How to work with Influencers

Firstly, what are influencers? For the purpose of this post I’m focusing on people with Instagram accounts and / or blogs that work with brands and businesses to promote them to their followers. This can be those that focus on lifestyle / fashion / family / food / interiors, they are taste makers, people follow them for recommendations and trust their opinion.

When it comes to the influencer industry I’ve had experience on both sides. I’ve been a blogger and influencer for over six years working with both small businesses and huge brands, and I’ve worked with influencers when I had a my own online store.

Influencers can really help build your audience, increase brand awareness and when done well – get you sales!

My top tips on how to work with influencers

how to work with influencers

Do your research

Don’t just work with any influencer that slides into your DMs. Do the research for yourself and find one that compliments your brand and business. Before you approach them make sure you are already following their account and that you regularly interaction with their content. If they have a blog read it, be familiar with their style and build up a relationship with them. When you do reach out explain why you’d like to work with them and what you enjoy about their content. They are more likely to work with you if they can see you’ve made an effort and genuinely appreciate their work. Remember influencers get countless messages and proposals, make sure you stand out (particularly if you don’t have a budget to pay them!)

Find ones with a complimentary audience to your target market

Just because they have X followers doesn’t mean they are the best fit for your business. Make sure there is synergy between their content and yours, are they a ‘dream customer’ are their followers going to be your kind of customer?

If you’re a location based business find one that’s local to you

This might seem really obvious, but you’d be surprised! When I did influencer work I’d get messages from businesses in the US asking to work with me… when they didn’t even ship to the UK! If you represent a bar/restaurant then do a location search and see if there are any influencers in your area.

Be clear with want you want

Are you happy with a shout out on Instagram Stories, do you want a dedicated photo on their main grid? Set out exactly what you are looking for before you send out any product. Do they expect to be paid? How much? When? Have everything agreed over email, setting out who will be doing what and when.

Make sure they are compliant with regulations

The rules for brands and influencers are constantly being updated. Make sure that if you are gifting them with a product that they declare it up front. It should be labelled AD (Gift) at the start of the caption or if you are paying then AD. Be sure to discuss this and agree it prior to commencing any work. Authenticity and transparency should be a priority, check through their grid is it clear when they’ve been paid or gifted an item. You want an influencer that values their audience and position of influence. More info –Influencer Guide

Remember that this is their job

You wouldn’t work for free so you cannot expect influencers to. If you want to work with an influencer with a large following you need to have a decent sized marketing budget. If they work with large corporations and have 30k+ followings they will be commanding a large fee for a campaign £++++

Manage your expectations

If you approach a large influencer expecting them to do a lot of work for a product worth under £50 you will be very disappointed. They probably won’t even respond to your message. If you have no budget consider working with micro influencers, those with under 10k but with an engaged audience (look for quality comments and interaction under their photos). They would be more likely to work with you – especially if you are a small business, but again more and more will be expecting a fee.

This comes back to my first point. You will be much better off cultivating relationships with the key influencers you’d like to work with. Taking the time to build up a rapport and to check that their work is authentic and fits with your brand is integral to any influencer campaign.

Got any questions or thoughts? Just pop them in a comment below

If you’d like more insight and guidance on this then I can help you! Head on over to this page Work With Me to get more info and find out how to get in touch with me.

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My word for 2019 – GRIT

I am the queen of giving up when things get tough. I start so many things full of enthusiasiam with a gung ho attitude but when the novelty has worn off I soon lose interest and motivation. Like when I decided I’d get up before the kids to have time to get ready for the day ahead. It sounds great on paper and I felt so good, and of course rather smug, when I did it for the first few days. This positivity didn’t last long though and I soon found myself hitting snooze and falling back into old habits of sleeping as long as possible before hauling myself out of bed and rousing the children in a more panicked way than I’d have liked.

Rather than setting a list of resolutions at the start of the year, I choose an intention or word that I’d like to focus on. Afterall, with what I’ve already said in mind, you just know that all my resolutions will be broken in a few days anyway! I spent some time over Christmas reflecting on what my word could be, previously it’s been balance (2018), and grace (2017) but this year I felt I needed more of a bold, challenging word. It may sound rather an odd choice, grit, it’s certainly not a fluffy, serene word. It brings with it a sense of determination and that is exactly what I need in all areas of my life.

I’m so good at taking care of myself when it comes to setting boundaries, taking time out, having a bath and reading a book. Yet when it comes to looking after my physical health, I’m not so good. I’m talking prioritising exercise and eating well. Like with getting up early I often start well with making positive changes to my eating habits and setting time aside to go for a ‘run’ but as soon as my motivation starts to wane, even slightly, I chuck it all in. Running is another perfect example – I cannot tell you how many times I’ve started couch to 5k but I can tell you that I’ve never completed it.
Grit and determination are the side of self love that too often get brushed aside.

