Interview with Victoria Vida of Netflix’s Project MC2

I’ve blogged about Project MC2 a few times now, you can take a look here for those posts. It is my 8 year old daughter’s absolute favourite programme and one that I am more than happy for her to obsess over. It’s based around a group of four super smart, science skilled American teenage girls that are recruited to join a secret spy organisation. What I particularly love about the series is that each girl…

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Exploring the new Tate Modern

Do you have places that when you visit them you just feel inexplicably happy? When just taking a walk there is blissful? One of those places for me is the Tate Modern, more specifically the new Tate Modern. I didn’t think I could love it anymore but then I visited on Friday and I ended up spending the whole day there, yep, the whole day. Basically what they’ve done is built on the former power…

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Pastel Hair Trend – Pink hair don’t care!

Up until last year I had never, ever dyed my hair. The closest thing to dying my hair I came to was using hair mascara in my teens (remember them?!) and that wash in wash out stuff that never really worked! It wasn’t until grey hairs started to appear that I thought the time may have come to embrace the dye so I went whole hog and got my hair dresser to do a bit…

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What we’ve been reading in July #CoffeeWorkRead

This month has been a much better month reading wise. Having lots of park and beach days has meant I’ve been able to read while the girls have been playing. I’ve also been enjoying curling up with a book in the evenings rather than watching television, or if I’ve drawn the short straw and had to take N to her evening swim training sessions at least I’ve got an hours worth of reading time! I…

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Kids colourful bedroom ideas from George at Asda

I haven’t done a home style interiors post for a while and putting this one together has reminded me how much I really miss doing them so I’ll definitely be writing more from now on. I enjoy styling rooms and have had fun over the years with the girls bedrooms. I love splashes of colour, so kids colourful bedrooms are a must in my book! My five year old and I have put together a moodboard of…

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Setting fitness goals and sticking to them

I am the worst. The absolute worst at setting fitness goals and sticking to them. You only need to have a scroll through my archives to see for yourself the heady sweeping promises full of hope and excitement only to be followed with radio silence or embarrassed confessions of failure. I hang my head in shame. Sometimes I set the bar too high promising to go running every night or workout for 30 minutes for 30…

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Our summer swimwear favourites

My girls have loads of swimming costumes all of various shapes and sizes, we’ve got a box in the utility with all their swimwear as well as some bits in their wardrobes. With the littlest doing swimming lessons once a week and the eldest being in the town’s swim squad and swimming 4 times a week (I know! She’s a fish!) we need lots ready to go. I do make a distinction between functional swimwear…

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