The juggle is real, advice for finding work/life balance in the school holidays

The long stretch of six plus weeks of school holidays every summer is rather overwhelming for the best of us isn’t it? Like so many of us I juggle work and kids every summer. I have a few successes but lots of fails, cue the mum guilt. I always aim to find *that* balance between family fun and getting stuff done, it’s like the working parent Holy Grail. We personally don’t have family nearby to help out and childcare costs can be crippling. In light of this one of the reasons I originally became self employed was so that I could do the school runs and be around in the school holidays. However, the downside of this is trying to balance ever growing work loads and fun with the children throughout the summer break.

So far I’ve got a hockey club booked and some day trips plans up my sleeve. The general day to day will involve a morning of work while the girls play and laze about and then an activity in the afternoon. This usually works well for us so hopefully it will again.

On this subject of the work/life balance, I’ve asked around and got a wealth of advice, hints and tips for my fellow creative businesses owners that also happen to be parents.


Finding that work/life balance in the summer holidays

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Jennifer from online store, WE ARE SCAMP – ‘I try and get business work done/orders made first thing in the morning (even if it means getting up early) so I can have most of the day wit the kids. If anything else needs doing I tend to wait until the evening. I also do try to have the kids at the odd days of summer/sports camp as well which helps too!’

Jennifer’s sister and business partner adds, ‘I like to do some child care swapsies to keep child care costs down.’

Sarah founder of online store, Eat Well UK – ‘I usually work evenings in the holidays and then buy / beg one day of childcare a week. The rest is done on stolen moments on my phone from farms and ball pits’

Karina of video production company, THE QUICK BROWN FOX – ‘Our littlest one will have a childminder a couple of days a week throughout the summer break, so on those days, our eldest is signed up for camps/all day drop-off activities. The rest of the time, same as the others, I either wake up extra early to schedule email and social media and do admin or work late into the evening + stolen minutes here and there whilst on our days out. Phone calls during the summer are by appointment only. Luckily we’re a husband & wife team though, so everything else (filming and editing) gets done as per normal term time schedule… it’s my side of the business that suffers slightly more.

Emma from designer and Scandi children’s clothing store, DAPPER BABY – ‘We’ve done soft play so far and we’ve had them in the office. We’ve set up an area with toys, crafts and a tv! I work with my husband so one of us will work from home and the other will go in. And my sister who also works for us leaves at 3 so she’s going to come to my house and have them while I go back into work for a few hours. I’m also having her daughter over the holidays.’

Susanne, blogger at GHOSTWRITERMUMMY and business owner, SOCIAL SPARKLE –  ‘Early mornings and late nights haha! I find I work better in the morning before the kids are up and I set a timer, so do as much as I can in those first two hours so I have the rest of the day free. I also always try to set an out of office on emails so that everyone gets a reply letting them know I’ve seen their email and will deal with it asap. I also work with fellow freelancers for cover and days off which are just as important as work days.’

Joanne of social media management company, SOCIAL BODS – I’m not sure I do balance it to be honest! I work when I can, and concentrate on the children when I can’t. I’m lucky in that my business has staff so I can increase their hours through the school holidays. It costs me more money but i see it as survival until September! My eldest is off two weeks earlier than the others so she either comes to the office with me, or goes off for the day with grandparents. My husband works shifts so he can do quite a bit of childcare too. We simply muddle through until September when I can breathe again and think about maybe making a profit.

Katy, digital marketing business owner, MODERN MEDIA, and blogger at MODERN MUMMY – ‘I get up at 5.30 to get a couple of hours of work in before the kids wake up – ditto working in the evenings once they’re in bed. If one gets invited on a play date I will try and get a play date for the other too so that I can have a child free day and really knuckle down and if I have a deadline looming that I’m struggling to meet I’ll arrange a sleepover at Granny & Grandad’s house (harder than it sounds as they live quite a way away). Generally though, I try to reduce my workload for the month of August – and if we have a holiday booked I put my out of office on and enjoy it!’

