Family fun in Liverpool at the British Music Experience

I’m always on the look out for fun things to do as a family in the North West of England, especially for the summer holidays. Liverpool is a city we’ve visited a couple of times now and whenever we go I always wonder why we don’t come more often. It is a wonderful, vibrant city packed with lots of activities and places to visit. On Saturday we were invited to try out the British Music…

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Eating out at Disneyland Paris – The Earl of Sandwich

We recently visited Disneyland Paris in October Half Term and as you can imagine we had a fantastic time. While we were there we had the opportunity to go to both Planet Hollywood, and The Earl of Sandwich, two of the restaurants at the Disney Village.  Situated in the Disney Village, The Earl of Sandwich is the perfect place to grab a bite to eat before heading back out and enjoying the rest of Disneyland Paris. With…

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Planet Hollywood, Disneyland Paris

We recently visited Disneyland Paris in October Half Term and as you can imagine we had a fantastic time. While we were there we had the opportunity to go to Planet Hollywood, one of the restaurants at the Disney Village. This Planet Hollywood is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, while the Park itself will be celebrating 25 year next year so it’s been a part of Disneyland Paris from very early on. Outside there are…

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Disneyland Paris at October Half Term

Seeing Disneyland Paris on the television as a child, or Euro Disney as it was known back then, always captivated me. The place just seemed so magical and everyone so happy. It was like nothing bad could happen there. I didn’t get to go as a child but I knew that if I had children some day I would love to take them there and see if the magic was real.  Since having my girls…

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Our family day out at Hever Castle for the Castle Triathlon

Last Saturday we camped in the grounds of Hever Castle, Kent, all ready for the Castle Triathlon taking place there the very next day. The mister had entered The Gauntlet (half iron man distance) and we were there to cheer him on and enjoy a day exploring the castle and its grounds. An early start to see daddy begin the first leg of his triathlon, the swim. I can tell you I was rather glad to…

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DAY TRIPPING – Legoland Discovery Centre and Sealife Manchester

  Now that the girls are five and eight gone are the days of having to bring everything but the kitchen sink out with us. I remember going out anywhere when they were babies and toddlers and having to have a checklist before going anywhere. A bag full of nappies, clothes, snacks, drinks, toys – everything! Now I can grab my handbag and head out the door with the girls, I forget what a luxury…

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A change is as good as a rest

The week before half term we were all exhausted. Each morning I would have to wake two very sleepy children up, cajoling them from their slumber with the promise that it would soon be half term. The littlest would beg for five more minutes, a big change from the child that would practically leap out of bed at the thought of school in September. I wrote on social media how much we were looking forward…

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