check out hour Manchester post, I visit a lot because my sister lives there and it’s the closest big city to where I grew up. Such a cute idea for a baby shower and the baking looks great. Enjoy the long weekend! x #LittleLoves
    Kimberley | Oh Just My Little Blog recently posted…A Facebook Page, Hashtag Authentic and Going Self-Hosted #LittleLovesMy Profile

  • Jess @ Catch A Single Thought - April 14, 2017 reply

    Exciting news about your house! And I LOVE that sparkly H&M dress, must see if I can hunt it out for Meg. Have a great long weekend 🙂
    Jess @ Catch A Single Thought recently posted…Tulips, Beach Days & Long Weekends ǀ Little LovesMy Profile

  • Helen - April 14, 2017 reply

    Yes to Line of Duty….just what?! I’m also loving the creations from your baking session, such a perfect Easter holiday activity 🙂 #LittleLoves

    Helen x
    Helen recently posted…#LITTLELOVES: Birthday Party, Quiet and Fun in the GardenMy Profile

  • claire - April 14, 2017 reply

    I love the mini boden Facebook group. How strange about the huge dungarees. I usually find boden small. Loved your Manchester post. We don’t go as much but I hope when the girls get older we will. We are only 20 minutes on the train. Love the baby shower idea. Enjoy your easter weekend x
    claire recently posted…Lambs, spring and Easter fun #littlelovesMy Profile

  • Tracey Williams - April 14, 2017 reply

    Wow your house move is going really quickly, and fingers crossed it stays that way for you. Love the unicorn biscuits, and love the idea of designing the baby vests. Laughing that the men had their own baby shower in the pub. Enjoy the weekend x
    Tracey Williams recently posted…Little Loves – Summer Clothes, Cocktails and Greek LuxuryMy Profile

  • Sadie - April 14, 2017 reply

    I always love your photos.
    I’m a big Baz Luhrmann fan…how have I never heard of The Get Down? That’s right on my mat leave to-watch list!
    Thanks for hosting!
    Sadie recently posted…#littleloves [ toni morrison, nearly naked feet + a cute food diary ]My Profile

  • Sarah | Boo Roo and Tigger Too - April 14, 2017 reply

    My daughter loves shopping in H&M, that dress is right up her alley
    Sarah | Boo Roo and Tigger Too recently posted…Doctor Foster, Cadbury and Birkenstocks #LittleLovesMy Profile

  • gemma @ Gemslittletreasures - April 14, 2017 reply

    Wow your move has come around so quickly! So nice to not have that waiting around instead just the excitement (and little bit of panic/stress of course). I’ve been recommended The Get down by a friend so I really should give it a go. For some reason like starting a new book i’m not very good at doing so with a series either. Have a lovely Easter Weekend x
    gemma @ Gemslittletreasures recently posted…Family, Youth Theatre & A New Shirt #LittleLoves #15My Profile

  • Stacie - April 14, 2017 reply

    Love that sparkly dress, and the unicorn biscuits are great! I’ve heard so much about Line of Duty, must give it a try. I’m hoping to be back on it with Little Loves next week. Life has been so busy. Enjoy your Easter weekend xx
    Stacie recently posted…Stylish Sounds {and a giveaway worth £119.99)*My Profile

  • Janet Yarwood - April 14, 2017 reply

    It always amazes me when people come to Manchester for a day out – it’s just where I live, I forget it’s touristy. You visited some of my fave places though!
    I love that sparkly dress and the baby shower sounds like a lot of fun
    Janet Yarwood recently posted…Easter Fun: stories, hats and days out – #LittleLovesMy Profile

  • Mum Reinvented - April 14, 2017 reply

    Wow you’re moving already, that’s well quick! Sounds like you’ve had a lovely Easter break – yay for the holiday club, I must remember to get my little one into a holiday club in the summer! Love the sparkly dress! And that unicorn biscuit looks fab. Have a lovely weekend x
    Mum Reinvented recently posted…Fat Chance, Mrs Biggs and Hitting the Beach #littlelovesMy Profile

  • stacey - April 14, 2017 reply

    The uniform biscuits look fab. I saw some pop up on etsy of all places the other day, i think i actually love that site as much as pinterest, and have them on my list to make. I saw the baby grows earlier on in the week on your instagram they look fab. I hope you enjoy the bank holiday weekend.
    stacey recently posted…Rainbow Rice, Unicorn Bags and The Unmumsy Mum #LittlelovesMy Profile

  • RachelSwirl - April 14, 2017 reply

    Ooooo those biscuits look fab and really colourful too. Mmmm must bake more biscuits!

  • Helena - April 15, 2017 reply

    Love the creativity that has been occurring over at yours. As always thanks for hosting it’s always a joy to read about lovely things people have been up to.

  • Kerri-Ann - April 16, 2017 reply

    Such a great round up, sounds like you have had a great two weeks. I hope the return to routine goes well this week my love. Those baked treats look so good, and I love the idea of the baby grows at a baby shower #littleloves
    Kerri-Ann recently posted…#MySundayPhoto – Field of dreamsMy Profile

  • Vicki Coombe - April 18, 2017 reply

    I love the babygrows – they look amazing! And I’m totally about to check out The Get Down; it sounds right up my street!! #littleloves
    Vicki Coombe recently posted…planes, beasts and dungarees #LittleLovesMy Profile

  • Chloe Ciliberto - April 19, 2017 reply

    It sounds like a lovely week! It’s definitely hard trying to balance work with the holidays, but it looks like you’ve really made the most. Those biscuits look tasty and the baby shower sounds like a lot of fun! I’ve heard good things about The Get Down, I’m going to check it out this week. I hope packing goes ok. xx

  • Suzanne - April 19, 2017 reply

    Ooh thanks for the Amber Run recommendation – loving it! Right up my street 🙂 So hard to try to work and entertain kids isn’t it? I was doing the same during the holidays but mine are a bit older so easier I guess. The baby shower sounds like fun – love the idea of painted vests and they look super cute on the line too! xx

  • Donna - April 20, 2017 reply

    I am off to find The Get Down right now – I needed something else to watch. I haven’t been to a baby shower since I went to my own – with Athena! Sad times! I am so sorry I am so useless at commenting – I always intend to come back and I think sometimes I forget, so sorry! x

  • Emily and Indiana - April 20, 2017 reply

    Oh how lovely are those designed vests? Such a fun but special idea.. the girls did a fab job! I hope you had a lovely week xx
    Emily and Indiana recently posted…Living Arrows // 16/52My Profile

  • Mummy and Monkeys - April 20, 2017 reply

    Ooh the get down looks good and those babygrows are so cute! I hope the getting ready for the house move is going well.
    Eilidh x
    Mummy and Monkeys recently posted…The protein in breast milk and the first 1000 daysMy Profile

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