Jen, of award winning craft and parenting blog, MUM IN THE MADHOUSE – ‘I think that we also need to be honest and admit it is a real juggling act and balls do get dropped! We cannot give 100% to everything and get through the holidays sane IMHO. At the end of the six weeks, I am ready for a break myself.’ 

Helen, KIDDY CHARTS ‘I have struggled with this and my advice is be ruthless with what is achievable and stick to the hours that you give yourself. So if you know you can do five hours a day; working before the kids get up and in the evenings, don’t over commit beyond that. As tough as it is, it’s so important for your sanity. And do as much as you can before the kids break up – depending on what you do this is very possible. So for example, as a freelance social media manager I used to schedule client blogs and social posts. Finally, talk to other mums in the same boat and work together. You look after a friends kids while they work and vice versa. That can massively help you both.’


What a lot of fantastic advice!


Are you ready for the summer holiday juggle?

Got any tips to add? 


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morganaThe juggle is real, advice for finding work/life balance in the school holidays
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Mutha.Hood’s Start Up Story

You know me. I love a bit of ‘mama merch’ and combine that with an indie maker and seller who is a mum herself and you’re onto a winner. Insta famous Mutha.Hood is a indie brand that I really love and I was super keen to get the mama behind the business to feature in my Start Up Stories. Gemma is lovely and one inspiring lady, enjoy finding out more about her brand, how it started and how she runs it. Oh and keep scrolling right to the end as there’s a little treat for you my dear reader.

Copyright – In The Den Photography

My name is Gemma, I have a deep need to own everything that is embroidered, multi-coloured and adorned with pom poms. I also run Mutha.Hood.

Tell us a little bit about your business 

Mutha.Hood has been running for a year. It was actually its first birthday a few days ago and I’m still blown away by how much it has grown in that time. I sell merchandise that aims to empower and celebrate women.

Once you had the idea how did you go about turning it into a reality?

I’m very lucky that my working background helped to give me the confidence to take the leap. Before maternity leave I was an Assistant Buyer for a high street clothing company. I learnt all about garment quality, printing techniques, cost prices, negotiating and the importance of sticking to your brand identity. I also used to be a TV Researcher so I then utilised those skills to learn as much as I could about the stuff that I didn’t know about like shop set up and Illustrator. I set up through Big Cartel, found a UK based printer, took some pictures and hustled on Instagram… the rest is history.

What’s been the hardest part of your life as a start up business so far and how do you overcome those kinds of hurdles?

This year has been challenging because neither of my girls are in childcare, due to a house move. I’m a completer-finisher through and through and balancing looking after them with the demands of a third growing baby, my business, has caused some pressure. I’m lucky that my Mum lives near-by so she has them 1.5/2 days a week, and that Dom is happy to sit next to me every evening in the office whilst I work; often agreeing to fold tees with me whilst I force him to listen to Zayn for the millionth time.

I run on black coffee and chocolate biscuits when I’m working, what couldn’t you live without?

The Instagram-Chats from my followers. It can be a lonely old road setting up on your own. Not least because there’s a serious lack of water cooler chat. I love the messages I get from people and they brighten my day and reassure me that I’m making a difference. I don’t just want to sell products, I genuinely want to help women feel good about themselves. That can either be through fun, printed tees, or by sharing snippets of my life and internal ramblings through Insta-Stories. So when I get a comment or a message from someone, it makes my soul happy.

I know from running this blog and my own online store that when you’re a primarily online based business you need a strong social media presence, which is your favourite platform and do you have any tips for running it?

I think it’s clear that I am IN LOVE with Instagram. I love the community that exist on there, the inspiring people I’ve found and the banter that it provides. Part of the reason why I’ve achieved what I have on it is because I love it so much. I reply to almost everyone who gets in touch with me, I’m the biggest Fan-Girl when it comes to my Insta-Heroes, so I don’t simply use it as a tool to sell my wares and I think that shows. I recently signed up to Iconosquare. It’s got wonderful analytics and scheduling but I mainly started to use it because my thumb began to really ache from all of the comments I was leaving. It’s a great tool when you use Instagram as heavily as I do for a business.

What is the best part of running your own business? Has there been a ‘pinch yourself to check it’s real’ kind of moment for you?

