A week on my feet

I don’t know about you but I’m pretty nosey, though not in the curtain twitchy old lady kind of way. I just love getting snapshots into people’s lives, and I’m fairly sure that’s why I love Instagram Stories so much, and probably one of the reasons I got into blogging. With Instagram Stories it’s a step beyond the styled pictures of Instagram, it’s like you get to be part of someone’s day. See, I told…

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Styling the perfect guest bedroom

We’re currently looking at moving house, and near the top of my list when we’re house hunting is an extra bedroom so we can have a room that’s permanently set up as a guest bedroom. We live far away from family and have lots of friends scattered around the country so I would love to have a room for them to stay in when they visited rather than them having to sleep on the sofa or on…

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30 something birthday gift guide – my wishlist for September

After putting together my Mini Boden wishlist for my daughters last month, it reminded me how much I love putting together that style of post. I used to do them regularly and fell out of the habit for some reason, not any more though! I’m back on it for this month with a little 30 something birthday gift guide and wishlist. With my ’30 somethingth’ birthday coming up this month, I’ve had a look at…

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Project Mc2 interview with Ysa Penarejo

Recently my 8 year old had the opportunity to interview two of the cast members of the hit Netflix show Project Mc2, one of her absolute favourite programmes. You can read how her video chat with Victoria Vida (Adrienne Attoms) went here. This time I’m sharing her interview with Ysa Penarejo who plays Camryn Coyle, the analytical and highly intelligent member of the group of teen spies that loves her souped up skateboard. N got…

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What we read in August #CoffeeWorkRead

I’m a bit disappointed that I’ve only managed to read two books this month. Normally we go on holiday and I get to storm my way through a whole pile but as we’ve not had a family holiday I’ve had to fit my reading in in the evenings or snatched moments here and there.   Our Endless Numbered Days  Our Endless Numbered Days by Claire Fuller It felt like this book took me at eternity…

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My girls Mini Boden Wishlist for Autumn/Winter

Now that both my girls are at school they definitely don’t need as many clothes. When they were little I’d buy loads of t shirts and playwear so if they wore them to nursery and got messy it didn’t really matter. They had lots in their wardrobes but little of it would be expensive, I couldn’t cope with watching expensive clothes get ruined. When you’re starting out two businesses in one family and have a…

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Simple crumble recipe – Blackberry and Apple

Firstly I have to say that if you’re looking for a I Quit Sugar recipe for crumble then I suggest you look else where, my  sugar ban just had to be suspended for this beaut of a simple crumble recipe! We went blackberry picking in the woods just the other day and had so much fun spotting the ripest berries, reaching high to grab the best ones while being careful not to get caught on…

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