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Hi, I’m Morgana. I’m all about helping you create a sustainable small business through social media coaching

Want to work with me?

  • If you’re an entrepreneur with a new micro business or you’re wanting to launch your business but don’t know where to begin with Instagram I can help you
  • Maybe you’ve had Instagram for your business for while but you feel stuck in a rut or you’re not seeing any growth or sales, I can help you too!


I’m first the person to admit my knowledge of Instagram and social media in general is very poor, so when I decided to open an online shop I knew I needed serious help to get a successful launch.
The Instagram Power Session with Morgana took me through all aspects of my launch to really get me to focus on what was important and where my focus needs to be at each stage as we progress. Morgana’s highly organised and really helped to rein in my scattered thoughts to stop me lurching from one thing to the next when I need to concentrate on my brand, how to reach my target audience and how to move forward to focus on relevant items now.
In addition I was shown some great tools to help with posts, how to go about building a presence on Instagram in a logical and planned manner and give my brand a professional and pulled together appearance. There’s also the ongoing support offered (and will be well used by me!) that I’m really looking forward to getting stuck in. I’ve started posting on Instagram and already building a following, I can’t be more grateful for the help I’ve received at just the right time.

Zoe // Small and Awesome

I had a one to one Instagram coaching session with Morgana and implemented a tip straight afterwards. Half an hour later I received an email from a particular business and now they are selling my products through their premium online marketplace dedicated to sleep-related products. Can’t thank Morgana enough!

Sophia // Peony Box

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