I love the connections that it has brought me. Motherhood can be a lonely place, I never found a good network of friends in playgroups and I feel like I’ve found them through running the business. When people are so nice to me and supportive it really makes me feel so grateful. I’ve chatted to some lovely people and when my Insta-Heroes share what I’ve thought up and started to sell I literally can’t stop the happy tears. DLAM, MOD (#MODNZOK4EVA), Alison Perry, Make Do & Push, InPoLife, LittleFlea, Molly Forbes, Lisa Dawson, The Frugality … and the God-dess that is Erica Davies. These are women that I literally adore to the same level as I once loved Keanu Reeves so that pretty much makes me beam from ear to ear.

Has being a parent influenced the way your business works? 

Being a parent is the reason why the business started. It shook me to the core but by becoming a Mum it made me realise the importance of helping other women know that they’re awesome. I also wanted a business that could work around the children; so I try my hardest not to let it interfere too much with our time together.

Running an online business must overwhelming at times, what do you do to manage your time and what tips do you have for avoiding being overwhelmed?

Last night I had a melt down in front of Dom over tissue paper. I don’t think I’m the wisest when it comes to not feeling overwhelmed. Although, a big step forward has been acknowledging to myself what this is. It isn’t a little hobby, it’s a valued business and I need to start believing in it more. It needs the time that it’s demanding and it’s okay for me to give it.

What’s your current favourite item or range in your store at the moment?

The Strong Girls Club Tee. I loved it the moment the stock came in and seeing so many wonderful women and kids wearing it has made me love it even more.

Got any new products or projects in the pipeline?

I’m always thinking of new bits, I don’t think my brain ever stops really. I’m working on some new jewellery which has taken months to come to fruition, some new enamel pins and, of course, some new graphic tees.

Whether practical or inspirational, what is your top piece advice for anyone out there wanting to take that leap and start their own business?

Do what you know, do what you love. I love everything about what I do – the designing, the customer chats, the admin, the ‘gram and I think that shows through the business and my enjoyment of the business as it grows. I also think it’s important to set yourself small targets, then you won’t ever be disappointed in yourself and bail too early on your idea. You can sit there and wish to be as big as the already established brands, but if that’s your only goal you’ll feel like every achievement isn’t quite good enough, and the pressure can put you off.  My first mini-goal was to see my tee on DLAM (@dresslikeamum), then sell a new design, the next was to break even, … each one that I achieve reminds me of how far I’ve come and on the nights where I’m packing orders until 2am, worrying that I’m not balancing it all that’s a good reminder to have. 


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Start Up Stories a series of interviews with parents that started up there own businesses


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My Favourite Colourful Family Life Instagrammers

This isn’t a list full of huge Instagrammers with hundreds of thousands of followers, these are a few of my favourites that make me smile with their content and fantastically colourful feeds. Some will be well known and others are gems that should have way more followers than they currently do. As well as sharing a few photos from their accounts I’ve asked each Instagrammer for their top tips and favourite hashtags for a little insider knowledge that we can all learn from.

Colourful Family Life Instagrammers


Lucy | @Dear_Beautiful_

Lucy’s youngest girl has THE best bedroom, I mean just look at the rainbows! I really enjoy Lucy’s instagram, not just because we’ve been friends ever since I started blogging but because it’s a lovely space that reflects her family. The pops of colour and the beaming family photos are a joy to look at and shine so brightly as I scroll through Instagram.

Lucy’s top tip – ‘Don’t let the algorithms sap your joy. Post what you love and what makes you happy. Like and comment on the photos you love and that make you happy. Instagram is, and always has been my happy place. And to keep it that way I have to let all the follower-engagement-likes-unfollowing-dramas go.’

Favourite hashtag/s#colourcolourlovers because it’s so pretty and I love #meandmimeproject not because it’s mine but it makes me smile to see so many happy family photos.


Hannah | @MakeDoandPush

Like so many of my favourites, Hannah has such a knack for capturing bright and fun moments. Her photos are full of colour and fun and I love her photographic style. Not to mention how cute her kids are!

