New Year, Same Me

You know that phrase, New Year, New Me?  Yeah. I’m not really a fan of that kind of sentiment.   It’s rather crazy to think that we’ll wake up changed or that somehow everything we haven’t managed in the last 30 odd years we will miraculously do, or even be, next year. This New Year craziness includes physical self improvement like dieting. Aiming to get into that pair of pre-child birth jeans that have been…

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More podcast favourites for female creatives that work for themselves

Earlier in the year I shared with you my favourite podcasts for female creative business owners and bloggers, if you missed it you can catch up here (be sure to pop back when you’ve read it). I know lots of you enjoyed it and found some new podcasts to try so I thought it might be time to share a few more. Podcasts are perfect to listen to while driving or even cooking. If I’ve…

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The juggle is real, advice for finding work/life balance in the school holidays

The long stretch of six plus weeks of school holidays every summer is rather overwhelming for the best of us isn’t it? Like so many of us I juggle work and kids every summer. I have a few successes but lots of fails, cue the mum guilt. I always aim to find *that* balance between family fun and getting stuff done, it’s like the working parent Holy Grail. We personally don’t have family nearby to help out and…

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Craving routine in change and uncertainty

The past five or so weeks have been completely without routine for us and thanks to the on again, off again house move, full of uncertainty and change. Through out this process I’ve discovered something about myself, I’m not actually very good with change. A little change at a time, well, that’s just fine, I can adapt, but changing every part of my usual routine and life, um, yes, not so much. I’d been rolling…

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Podcasts For Creative Business Owners and Bloggers – my current favourites

Recently I’ve started delving into the world of podcasts, I know, where have I been, it’s 2017 for goodness sake! Whether it’s on the school pick up, in the car or while on a run I can often be found with my headphones on getting inspired. My new found love and fervour for the podcast has to land squarely with Instagram queen Sara Tasker otherwise known as @Me_and_Orla and this clever lady is also behind the podcast,…

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From parent blogger to lifestyle blogger making the transition

When I first started blogging back in 2011 I was definitely a parent blogger, or more specifically a ‘mummy blogger’ as much as that term makes me cringe. Having my own little corner of the internet to blog about my baby and toddler, chatting through weaning and potty training and late night feeds was just what I needed. I joined Twitter and spent the small hours of the morning talking to other mums that were…

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