Delicious biscuits, a couple of good books and a weekend getaway #LittleLoves

Oh what a whirlwind of emotions Mothers Day weekend was. We had such a lovely family break in the Peak District but it was a day tinged with sadness without my mum. We made lots of new memories in places I went to as a child and it meant so much to take my children to them too. When we came home on Monday afternoon I must admit it took me a while to get…

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A Big Hearted Business, The Bold Type and listening to Gossip (the band!) #LittleLoves

This is a week I celebrate the women in my life and those that have gone before me leaving their legacy for us to live in day to day. With International Women’s Day, my mum’s birthday and then Mother’s Day it’s the perfect week for it really. Mothering without a mum is tough but I know that she lives on through me and my girls and her strong legacy is something I am so thankful…

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Black Panther, Save Me and too much snow #LittleLoves

Just in case you missed it, we’ve had snow this week. I know! Who knew? Luckily our town didn’t come to a stand still and the girls were still able to go to school. We’ve just had a few after school activities cancelled which meant we could get home and get warm and cosy for the evening. I don’t know about you but this weather has seen me making soups and stews and all things…

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Reading How to Stop Time, discussing Smart Phone Addiction and making healthier choices #LittleLoves

It’s been a funny old week. Last Friday night my youngest girl fell badly on her ankle which led to a middle of the night A&E trip! No bones were broken only very bruised. This of course meant our weekend plans were cancelled and we played nursemaid to a very fed up seven year old. Thankfully we were lent a pair of crutches so she was able to go back to school on Monday. Fast…

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Half Term fun, BeNinja and Dashboard Confessional #LittleLoves

It’s been half term for us this week and oh boy, was it needed. We had originally hoped to go away for this week but in the end we’ve had a bit of a ‘staycation’ instead. Just having some slower mornings and family time together has been really lovely.  So then lets get onto those wonderful little things from this week, grab a cuppa (or a glass, depending on the time of day..!) and have…

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Eleanor Oliphant, Another Place and a trip to the theatre #LittleLoves

You’ll have to bear with me a little this week, I have a heavy cold that I just can’t seem to shift. I’ve even been falling asleep on the sofa in the evenings or going to bed ridiculously early. Well I did say that after a such a busy January I’ll need to sleep through February! Thankfully, half term is now in sight and I’m planning on taking a little break from work to have…

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Hidden Figures, getting to the end of a book and listening to Porcelain #Littleloves

It’s been a funny old week this week. Halfway through Monday morning I received a text from the Junior school asking us to pick up our kids because the boiler had broken! This turned into having my eldest daughter at home for that afternoon and for the following day! It’s a good job I work from home, though it did scupper plans for my Tuesday morning run. I loved getting out last week and trying…

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