Hannah’s top tip – ‘My top tip would be to mix up your hashtags every couple of weeks to see which ones are working best and to discover new ones.’

Favourite hashtag – ‘My favourite hashtag at the moment is #mycolourfulkids (created by @ladybirdsadventures) because it basically sums up everything I love posting on Instagram.’


Gill | @Gill_C

Gill’s wall is just so vibrant and happy, she is so clever with her use of colour within each photo and her wall as a gallery. Too much colour can be overwhelming but you don’t get that from her account, her clever composition and use of space mean that each picture can be enjoyed. Her daughter is very much like my youngest with their love of tiny colourful toys!

Gill’s top tip – ‘If you’re going to post lots of colourful things then pick out 2-3 colours to focus on (but don’t get too obsessed with something ‘fitting’ if you like it then post it anyway!).

favourite hashtag –  #walltravelled – colouful walls from around the world.


Molly | @MollyjForbes

I love Molly’s instagram, you know me I’m a fan of keeping things real (but still pretty!) and Molly definitely does that. Her girls remind me of mine when they were younger and they share the same love of the colour yellow! Molly mixes up her wall with photos of her family and photos of her own style, clothing wise. Weaved through it all is her love of bright colours and a sense of fun.

Molly’s top tip and favourite hashtag – ‘At the moment I’m really enjoying #whatmamaworemonday. A tip from me would be, engage, engage, engage. Comment on hashtags and keep looking up your favourite accounts and liking and commenting (don’t just wait for them to turn up on your feed) and give regular shout outs to other Instagrammers you love.’


Jenny | @LetsTalkMommy

You’ll know by now that Jenny is a ‘real life’ friend of mine, but don’t think I’ve included her because of bias. One look at her Instagram and you’ll see it’s bursting with colour and family fun. She is such a bright and shining person in real life and her photos really reflect that.

Jenny’s Instagram tips – ‘My tip is to create new friendships with engagement. Don’t just like and comment in bulk. These are the people that will continue searching back for you and will like and comment regularly not just as a one off. If you use hashtags, which I absolutely love, ones like my own hashtag #lifecloseup, have great support. Don’t just use hashtags, join in the conversation and be active in the hashtags you use, this will help you get more engagers from this hashtag coming back to you too. Try to love Instagram for what it used to be not what its turned into. Let’s keep sharing what we love.’

Favourite hashtags – #letthemplay #littlefierceones #myweekofhappiness #joyfulmamas #lifewithatoddler #lifewithkids #mummyshot #siblingsproject #meandmineproject #curiouslittleexplorers #rememberingthesedays #myfamilyadventures #littleloves #onemillionmagicalsmiles

A huge thank you to these lovely Instagrammers for letting me use their photos and for sharing their advice. I do love the blogging and Insta community for this kind of thing.

For more Instagrammers I love check out my post on my favourite UK Inspiring Instagrammers






morganaMy Favourite Colourful Family Life Instagrammers
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Baba + Boo’s Start Up Story

After having a little break from sharing Start Up Stories due to our house move we are now back and I have another lovely parent led business to share with you. Eve, the founder of cloth nappy business Baba+Boo is so passionate about what she does that it shines through to everything she says in this interview. I always find it inspiring when people take a passion and turn it into a profitable business, I mean, that’s the dream right? I hope you enjoy Eve’s story of Baba+Boo and learn from her experience and expertise. Don’t forget to scroll to the very end for an exciting giveaway..!

I’m Eve, founder of Baba+Boo. I am mum of two and am never far from a travel website. My fingers itch to book holidays. They are obsessed.

Tell us a little bit about your business 

Baba+Boo is a planet friendly online baby store which specialises in reusable nappies and other waste saving products. I am passionate about stopping the huge amount of waste that disposable nappies create. I started 7 years ago and stopped 15 million nappies going to landfill to date.

Once you had the idea how did you go about turning it into a reality?

It evolved, there was no plan. I had a baby. Was pregnant again when my son was 6 months old, so going back to work wasn’t really an option. I was a buyer and it was a really full on job. I wanted something for a bit of pocket money and to keep me sane. So I started a business with an 18 month old and a 9 week old. I just started out really small with a little eBay shop and it took off straight away and grew from there. I just followed where the business took me and the plans came later.

