The enamel pin badge trend – I’m obsessed!

When I get on board with a trend it can often lead into obsession and this is definitely the case with enamel pins. I’ve had my eye on them for a while now, but have only just starting buying them. It’s only taken a few pins to fall into the enamel pin badge trend, hook, line, and sinker! Honestly, there is an enamel pin badge for any occasion, feeling or cause. I’ve trawled Etsy and Pinterest to bring you my stand out favourites and I also want to share with you my little collection and how and where I wear them.

These are just a few I have my eye on at the moment,

Feminist and Proud – Punky Pins | I’m Really A Mermaid – I Love Crafty

Readers Gonna Read – Literary Emporium | Feminist With A To-Do List – Word for Word

Mama Bear – Land and Furrow | Ella the Envelope – Nutmeg and Arlo

We’re The Weirdos Mister – Punky Pins | Less Whine More Wine – Veronica Dearly

The great thing about them is they don’t cost the earth, the ones I have range in price between £5 and £10 pounds, with most coming in at the £6 mark.

Of course this little round up doesn’t even include the ones I already own..

The astute among you might notice the Harry Potter reference of the Swish & Flick pin above. I am a huge Harry Potter fan, well my whole little family are really, so much so that my eldest girl wanted this one for herself as soon as she spotted it!

As you can see, I wear mine on my dungarees, the lapels of my leather style jacket and my over sized coats. I have also worn them on clutch bags when I’ve gone on a night out. The only thing I will say is make sure the back of the pin is secure as I have lost a couple through the back falling off and then of course losing the pin. You can wear a bunch of them on one jacket or wear them individually, it’s totally up to you!

The kids don’t need to miss out on this trend, there’s some cute ones they can have too –

My girls wear their’s on dungarees or denim jackets.

Feeling the love for enamel pins too? Head on over to my Pinterest boards for more ideas as well as some badges and patches thrown in for good measure.

What do you think?

Have you embraced the enamel pin badge trend?


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morganaThe enamel pin badge trend – I’m obsessed!


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