The Best Independent Coffee Shops in Preston – Town House Coffee and Brew Bar

This is the first post in a series of my favourite, and the ones I would consider to be the best, independent coffee shops in Preston. Whether to work from or socialise in, these are the ones you have to try out. Initially this was going to be one post for all of them but on reflection I thought they each deserve their own mention. The first feature goes to Town House Coffee and Brew…

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The start of Autumn – feeling refreshed and refocussed

It comes as no surprise to regular readers when I say I’m an Autumn kind of girl. As a teenager I lived in the Middle East in a country that only had two visible seasons, Summer and Winter. We’d go from freezing cold snow to baking hot sun with very little transitional time between the two. Of course this meant there was a lot less rain, something that here in the UK we have an…

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5 things I do when I feel emotionally drained

I am naturally an introvert and can find spending a lot of time with people and socialising pretty draining. As much as I love a party or a long talk with friends there is only so much I can do before I feel the need to retreat. I find this can be the case when I’m feeling emotionally drained too. I love listening to people and helping friends work through problems but bizarrely I can…

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The Big Family Cooking Showdown putting our favourite recipe to the test

Have you seen the BBC 2 cookery programme, The Big Family Cooking Showdown? It’s hosted by Nadiya of Bake Off fame and Zoe Ball and sees families sharing their recipes while competing against each other. Honestly, I’d love to live in some of their homes if that’s the kind of food they serve up at tea time! It’s such a fun watch and a must for any foodie, my kids love snuggling on the sofa…

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Another 30 something birthday gift guide – this years wish list

Each year I put together a cheeky wishlist for my birthday and now September is upon us, this year is no different. I love pulling together my favourite pieces from various stores and boutiques. I haven’t been asked to feature any of these or even paid to do so, they are just a few bits and pieces that have recently caught my eye. Obviously I don’t expect to get this stuff for my birthday but…

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Learning to surf at SURF SNOWDONIA

I set myself a challenge this year to be more adventurous, to ‘say yes to new adventures’ and try things I normally shrink away from. To be frank I’m not the most outdoorsy of people, with this quote I found on Pinterest summing me up rather well… ‘I’m outdoorsy in that I like getting drunk on patios’ So yes, not very ‘outdoorsy’ at all really! My kids and my husband on the other hand are…

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Dreaming of a back yard party

I’ve always wanted to have a bit of a bohemian back yard party, you know the kind I mean? Think lots of fairy lights, cushions, blankets, candles and cocktails. Nothing fancy, just a very relaxed party with some friends in our back garden. The only problem is I live in England, where even the summer seems to come with rather more rain than sunshine. I still live in hope and who knows we might get…

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