Capturing a tiny Cornish village that’s so special to me with MAPP3D

When I think about my childhood I’m taken right back to a tiny village nestled by the Tamar River in Cornwall. Where a viaduct bridge arches over the homes and gardens and links to Devon on the other side. It’s seems to be a sleepy village for most of the year until the summer when it bustles with holiday makers and chattering tourists arriving in boat loads to enjoy the chocolate box Cornish scenery. They’d…

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Helen shares BabyLoved’s Start Up Story

I am such a fan of this lady and her business! I’ve known Helen for just over a year after meeting through my old business, Little and Fierce kids, and since then we’ve become great friends. In this interview you’ll get to know about the wonderful event she runs and how she started it all off. I’ve been to BabyLoved as a stall holder and as a customer and each time I come away with…

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Two trips to Manchester, a workshop and a whole lot of planning #littleloves

Hello you, hope you’ve had a good week? As usual it’s been a busy one for me, but I really wouldn’t have it any other way. I did carve out time to tackle my children’s bedrooms this week so we can actually see carpet again in both their rooms. So there’s a win right there! It’s times like this I’m thankful I’m not a parent blogger that has to share their kid’s bedrooms with the…

My ASOS summer wishlist

ASOS PETITE Plisse Short in Spot Print with Lace Hem
TOPSHOP PETITE Square Neck Jumpsuit
TOPSHOP PETITE Black Spot Pinafore Dress
Petite Nude Button Front Boxy Shirt
New Look Petite Button Through Playsuit
Boohoo Petite Denim Jacket
ASOS DESIGN Petite easy spot tie waist culotte
ASOS DESIGN Petite linen button through maxi dress in stripe
ASOS DESIGN Petite off shoulder popper front midi dress in rib
ASOS DESIGN Petite maxi skirt with button front and split detail
ASOS DESIGN Petite wrap jacquard midi skirt in mixed floral and spot print
ASOS DESIGN Petite tab back drape hareem maxi dress
ASOS DESIGN Petite Pocket Stripe T-Shirt With Contrast Binding
ASOS DESIGN Petite Deep V Strap Back Jumpsuit
ASOS Petite | Design Ditsy print maxi dress
ASOS Petite floral maxi dress
PETITE | Cropped wide leg jeans
Petite spotty button blouse
ASOS Petite Ruched Waist Jumpsuit with Embroidery
ASOS Petite Ultimate Maxi Tshirt Dress
ASOS Petite Minimal Jumpsuit
Rib Popper Midi Skirt
City Maxi Tea Dress
Washed Black Mom Jeans
Blossom Leather Look Jacket
‘Got Your Back’ T-Shirt
Mini Faux Leather Pencil Skirt

Gemma, founder of Premier Drama Academy shares her Start Up Story

I’m excited to share Gemma’s story of starting up her drama academy, I’ve seen it grow from strength to strength and loved getting to know how it all started and how she manages running it alongside her busy family life. Gemma is so passionate and it shines through every area of her business, I hope you find this feature as interesting and inspiring as I did. Hello, my name is Gemma. I live in Lancashire…

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A swimming meet, networking and enjoying a little bit of sunshine #LittleLoves

What a whirlwind of a week! From a busy weekend at a swim meet in Harrogate to hitting the ground running on Monday and not stopping. Apologies to the lovely bloggers that linked up their own Little Loves last week, I’ve not got round and commented on all your posts this week. I will do better this coming week and make it a priority! Right, lets get onto the wonderful little things from this week,…

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Watching the Commonwealth Games, working hard and starting a new book #LittleLoves

I’ve had such a productive week work wise and it’s been really enjoyable to get back on it after the Easter hols, but I feel that all I’ve really done is stare at my computer screen tap tapping away. It’s been good to write this little loves to remind me that I have done a bit more than that this week. It’s also shown me that I need to get my camera out more –…

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You are the expert – respect your value!

I don’t really understand why I do it but I rarely appreciate the knowledge or experience I have. I’m quick to downplay any value I have by throwing up a name of someone better than me or highlighting an area I don’t know much about. This kind of attitude is crippling and stifles both my creativity and productivity. For my work (and in my social circles) I talk to a lot of fellow self employed…

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