Hello, I’m Morgana

I’m social media coach, blogger and founder of Coffee Work Sleep Creatives – a community for female creative business owners that hate traditional networking. Consider me a cheer leader for creative entrepeneurs!

My story

I’ve been blogging since 2011 soon after having my second child, first as a parent blogger and then creating lifestyle and business content. Now my focus blog wise is to write helpful, informative and encouraging posts for bloggers and entrepreneurs.

I’ve previously owned an online shop, Little and Fierce Kids. A children’s accessories boutique that stocked handpicked independent brands, with a focus on quality and fun it was a shop that both children and parents loved. When I first started out the highstreet was lagging behind on children’s accessories with only a certain large chain carrying them. As a consumer I was often left disappointed with the quality of the accessories and wanted to find products for my two girls that they would love and I would approve of! This led me to setting up my store, and begin searching for good quality independent brands and introducing them to a wider audience.

I learnt so much from running my little store, I had some great successes (as well as epic failures!). As a former social worker with little retail experience, trial and error was the name of the game. After a few years, the highstreet began to catch up, as I noticed cheaper versions of the items I stocked appearing in various shops and supermarkets. They were taking inspiration from small on trend independent brands and recreating the accessories on mass for a fraction of the cost. Sadly I couldn’t compete with the big boys, and decided to close up shop early 2018.

A big thing I enjoyed and learnt so much about was social media marketing, both as a business owner and as a blogger – both sides of the coin you could say. I decided to put all this knowledge and experience to good use to coach other start ups and creative entrepreneurs – the Etsy sellers, the mums making baby clothes, the candle makers, the bakers – to equip them to grow a sustainable business utlitising Instagram as a marketing tool.

I’ve worked from home around my family since 2011 and this can often get lonely, something I oftened chatted about with fellow freelancers and wahms on social media. In Easter of 2018 I decided to do something about it and founded Coffee Work Sleep Creatives, an initially online community of fellow female creative entrepreneurs in the north of England. It’s steadily growing and we now hold sell out Meet Up events in my town of Preston.

A little about me personally – as I’ve mentioned already I’m a mum of two junior school aged girls and I live with them and my husband in Preston, Lancashire. A town I’ve lived in all my adult life since moving up here from Cornwall when I was 18. I am by nature an introvert, though arguably the most extroverted introvert as an INFJ. I love people but definitely need my own space to recharge. I love reading, watching Netflix, black coffee and Spotify, though not simultaneously.

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