When the going gets tough I get going

If there’s an easy option I’ll take it, every time.

I feel like I never push on enough to see my goals met, it’s as if I self sabotage just before I achieve anything, before I reach that tipping point.

I’ve spurred on by the choice of this word and change of mindset by my family, my daughters and my husband. My eldest daughter, for example, is one of the most determined people I’ve ever met. Long term readers will know that she swims for a swimming club and a lot of our time is spent taking her to training and galas. Seeing how far she has come and her attitude to her training never fails to inspire me. She pushes herself and is so very self motivated. A lot of people have asked if we push her or make her go to the training sessions, especially those early morning ones, but hand on heart I can say that apart from the odd occasion she is the one that is up and raring to go. She sets herself mini goals, like leading out her lane or working on her time and she smashes them. The joy she gets from swimming is incredible.

I want some joy like that in my own life. That sense of achievement that comes with pushing on and seeing goals and dreams realised. Whether it’s prioritising my physical health my ring fencing my time to exercise or challenging myself to make healthier choices – and stick to them!

Do you have a word or intention for the year ahead? I’d love to find out about it if you do.

morganaMy word for 2019 – GRIT
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2018 in review, my very last #LittleLoves post

I’m rather late to the party on this one, with the new year now being in full flow. I debated whether to even write this up, but I can’t let 2018 go without documenting it and sharing my very last Little Loves post. 

Now onto those wonderful little things of 2018, grab a cuppa (or a glass, depending on the time of day..!) and have a read.


Looking back I definitely didn’t managed to read the number of books that I did in 2017. Though I did reach my goal of at least one a month and I hope to continue that this year. Have you read any of these?

normal people sally rooney
Possibly my favourite book of 2018


Black Panther, Solo, Oceans 8, There are so many more but I can’t remember them!

As for TV programmes a few of my favourites would be…


OITNB, The Good Place, The Sinner, Mind Hunter, Queer Eye, Schitt’s Creek

TV (and Sky)

The Bodyguard, Save Me


The Office (US) The Marvelous Mrs Maisel

cws creatives meet up

2018 saw the end of Little and Fierce and the start of CWS Community and my new social media coaching business

I’ve never been very good with this category, don’t get me wrong I love clothes and putting together outfits, I’m just no good at photographing them! Here are a few I did manage.. or I got Robyn to take!


Spotify has put together a playlist of my most listened to tracks, and it’s rather an eclectic mix! You can tell that my youngest daughter shares my account..

and lastly

A huge thank you to everyone that has ever read or linked up with Little Loves over the past few years. It’s been a huge part of my blogging journey and I’m so grateful that I’ve got so many posts documenting the little things I’ve loved each week and month.


Fancy joining in?

Anna Marie is hosting the link up code, so head on over to Mummy Hearts You to add your post.

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My Five on a Friday

It’s Friday! How are you today? Had a good first week of December? We’ve got our tree up and house decorated – just need to get some lights for outside over the weekend and then we’re sorted. I finally remembered to book my Christmas food shop and order my turkey, not quite finished with all the present shopping yet though. I started the week feeling rather stressed about all things Christmas but after ticking off some of those bigger jobs hopefully I’ll be ready in time!

Here are my five things that I just have to tell you about –


1. Shopping small

Last Sunday my youngest girl and I visited the Etsy Made Local event in our city. It was held at the Harris Museum which is such a beautiful building right in the centre of Preston. I made a few little purchases and with my daughter being with me I made such to take some business cards so I could order some presents without her knowing! 😉


2. Pinterest

I’ve been in love with Pinterest ever since it hit the UK, there’s something about pinning ideas and inspiration to boards that makes me feel calm and organised – even when I really haven’t done anything! I only wish it had been around when I was planning my wedding! This week I had another coaching session with a local business owner helping her to utilise Pinterest to drive traffic to her website. Pinterest can do so much for a retail business!


3. Becoming a glasses wearer

Last week I booked myself an opticians appointment after months of moaning about getting tired eyes and headaches. Surprise, surprise – I need glasses! Not surprising really when I spend most of my waking life looking at one screen or another. So this morning I’ll be picking up my new glasses that I have to wear when I’m working or looking at my phone. Keep an eye out on IG Stories to see me with them.



4. Mrs Maisel

I was so excited that this much loved pilot got a commissioned for a full season, and now season 2 has just hit Prime. Watch it, you can thank me later.


5. A Christmas works do for the CWS Creatives

Tonight is my groups unofficial works night out! With all of us being self employed we don’t get a works do at Christmas so we are getting together for drinks and having our own. I’m so excited!




So there’s my mini list for the week. 

I’ve really enjoyed the simplicity of writing these posts and hope that you enjoy reading them.