What’s been the hardest part of your life as a start up business so far and how do you overcome those kinds of hurdles?

I started the business so I could be with the kids, not miss a milestone and eventually be there to do the school runs. It is so hard managing the little amount of time I have to work versus the huge amount of passion I have. I do get frustrated at times. I have huge skills in micro managing my time now.

I run on black coffee and chocolate biscuits when I’m working, what couldn’t you live without?

I am a tea and ginger nut kinda girl.

These days any business needs a strong social media presence, which is your favourite platform and do you have any tips for running it?

I’d probably say Instagram although my customers are mainly on Facebook. I am a bit of a news geek, so love Twitter. It is so easy to get sucked into them though. I have a love/hate relationship with social media. I would love to have a hiatus from time to time but impossible when you run a business. I think the best tip is to not spread yourself too thin on there. Know where your customers are and stick to that platform.

What is the best part of running your own business? Has there been a ‘pinch yourself to check it’s real’ kind of moment for you?

I just love being my own boss and managing my own time. I had a dream of being able to spend the summer by the beach with the kids and this year, we are doing just that. Makes all the hard work worth it.

Has being a parent influenced the way your business works? 

Yes definitely. It’s only here because I am a parent. I want to give my kids a work ethic that my mum gave me. She was always there yet had three jobs. The children know that I am there in school holidays but I have to spend time working too.

What makes you tick? What are the things that get you up in the morning to make your business a success? 

I am so passionate about what I do. Choosing cloth nappies isn’t just about the nappies, it’s a choice that can lead to a less wasteful lifestyle for the whole family. I am a huge advocate of living less wastefully. That’s my passion.

What’s your current favourite product or range?

Probably our newborn nappies. They make me broody every time I am packing orders of them. Not only that, it makes me so happy to think of the happy parents that are going to be using them. Always feel very blessed that I am helping parents with a product that is better for them, their babies and our world.

Got any new products or projects in the pipeline?

We dabbled in organic clothing last year and it was very well received so we are doing more of that this winter.

Whether practical or inspirational, what is your top piece advice for anyone out there wanting to take that leap and start their own business?

Just do it. Don’t think it’s really scary. It doesn’t have to be. And do something you feel passionate about because it will never feel like work.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this month’s Start Up Stories feature getting to know Eve and her gorgeous business. If you’ve got any comments or questions please leave them below or come and have a chat on social media.

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baba+boo start up story

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Want to read more inspiring Start Up Stories? Just click on the image below 

Start Up Stories a series of interviews with parents that started up there own businesses


Terms and conditions – UK entries only. The winner will win a bundle of three cloth nappies from Baba+Boo in sizes and designs of their choice, subject to availability. Giveaway ends 31/06/2017 at 11.59pm. When the winners are announced they will have 48 hours to get in contact, if they do not then another winner will be drawn. Any one that does not complete the compulsory entry will be disqualified. The prize will be sent out to the winner by Baba+Boo.

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Craving routine in change and uncertainty

The past five or so weeks have been completely without routine for us and thanks to the on again, off again house move, full of uncertainty and change. Through out this process I’ve discovered something about myself, I’m not actually very good with change. A little change at a time, well, that’s just fine, I can adapt, but changing every part of my usual routine and life, um, yes, not so much. I’d been rolling with the punches for weeks and then I just couldn’t. At risk of being over dramatic and even with such a positive and exciting change of a new house it’s as if symbolically everything in my life was in a box and someone had come along and tipped it upside down and dumped everything out of it. I’m left staring at it all and wondering where I even start to pick it all up again. That’s not even mentioning the physical things that were packed and unpacked!

You’d think that once we moved into our much longed for and anticipated new home that I’d be happy and settled but actually the opposite seemed to happen. After that initial excitement of moving day, the mister was back at work straight away and I had a new house full of boxes and two hyper children with two long weeks of half term stretched ahead. I was left feeling overwhelmed and completely unsettled. As much as I wanted to put my positive pants on and pull myself together I found it a huge struggle. I cringe at admitting that. It sounds so ungrateful. Please don’t misunderstand me, I love my family, my new home and appreciate them all. My sense of overwhelm went beyond that and was amplified by the guilt I had at feeling it when I ‘shouldn’t’. Working for yourself relies on self motivation first and foremost, so if you are distracted or down it massively impacts everything.

