Self Care – Five Quick Pick Me Ups

I mentioned on my Instagram Stories last that I find this time of year, the tail end of Winter, to be a bit blah. January is such a busy month for our family, that along with the new start and plans for the year it feels like we hit the ground running and just don’t stop until the end of the month. I always joke that I’ll need to nap through February to compensate so…

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Holly the founder of Rocks Design shares her Start Up Story

I’ve followed Holly’s business, Rocks Design, on Instagram for sometime now and love seeing her business grow and develop. I know you are going to love her designs, just as much as I do and get ready to add loads to your wish lists! Settle in with a coffee (or any drink of choice) and read her Start Up Story….. psst and make sure you don’t miss the huge giveaway at the end! My name…

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Celebrate the small wins

I don’t know about you but at times it can be tough staying positive and motivated, whether this is in work life or even in home life. When things feel like they are getting on top of you, or if it seems like everyone else is more successful or more organised than you are we can end up in a negativity funk. I find this is especially the case being a lone worker or small…

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Robyn Swain Photography’s Start Up Story

I’m kicking off this year’s Start Up Story feature with someone you might be familiar with if you read my blog last year. Robyn has collaborated with me on lots of projects for CWSR doing photography shoots for me. I was so nervous in front of the camera before our first shoot but Robyn is so good at her job and super friendly that I felt at ease as soon as we got started. It’s…

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Why I’m shutting up shop

For the last four and a bit years I’ve been running my own business separate to this blog, an online store selling children’s accessories and gifts. You can read all about how I set it up and the story behind it in my Little and Fierce Start Up Story I know a lot of you are familiar with it and many have even bought from it. That’s what makes this next bit so hard, the…

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My word for 2018

Over the last few years I’ve spent time in January thinking of the year ahead and what I’d like to see and achieve. I’m not one for unattainable goals and self improvement resolutions as you know, from my recent New Year, Same Me post, but I like to pick a word to inspire me. It’s not a woo woo kind of thing where the word has some magic properties, it just encapsulates what I’d like…

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New Year, Same Me

You know that phrase, New Year, New Me?  Yeah. I’m not really a fan of that kind of sentiment.   It’s rather crazy to think that we’ll wake up changed or that somehow everything we haven’t managed in the last 30 odd years we will miraculously do, or even be, next year. This New Year craziness includes physical self improvement like dieting. Aiming to get into that pair of pre-child birth jeans that have been…

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