The Start Up Life, Kate Tempest and sunshine #LittleLoves

It was so sunny last weekend where we live and it felt good to get out and enjoy the sun. I’m sure we weren’t the only ones to make the most of the dry weather to get out in the garden and have a tidy up. It’s just a shame that the sun didn’t stick around and we’ve had grey rainy days from Monday onwards. I think I forget how much it rains in Spring! I’ve had my head in my laptop for much of the week so I don’t have many lovely photos to share with you but stick with me, I still have Little Loves to share.

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I’ve really struggled to get into any books this year, which is so very unlike me. I’ve started three books and put them all down with out finishing. I decided to give The Bricks that Built The Houses a try, a book I picked up on a while in Waterstones earlier in the month, and I absolutely love it. At first I worried the lyrical detail might become a bit too much but actually it’s that very specific style of writing that has drawn me in. You might know Kate Tempest as a spoken word poet, if you’ve not heard of her she’s worth a Google.


kate tempest book 


Line Of Duty is back and it is as spectacular as ever. We have been huge fans of this series since the first season back in 2012 when it was still on BBC2 and we were so excited for its return.

I have binged my way through the brand new season of Netflix comedy, Grace and Frankie. I adored every second of it and was gutted when it came to an end. If you’re looking for some comedy to watch on Netflix have a read of my post My Top 5 Netflix Comedies You Have To Watch





I’ve been working on The Start Up Life section of my blog this week and I hope to grow it more over the next year. I’m going to be sharing monthly Start Up Stories from businesses set up and run by parents and also look to add more posts about running a creative business, social media tutorials and much more. I’m really excited about this new project and hope you will be too. 


I spent much of the weekend in clothes covered in paint and dirt from the garden! We hired a van and had a big clear out of the garage and the garden and I was so impressed with how much we got done and how good it all looks now. I also finished off painting the woodwork in the hallway and stairs. It looks so much brighter now.

I did get to have a rest on Sunday for Mothers Day though and enjoyed lunch out with the family. Wasn’t the weather glorious too. Loved wearing my sunglasses (as did my girls!) and having fun outside without having to wear coats!


E especially loved that she could wear her dress without tights or leggings!




I’ve been loving Sara Tasker’s podcast Hashtag Authentic, especially this one with Tara Swiger about finding your tribe and focusing on who your audience or customers are rather than trying to please everyone. I found it so helpful and freeing to be reminded not to stress about people unfollowing and unsubscribing but to just focus on your content and attracting your people.


and lastly

Thanks for all your kind wishes last week about the house valuation. I’m excited to share that we are going ahead with a part exchange on a new build, one that is already built and ready to move into. As you can imagine I’m very happy but trying to rein it in until we actually have all the paper work done and the keys in hand. It’s going to be a few busy few weeks!

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morganaThe Start Up Life, Kate Tempest and sunshine #LittleLoves


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  • chantelle hazelden - March 31, 2017 reply

    Will definitely have to give that book a try! Thanks for hosting
    chantelle hazelden recently posted…Little Loves MarchMy Profile

  • Anna-Marie - March 31, 2017 reply

    I’ve struggled with books to this year, normally I love a good read. It have really struggled. Think I have finished one! The weather was lovely last weekend wasn’t it! We have had a few sunny days this week too which have been lovely. I am so pleased Line Of Duty is back! And what a great first episode!!! How exciting about your house move!! And a new build! Can’t wait to hear more about it over the coming months!
    Anna-Marie recently posted…HAPPY, LINE OF DUTY, KIND WORDS | LITTLE LOVE 13/52My Profile

  • Jade @ Captured By Jade - March 31, 2017 reply

    Glad you’ve found a book to really get stuck into now… I’ve been having some slumpish moments with my reading this year, and when you find a book that totally holds you, it feels great doesn’t it?!

    Sounds like a productive weekend, and like you have some fun plans ahead with the house bits – exciting!

    Cute picture with your girls. The sunshine on Mother’s Day was just glorious! I hope you have a lovely weekend!

  • Halina Vie Choufleur - March 31, 2017 reply

    *waves* Hiya, I’m back! I’ve seen lots of people rave about Line Of Duty and it’s now joined my long list of Things To Watch. Glad you had a great Mother’s Day. And congratulations on the PX! So exciting. Hope the next few months go smoothly x
    Halina Vie Choufleur recently posted…Little Loves #13 – March 2016 EditionMy Profile

  • Carol - March 31, 2017 reply

    Congrats on the part exchanges aren’t house moves exciting (until the day you have to move that is). Thank you for hosting it is a lovely linky

  • Debbie - March 31, 2017 reply

    Thank you so much for the book recommendation!! I am desperate for a book to enjoy. I am loving your sunglasses- I’m glad you got to make the most of the good weather. Hopefully it will continue for you to enjoy your garden. x

  • Sarah | Boo Roo and Tigger Too - March 31, 2017 reply

    We desperately need to have a clear out of the garage ready for the summer (it’s somewhat of a dumping ground, and to think some people actually put their cars in their garages). Good luck with the possible house move.
    Sarah | Boo Roo and Tigger Too recently posted…Car Share, Rockets and Mother’s Day #LittleLovesMy Profile

