Organic Skincare for Pre-Teens and Teens with Green People

I am a huge fan of using natural and organic skincare, it’s something that I was brought up valuing by my mum and it really impacts the choices I make even today. I’ve partnered with Green People quite a few times over the years while blogging and have always loved their products, whether it’s their sun lotion for myself and my kids or their everyday skincare products. Now my eldest girl is ten, I’ve been wanting…

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A wardrobe update with LOTD

With summer well and truly behind us and those cold months fast creeping in it’s time to put away our summer clothes and dig out the cosy knits and ankle boots. If you’re anything like me you’ll mark this change in season declaring that you have absolutely nothing to wear and wonder what on earth you wore this time last year! I don’t like to buy lots of clothes or hoard loads that I rarely…

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Ham and Jam – The Best Independent Coffee Shops in Preston

Update – Sadly Ham and Jam has since closed down You know me, I love pitching up to a good coffee shop, grabbing a coffee and getting some work done, so it makes sense to share some of my favourite places with you. This is the second post in my series of The Best Coffee Shops in Preston and features Ham and Jam. if you missed the first one on Town House, then quick go…

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I’m a Joanie Gal

I love finding brands and stores that just get you. Know what I mean? When you find somewhere that sells clothes you can see yourself in and it’s super hard not to just add the whole lot into your basket, whether virtual or physical. Joanie Clothing is one of those stores for me. They are inspired by vintage clothing and all their pieces have a retro vibe to them without looking like you’re just dressing…

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Why I don’t really post on Instagram at the weekend

If you follow me on Instagram you may, or may not (probably the latter..) have noticed that I rarely post any photos over the weekend. That may seem rather odd or counter intuitive to most bloggers or instagrammers, so let me share why it’s ended up this way. When I first started blogging back in 2011 over on the now defunct I loved writing about my life, my kids and our holidays and days…

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Find A Very British Hygge in Autumn

Are you even a lifestyle blogger if you haven’t typed the word ‘Hygge’ on your blog or social media in recent years? I think we’re all pretty clued up in one form or another on the Danish concept, just maybe not how as a British person we’re actually supposed to pronounce it! Much can be taken from the idea, whether it’s focusing on experiences over material things, cosying up in these colder months, embracing the…

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Simple Scandinavian Home Styling with JYSK UK

When I think of the Scandinavian home styling trend I think of muted tones, linen textures, bare pale wood with a little monochromatic touches and of course a lack of clutter. That’s how I’ve interpreted this trend for my home with the addition of a growing collection of plants too. Our home is a new build so a blank canvas of white walls, grey carpet and wooden doors, in my eyes a perfect fit for…

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