Normally I manage school holidays by working on my laptop in the mornings while the girls laze about in their jamas and then we go out and do something fun in the afternoon. Having no wifi threw a rather large spanner in the works of that plan! For fear of being all ‘first world problem-y’ I realised just how much I rely on wifi to not only work (obviously) but to also feel connected. When we had our wifi disconnected in the weeks runnign up t the move I could work in cafes while the girls were at school so while not ideal it was manageable. When you lone work like I do, the internet is a huge part of where my relationships are. As sad as it might sound you lovely lot are like my work colleagues and having no wifi and limited 4G left me feeling rather disconnected in a place where there was a lot of change going on.

It made complete sense put any work plans and all things ‘Little and Fierce‘ on hold while we waited to move and had no wifi yet now we’re in I’m still struggling to get back on track. Of course, I don’t have that ‘dream workspace‘ yet, in fact it’s more like a desk surrounded by, yes, you’ve guessed it, boxes! Trying to run my store has become problematic as we struggle to figure out where I can store stock, pack orders, etc. This whole thing is making me realise how reliant I am on organisation and order to work and function effectively. It’s like I need it for the head space, if that makes sense?

With the girls back at school this week and finally having wifi and a lot less boxes the sense of overwhelm is beginning to lift. I’ve not done this kind of brain dump post for a while, and even while writing it I’ve felt it help me to clear my head a little and get back on track. Finding a new sense of routine and space to work is beginning to excite rather than daunt me. I have so many plans that have been shelved due to not having the headspace for them before the move, I think now is the time for those tentative first steps towards them.

morganaCraving routine in change and uncertainty
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Easy ways to support the little guy and shop independent

I was brought up to value the independent seller over the supermarket. My mum shunned plastic bags and used a ‘bag for life’ before they were even called that. Bags in hand, each Saturday we’d traipse along our local town and visit the butcher, the green grocer, we didn’t have much money but my mum wanted to support them rather than the highstreet – don’t get me wrong though, she’d still have her eye on a bargain and negotiate the price! As the daughter of a shop owner she knew it was people like her that kept these businesses alive.

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve seen some lovely online independent clothing stores close their doors. It’s getting harder and harder for independents to stay affloat, importing from Europe has become a costing nightmare and competing with cut throat highsteet stores that rip off independent brand designs and reproduce them in bigger volumes at a lower quality meaning they can massive undercut independents has left so many brands and stores in the dust. Don’t get me wrong I shop in big stores both online and on the highstreet, and have been putting my money in the hands of big corporations more and more. It’s often cheaper and more convenient to pick up something in a shop or Amazon Prime that thing you ‘need’ to arrive the next day. We all have budgets to stick to and buying some bespoke rather than mass produced off the shelf is becoming more and more of a luxury. This is something that as an indie business owner myself I am acutely aware of and it’s showing in a massive drop of traffic and orders to my own shop. As a accessories retailer I can’t compete with the likes of H&M and Claires on price and convenience. This has got me thinking, and I want to share with you little ways you can help support small businesses no matter your budget.

Have you got friends that run indie businesses? 

I would imagine that everyone reading this can think of someone in their friendship group that has an indie business, whether they own small highstreet shop, are a freelance illustrator or Etsy shop owner. Why not think of ways you can promote them and support their venture. If you can’t afford their products or they offer a service or something not relevant to you then maybe you could share their facebook page on your timeline to help them reach potential customers. Or if you’re on twitter or another form of social media then do a shout out. Or simply ask how their business is and if there’s anything you can do to support them. I love it when my customers share their purchases on social media and tag my store in it or a family member shares my facebook page to their timeline. These little things all help get my business a wider audience and hopefully more customers.

Looking for a gift for a friend?

