World Book Day, Broadchurch and a pop up shop #LittleLoves

We’ve had such a busy week that this Little Loves post has practically written itself, there’s been so much I wanted to include so I apologise in advance for any rambling! What are you waiting for, grab a cuppa and enjoy my Little Loves, don’t forget you can read lots of other bloggers’ Little Loves by clicking on the linky at the end.



I started The Miniaturist this week and like The Muse I think it might take me a little while to get into but I am enjoying it so far. I just need to make more time to read it! Thursday nights are busy, with Rainbows, running, and N’s swim training. I ran myself a bath last Thursday evening, but had to wait for N to get home at half 8 before I could jump in. As she was home and in bed I made myself a gin, grabbed my book and enjoyed a soak. As I’m writing this (it’s Thursday) I’m keen to do the same again tonight.

I’ve read some lovely blog posts this week but this two have really stuck in my mind for different reasons. 

Start Up Life 3 Months In – Capture By Lucy

Photo credit – Capturebylucy

I loved reading Lucy’s story of setting up her photo back drop business. I’ve followed Lucy’s blog from the start and met her a few times and I can tell you she is just as lovely and genuine as you’d expect her to be. You know me I’m a sucker for start up stories so it was a no brainer when it came to sharing it, you can read the full post here.

When marriage is hard work – Inside Out And Beyond

Photo credit – InsideOutAndBeyond

I don’t really blog about personal things anymore since leaving behind, it’s not because I want to pretend everything is perfect it’s more that I want to share things like start up stories, style posts, etc. A lot of family read this blog, and so gone are the days of blogging anonymously and sharing everything online. Of course there are things I’d love to write about to get it all out there but for now it’s just not appropriate. With that in mind I love posts like this one that Suzanne has written this week. It is so full of wisdom and grace and honestly without over sharing. I think that however long you’ve been married you’ll be able to relate to this post, and gain some wisdom from it. You can read the full post here.



Broadchurch is back! It was a difficult and emotional first episode wasn’t it? I’m keen to see how they develop it further. For something a little lighter I’ve been watching Riverdale on Netflix. I asked my followers on Instagram what they’re watching at the moment and this one was mentioned a lot. I’m a couple of episodes in and really enjoying it.

I’m so behind on my YouTube watching but I managed to catch that Hannah Michalak is pregnant! I love their vlogs and I’m super happy for them. Hannah had a miscarriage between Grayson and this pregnancy, so is tentative in this vlog, something I can definitely relate to as I lost a baby in between my girls, I can identify so much with her story. 


Their pregnancy announcement video on their main channel is well worth a watch too, check out the song lyrics- A New Chapter



On Sunday morning I took part in the local pop up event BabyLoved, this is the second time I’ve had a stall and I really enjoyed it. Obviously I normally only get to speak to my customers via technology so it was nice to chat to people face to face. I loved seeing little girls hover at my stall looking pleadingly at their parents – sorry mums and dads! I’ll be blogging more about the event in the next few days.

In case you’ve been living under a rock this week you’ll be fully aware that it’s been WORLD BOOK DAY, a phrase that strikes fear in my heart! My girls’ school decided that this wasn’t hard enough for parents already and added in that it was Bible themed. Yep. Bible themed! Thankfully my eldest decided straight away that  she wanted to be Esther and after a quick google image search she told me how she wanted to look. All I needed to do was nip into Hobbycraft for gold card and she took care of the rest. I was so impressed! She even won a prize for it.

With E, we went with the Garden of Eden! She wore floral clothes, floral hair accessories and took in a toy apple. Done.



I mentioned last week about my love for enamel pins and promised a blog post so here it is – Enamel pin badge trend I’d love to know what you think.

enamel pin badge trend



When my husband and I first met we were actually in a band together many, many year ago, we listened to so much music in our van. Each band member had different taste so we had many different mixtapes and then CDs when we got a better van! I’m not sure why but someone we all agreed on was John Mayer. Over the past couple of weeks we’ve listened to him loads around the house. I don’t know about you but when things aren’t great I focus on when and why they started, the good foundation, and I guess this is part of that. I’m just gutted that we missed out on tickets to his tour this year.

 You can listen to more of his music here


and lastly

I’m really looking forward to this weekend, it’s a slower one and full of friends, the best kind in my opinion. We’ve started a little family tradition of having a breakfast all together when N gets back from training on Saturday morning. It usually involves a whole lot of food and fun which I find a great start to the weekend.