  • Claire @ The ladybirds adventures - March 31, 2017 reply

    Congratulations on the house buying! Very exciting. I’m listening to a few podcasts from hashtag authentic too. Very inspiring and useful. We enjoyed the mild weather on Sunday too.
    Claire @ The ladybirds adventures recently posted…Spring, Eureka and scummy mummies #littlelovesMy Profile

  • Angela Webster - March 31, 2017 reply

    I’m having trouble getting in to books this year, I have so many on my Kindle and on my shelf I really must make the effort. I had never watched Line of Duty before, it’s so good though can’t wait for next weeks episode ! Congratulations on the new house, hope it all goes smoothly for you.
    Angela Webster recently posted…Maths Problems, Giggle Fits & Sunshine #LittleLovesMy Profile

  • Sadie - March 31, 2017 reply

    That’s exciting about your house purchase! I hope it all goes well.

    Thanks for hosting!
    Sadie recently posted…#littleloves [ the heart goes last, fortitude + maternity leggings ]My Profile

  • Jenny - March 31, 2017 reply

    Ahhh gorgeous snap of you and the girls. I love it. The weekend was so beautiful wasn’t it? Wish the sun would stick around. Can’t wait to catch up give us plenty of photo ops too. lol We now have costa and starbucks on buckshaw can you believe it. 🙂 Definitely spots outside to catch a ig snap or two. Love E running here in her dress she is adorable. I can’t wait for no coats or tights for MM. B hates wearing a coat a battle I will gladly stop having soon. Sounds like you have had an amazing busy week. Start up Stories is fab!!!! thanks for hosting.

  • RachelSwirl - March 31, 2017 reply

    Wow a new house sounds so exciting! I too am struggling with reading this year, I really need to find some new reading material that would help. I look forward to reading your start up series, that should be good reading.

  • Tracey Williams - March 31, 2017 reply

    i can’t believe we were graced with wonderful days of sunshine last weekend. Well done on the garden and garage clear out. We are planning on tidying our garden over the Easter weekend (oh what a joy). I didn’t know about your house move and sounds as if you have exciting times ahead x
    Tracey Williams recently posted…Little Loves – Eggxit, Mother’s Day and Countdown to GreeceMy Profile

  • Kimberley | Oh Just My Little Blog - April 1, 2017 reply

    Oh how exciting on the house front, I’ll have my fingers crossed for you. Wasn’t the weather just amazing. The sunshine made me so happy. I’ve really found my reading groove again recently and it’s thanks to Little Loves, so I hope you get back into your books soon. Have a lovely week x
    Kimberley | Oh Just My Little Blog recently posted…Mother’s Day, Like a Queen and the BFG #LittleLovesMy Profile

  • Andy parsons - April 1, 2017 reply

    ‘The Startup Life’ section is what I am looking forward to. I have even bookmarked the page of your website.

  • Mum Reinvented - April 1, 2017 reply

    Wow a new house, how exciting! And a new build will be a blank canvas for you. Can’t wait to see what you do with it, your interiors posts are always gorgeous.

    I love Grace & Frankie, keep meaning to watch the new series. Hope you’re having a great weekend x
    Mum Reinvented recently posted…A Long Weekend, Sunrise & Amanda Prowse #littlelovesMy Profile

  • Helena - April 3, 2017 reply

    Got to love a good read. I’m surrounded by books but read more blogs. So excited to hear from fellow creative parents. #ThatFridayLinky
    Helena recently posted…My Monthly Bucket List – AprilMy Profile

  • Emily and Indiana - April 4, 2017 reply

    How exciting about the house, I bet you’re so excited to get planning and sorting! We have Netflix and I think I use it more for kids tv than for me, I definitely need to check out more shows I think. Hope you’re having a good week xx
    Emily and Indiana recently posted…Living Arrows // 14/52My Profile

  • Vicki Coombe - April 5, 2017 reply

    That book sounds amazing – I’ll definately need to go take a look!
    Vicki Coombe recently posted…weekends away, stupid decisions and running again #LittleLovesMy Profile

  • Kerri-Ann - April 5, 2017 reply

    I’ve struggled to read my mag this year let alone a book! Love those shades, I need to get some new ones. Yay for the house move although I will miss your living room! X
    Kerri-Ann recently posted…#LivingArrows – Five years, 9 months, 7 daysMy Profile

    morgana - April 5, 2017 reply

    I’ll miss it too! *sob*

  • My Two Mums - April 6, 2017 reply

    Oh no I tried linking up yesterday and it kept giving me an error. I tried to link today and it is closed 🙁 Can I link last weeks to tomorrow’s?
    My Two Mums recently posted…Wildflowers, zombies and Moana – Little LovesMy Profile

  • stacey - April 6, 2017 reply

    Im so late with commenting this week, its been another busy one. I haven’t heard of Kate Tempest before so will have to check her out. I have also been enjoying the sunshine that we have been having. Your new start up section sounds really interesting, good luck with growing it.

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