Before you jump on Amazon or visit your highstreet have a look for a smaller seller, to make it easier you can look via Etsy or Not On The Highstreet. If you really dislike online shopping and prefer to see something in ‘real life’ before buying it then look for independent gift shops in your area, ask around, there is bound to be one you can support. Spend some time one evening searching online and finding some independents. If you’re still not sure where to start then I’m more than happy to recommend shops if you’re stuck, just give me a shout on social media or leave a comment. Take a look at my Start Up Stories for some inspiration too!


Visit markets and craft fairs

There is a growing trend of craft fairs and markets springing up, whether it’s selling vintage, nearly new, or hand made products there are so many more events happening now. Ask around, have a search on facebook and then pop down and see what’s on offer.


Think quality over quantity

It’s so tempting to go on fast fashion shopping sprees and buy a load of clothes that we will probably only wear once because hey, they didn’t cost much, so it doesn’t matter. Don’t get me wrong, I’m talking to myself here as well. Fast fashion has become such a norm in our society that we don’t even realise how much it permeates our choices and how we spend our money. I’m trying more and more to buy less throwaway clothes / homeware and instead think whether we really need it. It’s a steep learning curve but I think a necessary one, not only for supporting small businesses but for the environment as well as ethically.


Of course all our purchases can’t be via independent sellers, especially if we’re on a tight budget, but even on a restrictive budget there are things we can do to shop small and support indie businesses. Hopefully in reading this post you’ll be inspired to support makers and and creatives in a way that works for you. And don’t forget often when you buy from or support a small business you are helping an individual provide for their families and not just lining the pockets of share holders and big corporations. When people buy from me or invest in my blog they help pay for things like my daughter’s ballet lessons.


Image credit – @thepastelfox

Do you think it’s important to support independent businesses?

Have you get more to add to my list?

morganaEasy ways to support the little guy and shop independent
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Creating a workspace that works for me

Very soon we’ll be moving into our brand new home, as it’s a new build it’s a completely blank canvas of white walls and grey carpet. One of the reasons we choose this specific house was the extra room it had downstairs that would be big enough to be a shared office and stock room as well as a music room, giving the mister space for his instruments as well as room to play them. As with most interior projects Pinterest has been my starting point to get inspiration on how to make sure that it’s a workspace that works.

As I mentioned the room will have a dual use so it will need to work for both my husband and I and not feel crowded. We need to be clever in planning out the room and create plenty of storage. I love the fact that with it being at the front of the house it is full of natural light. We’re having shutters fitted like the ones in the bay window of our current house, but they won’t come for another couple of months yet. Of course at first we’ll have a very make shift workspace cobbled together with bits from our old house but I’ve got lots of ideas and plans to make the most of the space.

Obviously I’m keeping the white walls, the main colour palette for this room will be similar to the rest of the house being grey, black and natural wood and neutral tones. It will feature the industrial storage racks from Cox and Cox that I shared recently here.

Workspace inspiration

FYI if you want to lose hours of your day staring and scrolling through beautiful interiors photos then you must visit

As you can see from the workspace photos that I’ve shared I’m looking at having a long desk running from wall to wall with storage shelves above it. The opposite wall will be for the instruments including seating. I really want this room to be a creative workspace that works for me and for my husband who will be sharing it with me. Obviously I won’t compromise on style either! Here are just a few workspace accessories on my wishlist..

Get the look


Elsie Dove Grey Desk Lamp – Homebase £24.99

Knagglig pin box – Ikea £5

Large peg board – This Modern Life £65

Seagrass basket – Ikea £9

Cult Living office chair – Cult UK £189

Flap analogue clock – Habitat £150

Hello wall hook – This Modern Life £38

When we’re in the house it will take time to get the room the way we want it. It will need to be functional for me as a space to keep stock and pack orders from my kids accessories business as well as a space to blog and work from. It will be great to have this as a shared office space with my husband too who also runs his own business. I can’t wait to get started on it and share our progress.

If you’d like some more inspiration then check out my Pinterest board –


What do you think of my ideas?

Got any hints and tips or ‘must haves’ to share?



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morganaCreating a workspace that works for me
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