Here are my favourites from this week’s #LittleLoves community on Instagram, as you can see I’ve gone with a bit of a floral theme!


kerryvillers | cherry.rebecca | dianavonr

justsayingmum | louhegarty | archerlilyadventures

helloitsgemma maisymeowblog | gingerlillytea

If you’re on Instagram and want to join in, it’s so easy just use the hashtag #littleloves on any photo that shows something little that you love – so that can be pretty much anything! I then share my favourites from the week on here and on my Instagram every Friday.

coffeeworksleep instagram



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morganaWorld Book Day, Broadchurch and a pop up shop #LittleLoves


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  • Anna-Marie - March 3, 2017 reply

    Wasn’t Broadchurch good?! I completely forgot it was on so I was surprised to see it in my planner Tuesday Morning! Killer cast this time round! N looked utterly beautiful for world book day! Such a gorgeous picture. E looked adorable! Have a wonderful weekend xx

  • Lauren Belle Du Brighton - March 3, 2017 reply

    I really like meaty posts like this! Your Thursdays sound a bit manic, I think a bath is a great idea to unwind at the end of it! LOVE the world book day costumes atm you did well with such an specific theme… your school clearly wanted to make it aims tricky as poss! You showed them haha!

  • Suzanne - March 3, 2017 reply

    I really love that enamel pin ‘mother like no one’s judging’ – I wonder if we will ever get to that stage in life?! Thank you so much for sharing my post, it mean a lot to get so much solidarity and encouragement from readers. It would seem that I’m not alone in having an imperfect marriage! Sounds like you’ve had a busy week. Let’s hope we see some sunshine for the weekend eh? xx

  • Jade @ Captured By Jade - March 3, 2017 reply

    Sounds like you’ve had a good week. I love the World Book Day costumes! I hope you have a lovely weekend.
    Jade @ Captured By Jade recently posted…Little Loves | Baking, Books and Disney VlogsMy Profile

  • Sophie | Sophie and Lily - March 3, 2017 reply

    A Bible themed WBD! Cool, both girls look great, I love the Garden of Eden idea 🙂
    My little girl just took a peek over my shoulder and said oh I wish I could go to that shop! Another fan 😀
    Enjoy your family breakfast tomorrow
    Sophie | Sophie and Lily recently posted…The Woman in Cabin 10 | Little LovesMy Profile

  • Tracey Williams - March 3, 2017 reply

    I have been meaning to read Suzanne’s post so I will pop over this morning. Love the idea of the Garden of Eden and your girls look fab. We are celebrating World Book Day next week as years 5 and 6 are away (damn as I thought I had got away with it this year). Loving that you were in a band together. I can’t sing for toffee, but my husband was in a band many many years ago. Have a great weekend x
    Tracey Williams recently posted…Little Loves – School Trips, Cheeseboards and High School DecisionsMy Profile

  • Angela Webster - March 3, 2017 reply

    I need that coffee pin permanently stuck to me, just to inform people of course. The girls world book day costumes look great I never would have thought of portraying the garden of Eden that way. Broadchurch was good wasn’t it, I’m a David Tennant fan but I think Olivia Coleman makes this show. Looks like it will be a gritty one. Have a lovely weekend x
    Angela Webster recently posted…Polar Bears, Singing Husbands & Rapunzel #LittleLovesMy Profile

  • natalie - March 3, 2017 reply

    A Bible themed World Book Day!! That school is definitely keeping you on your toes!! I really enjoyed seeing everyone’s kids dressed up.

    My girls would love your shop!!! Have a fab weekend!
    natalie recently posted…World Book Day, Date Night and Lots of Parties #littlelovesMy Profile

  • Deborah Nicholas - March 3, 2017 reply

    Oh I enjoyed Broadchurch too – a little slow to get going though but hoping it lives up to its reputation! Have added that book to my to read list, it sounds like the kind i like. #Littleloves
    Deborah Nicholas recently posted…#LittleLoves Week 9 – 3rd March 2017!My Profile

  • Jess @ Catch A Single Thought - March 3, 2017 reply

    I love your take on World Book Day with the Garden of Eden; should a clever idea. I’d have been totally stumped! Sounds like you’ve had a great week : )
    Jess @ Catch A Single Thought recently posted…Favourite Books, Great Covers and Wellies… #LittleLovesMy Profile

  • Caroline Carter - March 3, 2017 reply

    I love your breakfast idea we usually try to do that on a Sunday as we have gymnastics on a Saturday. Your pins are so cool I love the mother like know ones judging …so true x enjoy your weekend with friends

  • Helen - March 3, 2017 reply

    YES! I also wrote about Broadchurch’s return – I love that programme and watch each episode far too many times. I love how after just one episode we’re already left asking so many different questions. At least it makes Mondays a bit more exciting now too! #LittleLoves

    Helen x
    Helen recently posted…#LITTLELOVES: Visiting the Farm, Broadchurch and Orchard Toys PuzzlesMy Profile

  • Kerri-Ann - March 3, 2017 reply

    A band? We definitely need to hear more about this! I love the pins. How gorgeous is your girl dressed from the bible, amazing. Oh my goodness Broadchurch was tough to watch. Have a lovely weekend x

  • claire - March 3, 2017 reply

    I love that you used to be in a band. Your world book day costumes are great. I also love the Michalaks and their news.