So go on, what are your five things?

morganaMy Five on a Friday
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November LittleLoves

What a jam packed month! I think it’s been one of my busiest work months to date. Whilst I am extremely grateful for it I’m also relieved that December will be, purposefully, quieter work wise giving me time to plan for next year, oh and get ready for Christmas. I think I’m the least prepared for the festive season this year than ever before. I’m trying not to stress about it and break it into small tasks, I’m sure it will all get done in time…!

Without further ado lets get onto the wonderful little things from this month, go on grab a cuppa (or a glass, depending on the time of day..!) and have a read.




I finally got my hands on a copy of fellow blogger, Alice’s book, The Back Up Plan. Alice’s blog, More Than Toast, is one of the first that I read all those years ago, and I’ve been hooked ever since. I’m lucky enough to call Alice a bloggy friend after meeting up a few times in ‘real life’. Now as for her book, I hardly put it down after buying it on Friday evening and then finishing it up on Sunday! Alice shares about the break down of her marriage and how she navigated her way through it with two children under two. It’s not a self help book, but rather a memoir and it will have you feeling inspired by all she’s achieved since.

I’ve got two super inspiring books on the go at the moment, Brene Brown’s, Daring to Lead and Viv Groskrop’s How to Own the Room. I LOVE both and recommend them, even though I haven’t finished either yet!




You’ll probably have picked up by now that I’m a bit of a Brene Brown fan girl, so why it’s taken me this long to get around to watching her Ted Talks I don’t know! I find her research and insights absolutely fascinating and wish I could download it all straight into my brain!


A list of my absolute favourites from this month 

Netflix – House of Card, OITNB

TV – Say Yes to The Dress (my daughters’ new obsession!), Dynasties

Prime – The Office (US version)

Films -My Best Friends Wedding, Fantastic Beasts – the Crimes of Grindlewald






I don’t really do much baking these days, but some over ripe bananas were calling out to me the other week, so after a quick google I found a recipe for clean(ish) banana oat muffins. It was a super easy recipe and they were yummy! Here’s the link –




I am all about comfort these days, so when the lovely folks at Royce Lingerie asked if I wanted to try their bras, all non-wired, I jumped at the chance. I really like tshirt style bras but often plumped for underwire ones, but after recently reading so much online about how they can be linked with health concerns** I was keen to try non-wired. Historically wire free bras haven’t been the most aesthetically pleasing. I know post-mastectomy my mum massively struggled to find ones that were suitable AND were something a thirty-something/forty-something would wear. I was pleasantly surprised by the ranges on offer on the Royce website and found a bra in their ‘comfort bra’ section that I liked, it’s also suitable for post-surgery. I have worn it so much since it arrived! So much so that I’m going to order a couple more. It is comfortable AND makes my boobs look nice both just with the bra and under a tshirt. It doesn’t make them look a weird shape, which I found others that I’ve tried from different brands in the past, and it’s really comfortable. I’ve got one of their sports bras too and it’s the best I’ve ever had. It feels really supportive and theres no jiggling when I jump around. I absolutely love it when I’m gifted something that I love – the review writes itself!





My Tom Misch obsession is still going strong!


Grow With Soul, Kayte Ferris – Ep.20: Getting Your First Client and Acquisition Strategies  

The Liturgists – Christian, part 4 of their series in discussing what it means to different individuals to be a ‘Christian’ and if they self identify as one


and lastly

I wanted to let you know that as of January next year Little Loves will be having a new home and host , Anna-Marie of Mummy Hearts You. Anna Marie has been joining in with and supporting Little Loves for years and I know that she is just the right person to take it on and give the love and time to it that I’ve not been managing to do. I’ll be hosting until the end of the year until Anna-Marie takes the reins for 2019 onwards when it will also revert back to being weekly.



Have a fantastic week (and month ahead)!




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Working from home vs coworking spaces

When you’re self employed and it’s just you running your business, it can get quite isolating, especially if it’s not a client facing business. It’s just you and your laptop for hours and days on end! Depending on the kind of business you’ve got or the stage you’re at you probably can’t afford the overheads of an office so you end up at your kitchen table, or a room in your house with a desk. When you need to get out of the house just to be around other humans then a cafe is a great option but can get expensive buying coffee after coffee to justify staying there and jumping on the free wifi. A coworking space is a great next option to consider when you’re ready to move on from your kitchen table, or at least want a change of scene!


coworking preston society1

What is a coworking space?

Obvisously they vary from place to place but generally the idea is that you can sign up and hot desk in a co-working space or even rent a desk that will be yours whenever you go in. The coworking space I’m signed up to in Preston, Society1, has different packages and rates depending on your business needs. There are various kinds of businesses signed up as members. Some are small businesses with employees that rent out a specific space, others use it as their office and come in every day, others like me, use it sporadically when needed. They also have meeting rooms that you can book – as well as fantastic coffee and a kitchen space

It’s been a perfect place for my CWS Creatives Meet Ups and host my social media workshops from.


