Kylie shares jewellery brand Jack & Freda’s Start Up Story

Really excited to share this tassel earring queen’s brand story, Kylie of Jack and Freda is a creative superstar.. even if I do disagree with the way she has her cream teas (sorry not sorry!). If you’re an avid Instagrammer you might have even seen her gorgeous jewellery pop up already, where she counts Instagram royalty Erica Davies as a fan. Hi, I’m Kylie, originally from Devon but now living in Berkshire with my 2…

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June’s Little Loves – dancing to John Mayer, making memories and the Fab 5

June, you have been a scorcher of a month! And a very busy one at that. Kicking off with half term and then a busy few weeks of work and family fun too. I’ve loved scrolling back through the photos on my phone to remind me of all that we’ve done.   Right, lets get onto the wonderful little things from this MONTH, oh it still feels weird saying that after being weekly for so…

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Introducing the Coffee Work Sleep Creative Community

Working on your own can get lonely, and living your business life online can leave you craving some face to face time with people that just get it. Trying to find ‘your tribe’ or just other people choosing the path of self employment or business owning can be so difficult – let alone making your business profitable and finding customers and clients. This is where networking is needed. When I say the word ‘networking’ it…

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A little bit of life lately – the half term roadtrip

It’s been a little while since I’ve written a blog post so I thought I’d do a little catch up of what I’ve been up to recently. I really enjoy reading posts like this on other blogs, and I hope you do too because I’m diving in and sharing one! We’ve been on half term and decided to make the most of the time off and go on a little road trip to Devon, Cornwall…

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May’s Little Loves

It has felt strange not sharing my Little Loves each week, I have missed sharing and having a read of everyone’s posts but it’s also been rather freeing to have a little more space for other things. Now I just need to be careful not to make the post terribly long considering there will be a month’s worth of little things from now on! Don’t worry, I’ve kept it brief, you won’t need to block…

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Supporting independent brands while enjoying some me time with a Moi-Meme box

This blog post highlights two of my very favourite things, having ‘me time’ AND supporting small independent businesses, with a Moi-Meme box I can do both these things at the the same time. I love just how passionate Moi Meme are about supporting independent, often female-led, brands. They believe in collaboration, not competition, and want to showcase products created by smaller businesses by hand picking them for their subscription boxes. With so many subscription box…

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Are you at information and influence overload?

Sometimes my brain is like an internet browser with too many tabs open. It’s buzzing with ideas, to do lists, projects as well as family things – what I need to get in the next food shop and when swim training is. Not only that, it can end up full of conflicting messages and ideas, it’s like I absorb information and other people’s feelings and internalise them, turning them over and over in my head…

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