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When you think of someone working from home I bet you think of them working in their pajamas. I know I did! However when you’re a parent and you’ve got to be up and out for the school run you have to be ready to face the world first thing. Not to mention the fact that I don’t think my daughter’s would ever speak to me again if I rocked up at the school gate…

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My word for 2018

Over the last few years I’ve spent time in January thinking of the year ahead and what I’d like to see and achieve. I’m not one for unattainable goals and self improvement resolutions as you know, from my recent New Year, Same Me post, but I like to pick a word to inspire me. It’s not a woo woo kind of thing where the word has some magic properties, it just encapsulates what I’d like…

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New Year, Same Me

You know that phrase, New Year, New Me?  Yeah. I’m not really a fan of that kind of sentiment.   It’s rather crazy to think that we’ll wake up changed or that somehow everything we haven’t managed in the last 30 odd years we will miraculously do, or even be, next year. This New Year craziness includes physical self improvement like dieting. Aiming to get into that pair of pre-child birth jeans that have been…

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Raising my daughters to make mistakes

You might think that that’s a rather odd thing to say, that I’m telling my daughters that it’s okay to make mistakes. Of course I want them to do the right thing and be ‘successful’ but what I want them realise that sometimes we fail before we succeed. That so often things take time and mistakes are all part of the learning process. I can say, hand on heart, that I have learnt more from…

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10 gift ideas for the creative business owner (all from Etsy UK!)

I know you know how much I love supporting the little guy and shopping small when it comes to gift buying. With this in mind I’ve created a gift guide that both supports small businesses, crafters and makers AND is a list of what to buy the person in your life that runs their own small business, whether they are a freelancer, blogger, a maker. Make sense? When you work for yourself motivation can be…

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The joy of rereading books

While chatting with a group of friends about books we loved and what we were currently reading I mentioned going back and re-reading ones I’d already read. At this revelation I was met with looks of confusion and blank stares. They could not understand why I would read a book I’d already read. Surely I knew what was going to happen to why would I bother? Why not read a new book?  Until this discussion…

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Brucciani’s – The Best Independent Coffee Shops in Preston

This is the third in my series of the best independent coffee shops in Preston, and this time I’m sharing a more traditional coffee shop. Found on the main highstreet Brucciani’s is quite an institution in Preston and it’s hands down one of the most beautiful cafes I’ve been in. It’s like stepping back in time when you walk through the door. The interiors are stunning and it’s a lovely place to sit in and…

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