A Weekend of Little Legacies

When I first started blogging I joined in with a series called Little Legacy, created by Penny (Parentshaped) as way of sharing the little things that helped her remember her mum and the legacy of her in present day. As I had lost my mum a couple of years previously too I found it such a helpful way of working through my grief. Due to their personal nature I didn’t bring many of these posts…

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Our relaxing weekend in the Peak District with Sandybrook

Over Mother’s Day weekend we had a family treat and stayed at Sandybrook Country Park in Derbyshire. Nestled in the countryside near the town of Ashbourne, Sandybrook is a perfect little family getaway location. We had a lodge with two bedrooms and a living space with kitchen diner and relaxed seating area. Just what you need as a family of four. Our cosy lodge was perfect for evenings of family board games and films, and…

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What type of mum are you?

Confession time. I’ve got a thing for online quiz’s, you know the silly ones that test just how much of a Greys Anatomy fan you are (FYI- huge), or what personality type you are. Don’t worry I’m not someone that takes these tests and spams all my Facebook friends with every single result from what Disney princess I am to which character in Friends I’d be.  They are a bit of fun and I’m always…

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My travel bucket list – Bali

Having a family so young, I was 23 when I had my eldest, meant that we’ve not really been away much over the last ten years. Money has been spent on the children, on renovating our home, and sadly, not on holidays. While we were in our early twenties our child free friends were off back packing and exploring the world and we were in a sleepless, nappy and milk filled haze! Having children at…

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Self Care – Five Quick Pick Me Ups

I mentioned on my Instagram Stories last that I find this time of year, the tail end of Winter, to be a bit blah. January is such a busy month for our family, that along with the new start and plans for the year it feels like we hit the ground running and just don’t stop until the end of the month. I always joke that I’ll need to nap through February to compensate so…

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Introducing Luna and Moony and their new home, the Tetra Cascade Globe (AD)

When my youngest girl was little we’d make regular trips to the local garden centre, in fact this became one of her favourite places to go. We’d have a wander around and always end up in the aquarium section. She’d stare at the fish for ages, pointing at all the different ones and chattering away about them. Even now when we pop in it’s the first bit both of my girls head over to. I…

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Feeling inspired and making changes to the dining room in our new build home

This is a commissioned post We moved into our new build home in May of last year and I can definitely say that it feels like home now. With it being a new build we’ve been advised not to paint or wallpaper the walls yet, but as each wall is painted white I’m not in much of a rush to change it yet anyway. I do, however, have a few changes up my sleeve to…

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