Introducing Ovi and Reu – boutique gift boxes for new mums

Boutique Gift Boxes for New Mums by Ovi and Reu
I get approached by a lot of brands and PRs that would like to collaborate with me or send me things to review. With running a couple of businesses of my own alongside this job (not to mention having kids too) I have to be really selective with the people I work with and the campaigns I take on. Sometimes a little gem appears in my inbox, that I just can’t resist and an email from the new company Ovi and Reu was just that. Ovi and Reu make up and send out gift boxes that you can order as presents for new mums (or anyone you’d think would like one), and as a small business set up by two fellow mums and a grandma I knew I wanted to support them.

You can choose between four boxes, The Coastal Gift Collection, The Expectant Gift Collection, The Country Gift Collection  and The Parisian – which is the one that I picked. The beauty of these gift boxes is that they are letter box friendly so no need for the postman to be knocking on your door, or even more annoyingly, having to take a trip to the depot because you weren’t home when they tried to deliver it. I was super excited when my box hit my hallway floor..

Inside the Parisian Gift Collection

Make Up Bag from Miesje Chafer (choose one of 5 designs)
The most amazing selection of on-trend fabrics make these handmade make up bags the perfect addition to this mum’s look.

Decaff Coffee from The Bristol Coffee Company
It may not have the kick but it certainly packs a flavour punch. True Parisians (and all coffee-addicts) will thank you heartily for thinking of this.

Notebook from Studio Sarah
Perfect for jotting down all of baby’s new routines or recording those precious moments in style.

Grey Spotty Peg People from Little Bird Designs
These gorgeous little mum and baby figurines will provide the perfect adornment to a cosmopolitan mum’s boudoir.

Baby Milestone Cards from Amy’s Avenue
Help her to celebrate and record every baby milestone with these fabulous monochrome milestone cards.

Red Lipstick in ‘Red Carpet’ or ‘Some Like it Hot’ from Sara Hill 
What true Parisian woman could be without a slick of ruby red for that pout? We love this brand for all their British credentials but also their undeniably European je ne sais quoi…

‘Loved’ Nursery Print from Rabbit and Sons 
Your lovely message will appear on the reverse of this nursery print from super-cool design house Rabbit and Sons.

ovi and reu

ovi and reu

Obviously as a mum of two school age children with no plans of having babies, I don’t have much need for baby milestone cards, but I do have a very pregnant sister in law who I think will love them, so they shall be heading her way. I can definitely make use of the red lipstick however!

I really enjoy sneak peeks and behind the scenes pictures and videos from brands so when I spotted  this video that Ovi and Reu shared on their Facebook page of how they pack the boxes, I thought it would be fun to share it!

Do head on over to their webside – Ovi and Reu – and take a look! I’ll also be chatting to the three ladies behind it in a MumBoss feature in a couple of months, so do keep an eye out for it.

Huge thanks to Team Ovi and Reu for sending me the Parisian box to review.

morganaIntroducing Ovi and Reu – boutique gift boxes for new mums

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