How does it compare to working from home?

I’ve only commited to being a community member at my local co-working space at Society1 purely because my work hours fit around my kids so paying for a series of whole days doesn’t work out being cost effective – instead of 9-5 I end up being 10-2 so I’d be paying for time I’m not using. I usually book in on a kind of pay-as-you-go basis for morning slots when I have client meetings or a deadline I need to focus on. I personally like having the best of both worlds. There are days when I want potter round at home but also have the freedom and space to work. Some days I need to get out of the house away from distractions and a co-working space is great for that. I find that this kind of balance and variety works really well for me.

The great thing that signing up to coworking spaces gives you that working from home doesn’t is the community that comes with it. Society1 hold regular workshops and events for their members. As a blogger or small business owner you can end up isolating yourself and just hiding behind a computer living in a virtual world. Being part of a community through a coworking space is a great way of building your confidence and widening out your working community. If you miss having colleagues then this is a fantastic option for you.



Is a coworking space for you?

  • Do you want access to space you can have professional client facing meetings?
  • Do you want to meet other local business owners and be part of a wider business community
  • Are you ready to move away from the kitchen table and have set work hours?
  • Is it a cost effective option for you currently?

If the answer to these questions is a consistent yes then it’s worth researching what coworking spaces there are in your area. Prices and plans vary from place to place with some even offering on-site childcare facilities. If you are in the Preston area and want more information about Society1 then click here.







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My Five on a Friday

It’s Friday! How are you today? Had a good week?

I’ve had a jam packed week yet as tired as I am I’m also feel really positive. My house may be looking rather neglected but I feel like I am making so much progress with my business, and after all I’ve got Saturday morning to rally the troops and blitz the house. I’ve got a few lovely new things to share with you this today including a little hack that has led me to get a much better nights sleep. So here we go with my Five on a Friday.



1. Downtime

My friend Kerry (@Kerryvillers) has changed my life with this little revelation. On the iphone you can now set your phone to limit your screentime (Settings – Screen Time -Downtime) and I’ve set mine to keep me out of social media between the hours of 10pm and 6.45am. I don’t kno about you but I lose hours to aimlessly scrolling in the evenings as well as resorting to going on my phone during the night when I can’t sleep. When Kerry shared about this feature on her IG Stories I just knew I had to give it a try. One week in and I haven’t looked back, if like me your phone is like an extra appendage then why not give this a go? You can set your limits and you can override them if you need to. Ideally I want to change it to 9pm, but one step at a time!


2. A few little Christmas touches

It’s nearly a month away! I’d love to tell you I’m prepared but sadly that’s not the case. I’ve done a few bits but need to spend some time this weekend actively planning and getting a load done so I feel like I’m on the right track and on top of things. We are going for a more minimal Christmas so I’m hoping that once I sit down and write everything out I’ll see there’s not actually much to do. Well…. I hope so anyway! I have added a little festive feel to my home after picking up this decoration at Sainsburys earlier in the week. I love the minimal Scandinavian feel and for our first Christmas in our new build (with white walls!) I think it will work really well. The bonus being that there’s a lot less ‘stuff’.


3. Inspiring women 

On Wednesday I had my CWS Creatives November Meet Up, basically a room full of super inspiring women all running their own businesses. I always leave the Meet Ups feeling validated and encouraged, with so many of us on the same page and at similar stages with our businesses. I’m really excited for what the New Year will bring for this group, both online and in real life. I’ve got so many ideas and plans!


4. Tom Misch

It totally pays off having friends that are younger and a lot cooler than you are. After hearing this guy on one of these said friend’s IG Stories I knew his music was going to be my new obsession. He’s not been off my Spotify all week. I’m like this with music, if I hear something I like then I listen to it 24/7


5. The perfect primer (gifted)

I was gifted this primer a few months ago and have really been putting it to the test. I’m quite fussy with what I put on my skin, with it being senstive I’m not a fan of constantly changing up the products that I use. I am really trying to take my skin care routine seriously now after years of neglect and StriVectin Line BlurFector Instant Wrinkle Blurring Primer has been such a good little addition. I use it after my moisturiser and under my foundation and it definitely helps my foundation go on smoother and gives it a great staying power. I don’t chuck any old products I get sent on my blog and I’m super picky with recommending anything but this deserves it AND it’s cruelty free. 



So there’s my mini list for the week. 

I’ve really enjoyed the simplicity of writing these posts and hope that you enjoy reading them.


So go on, what are your five things?

morganaMy Five on a Friday
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