Giggling at Grace & Frankie, reading blog posts and not baking a cake #LittleLoves

After a busy, but lovely weekend of a birthday party and anniversary celebrations it’s actually been good to have a quieter working week. I’ve even managed to go for a run! When I say run, you’ll have to hold that term very loosely, it was more like a jog-walk. Either way, it’s a start and more than I’ve done in absolutely ages. I’m pleased I’ve eased myself into new routines this month doing a few…

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Beautiful books, birthday joy and a rather large bag #LittleLoves

This week has been one of those weeks where I feel like I just haven’t stopped. Busy work days have blurred into busy evenings ferrying both my children to their clubs, classes and training each night. Normally we split the responsibilities but with my other half struck down with man flu I’ve had to step up. I’m ready for the weekend now, that’s for sure. I better get a lie in on Saturday! In amongst…

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The Greatest Showman, a new skincare regime and getting organised #littleloves

After a weekend of just me and my girls , playing board games, going for walks on the beach and watching films we were set up for the week ahead. The first week of school and work for the New Year, and it’s gone surprisingly well! Today is actually my youngest baby’s birthday, I say baby, but she’s actually seven, so hardly a baby anymore. It’s thanks to this not so little one that I…

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It’s the first #LittleLoves of 2018

After a Christmas with extended family we’re now home. The Christmas decorations are down and safely packed away, and I’ve been having a New Year purge of clutter. Though not as much as I’d like, I seem to have given birth to offspring that love to hoard. Not ideal when you’re trying to have a more minimal home. My girls aren’t back at school until next week so I’ve been squeezing in a little work…

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Christmas and the best of 2017 #Littleloves

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas. Ours has been full of family and of course, a whole lot of food. We’re staying with the inlaws for a few days before heading home. Instead of writing a post just about Christmas, I’ve put together a round up of all my favourite Little Loves of 2017. To make things easier, I’m going back to hosting the linky in this post rather than on a separate…

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Counting down to Christmas with carols, mince pies and um, The Last Jedi #littleloves

It’s finally the last morning of school today for my girls, it’s been a long time coming, that’s all I can say! I’ve had two very moody, exhausted kiddos on my hands this week. I’m very much looking forward to a bit of a Christmas break. The out of office is now on! Like last week I’m continuing to try something a little different by doing two separate posts, this one jam packed with my…

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#LittleLoves Linky 22/12/17

It’s the last Little Loves linky before Christmas and the second to last of the whole year! I’m going to share a round up of my Little Loves for the whole year next week. I’m actually looking forward to reading over my posts from this year and be reminded of all the little things that have made it special. I’m continuing to try something a little different by sharing the link up and my own…

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