Introducing the Coffee Work Sleep Creative Community

Working on your own can get lonely, and living your business life online can leave you craving some face to face time with people that just get it. Trying to find ‘your tribe’ or just other people choosing the path of self employment or business owning can be so difficult – let alone making your business profitable and finding customers and clients. This is where networking is needed. When I say the word ‘networking’ it…

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Are you at information and influence overload?

Sometimes my brain is like an internet browser with too many tabs open. It’s buzzing with ideas, to do lists, projects as well as family things – what I need to get in the next food shop and when swim training is. Not only that, it can end up full of conflicting messages and ideas, it’s like I absorb information and other people’s feelings and internalise them, turning them over and over in my head…

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Helen shares BabyLoved’s Start Up Story

I am such a fan of this lady and her business! I’ve known Helen for just over a year after meeting through my old business, Little and Fierce kids, and since then we’ve become great friends. In this interview you’ll get to know about the wonderful event she runs and how she started it all off. I’ve been to BabyLoved as a stall holder and as a customer and each time I come away with…

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Gemma, founder of Premier Drama Academy shares her Start Up Story

I’m excited to share Gemma’s story of starting up her drama academy, I’ve seen it grow from strength to strength and loved getting to know how it all started and how she manages running it alongside her busy family life. Gemma is so passionate and it shines through every area of her business, I hope you find this feature as interesting and inspiring as I did. Hello, my name is Gemma. I live in Lancashire…

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You are the expert – respect your value!

I don’t really understand why I do it but I rarely appreciate the knowledge or experience I have. I’m quick to downplay any value I have by throwing up a name of someone better than me or highlighting an area I don’t know much about. This kind of attitude is crippling and stifles both my creativity and productivity. For my work (and in my social circles) I talk to a lot of fellow self employed…

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The balance of hustle and rest

A lot has been said about being a hustler when you are self employed. You only have to type the word hustle into Pinterest and you will bring up so many motivational phrases and memes all about hustling. It seems particularly synonymous with women in business with so many of these pins being pink and bearing hashtags like girlboss. I’ll admit I even had Good Things Come To Those Who Hustle up on my wall…

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Emma the founder of online store, Mrs Rawlinson shares her Start Up Story

I first met Emma in a Facebook group a few months ago, it then turned out we had mutual friends in real life and ended up meeting in person at the most recent BabyLoved shopping event. She is just as lovely as I expected that she’d be. Emma’s store, Mrs Rawlinson, has the most gorgeous gifts for new mums (and us old mums too!), from gift boxes bursting with luxury goodies, to sleep mist and…

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