  • Nicki - March 3, 2017 reply

    I love the enamel badges, I have always liked a badge on my old denim jacket, perhaps it just reminds me of my student days. We were lucky with WBD this year, no dressing up but lots of lovely activities. Strangely whilst relieved I hope there is another WBD dress up for Little Miss before she leaves primary school. Have a good week x

  • gemma @ Gemslittletreasures - March 3, 2017 reply

    Oh that John Mayer Song-Beautiful! Love the pins though feels like something i couldn’t pull off (i feel that about a lot of things) one day i’ll pluck up the courage to step out the box like i used to 10 years ago. You’ve just added some more books to my to be read list-seriously your recommendations haven’t let me down so far! Have a great weekend x
    gemma @ Gemslittletreasures recently posted…Dance, Pancakes & Sleep #LittleLovesMy Profile

  • RachelSwirl - March 3, 2017 reply

    Oh wow I love your little ladies costume that’s so impressive!

  • Chloe - March 4, 2017 reply

    Have a lovely weekend – take it easy! #LittleLoves

  • Stacie - March 4, 2017 reply

    I’m definitely in the minority here but I’ve never watched Broadchurch, although I’ve heard lots about it. A band?! That’s so cool! Your pop up stall looks great, glad you had fun with it! Enjoy your weekend xx

  • Jenny - March 4, 2017 reply

    Wow you were kidding you are busy busy girl. We must catch up feel like forever. I am the same though I feel like every day is booked out and running around doing a million things. Bath and gin sound good with a good book but lately I am just too tired. Love N costume. It’s ace she looks so beautiful Morgana. We haven’t got back into Broadchurch maybe need to. Would you believe I am finally to season 4 Gilmore Girls hahaha #littleloves

  • Kimberley | Oh Just My Little Blog - March 4, 2017 reply

    Your stall and World Book Day outfits all look great! What a lovely weekend tradition to have. I hope you’re having a lovely weekend x
    Kimberley | Oh Just My Little Blog recently posted…Pooh, Pancakes and a Pug #LittleLovesMy Profile

  • Not A Frumpy Mum - March 5, 2017 reply

    I’ve “taped” Broadchurch on Sky Plus as it clashed with The Walking Dead, I really need to watch it before tomorrow. I love that your school added an extra twist to World Book Day, there’s nothing like a challenge is there?? Your girls both look fab, and I love the Garden of Eden idea. xx
    Not A Frumpy Mum recently posted…Disneyland, Oscar Cock Ups & a New Hashtag #LittleLovesMy Profile

  • Mummy and Monkeys - March 5, 2017 reply

    Love your take on book day! Sounds like you’ve had a lovely week, looking forward to reading about the pop up shop!
    Eilidh x
    Mummy and Monkeys recently posted…Dreaming of Spring fashion, a house viewing and relief #littlelovesMy Profile

  • Becky | Spirited Puddle Jumper - March 6, 2017 reply

    I love the enamel pins, they look great on your jacket 🙂 You’ll have to let me know if you manage to get into The Miniaturist or not, as it’s something I’ve wanted to read for a while now, but because I’m so tired come bedtime I need something that isn’t too heavy-going! x
    Becky | Spirited Puddle Jumper recently posted…Little Loves – House Renovations, Dungarees and New NotebooksMy Profile

  • Emily and Indiana - March 6, 2017 reply

    I’m so glad Broadchurch is back, and I think I definitely enjoyed that episode more than series 2! Fab effort for World Book Day.. maybe next year I’ll actually handmake an outfit haha 🙂 xx
    Emily and Indiana recently posted…Living Arrows // 10/52My Profile

  • B - March 6, 2017 reply

    Gin, bath and book – bliss! I’m definitely missing one of those during pregnancy 🙂 I love your Saturday breakfast idea – sounds like you had a nice weekend planned!

  • Donna - March 6, 2017 reply

    Your bath looks absolutely lush! I read the Miniaturist and found the ending a bit.. meh. Hopefully you’ll appreciate the book a bit more than me! I love that you have a shop – and love the idea of your pop up too, it looks so friendly and welcoming. Your book day costumes are AWESOME – and i love your pin badges! x
    Donna recently posted…Home Life Project {March 2017}My Profile

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