How to work with Influencers

Working with influencers can be hugely beneficial to businesses when managed well. In this post I’ll talk you through how best to work with influencers.

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My word for 2019 – GRIT

I am the queen of giving up when things get tough. I start so many things full of enthusiasiam with a gung ho attitude but when the novelty has worn off I soon lose interest and motivation. Like when I decided I’d get up before the kids to have time to get ready for the day ahead. It sounds great on paper and I felt so good, and of course rather smug, when I did…

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Working from home vs coworking spaces

When you’re self employed and it’s just you running your business, it can get quite isolating, especially if it’s not a client facing business. It’s just you and your laptop for hours and days on end! Depending on the kind of business you’ve got or the stage you’re at you probably can’t afford the overheads of an office so you end up at your kitchen table, or a room in your house with a desk.…

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How to network when you’re an introvert

As an introvert the word networking can be rather anxiety inducing. A room of people you don’t know, expectations to look and sound successful with a well polished, slick 60 second elevator pitch on exactly what your business does. Maybe it’s even held in a corporate board room to a strict timetable. All of the above leaves this particular introvert diving back under the duvet and vowing to stick with online networking via social media!…

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Do I really need Instagram for my small business?

The short answer is yes! If you have your own small business and you’re not on Instagram you are missing out on so many potential sales. If you have a product based business with a target audience of 16-50 years of age you need to click onto the app store and download Instagram asap. If you are one man/woman band you are the best person to showcase your business on Instagram, after all people buy…

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What do you do at CWS Creatives Meet Ups?

The Coffee Work Sleep Community was born out of a desire to find Lancashire based businesses and business owners to connect with in a more relaxed and organic way than the traditional networking events in my area currently offer. It wasn’t to rubbish the ones that already exist, I truly believe there is enough room and need for all of us. The business owners that come to our CWS Creatives Meet Ups find a home…

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Making Tax Digital with Xero (AD)

Are you a notepad and pen kind of person or are you someone that favours technology over the traditional? I must admit I fall somewhere in between the two. When it comes to planning or working through ideas I’m definitely a note pad or big piece of paper kind of girl. I love making notes, drawing up ideas, crossing things out and making arrows to connect thoughts. I think there’s something so creative in the…

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