The juggle is real, advice for finding work/life balance in the school holidays

The long stretch of six plus weeks of school holidays every summer is rather overwhelming for the best of us isn’t it? Like so many of us I juggle work and kids every summer. I have a few successes but lots of fails, cue the mum guilt. I always aim to find *that* balance between family fun and getting stuff done, it’s like the working parent Holy Grail. We personally don’t have family nearby to help out and…

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Mutha.Hood’s Start Up Story

You know me. I love a bit of ‘mama merch’ and combine that with an indie maker and seller who is a mum herself and you’re onto a winner. Insta famous Mutha.Hood is a indie brand that I really love and I was super keen to get the mama behind the business to feature in my Start Up Stories. Gemma is lovely and one inspiring lady, enjoy finding out more about her brand, how it…

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My Favourite Colourful Family Life Instagrammers

This isn’t a list full of huge Instagrammers with hundreds of thousands of followers, these are a few of my favourites that make me smile with their content and fantastically colourful feeds. Some will be well known and others are gems that should have way more followers than they currently do. As well as sharing a few photos from their accounts I’ve asked each Instagrammer for their top tips and favourite hashtags for a little…

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Baba + Boo’s Start Up Story

After having a little break from sharing Start Up Stories due to our house move we are now back and I have another lovely parent led business to share with you. Eve, the founder of cloth nappy business Baba+Boo is so passionate about what she does that it shines through to everything she says in this interview. I always find it inspiring when people take a passion and turn it into a profitable business, I…

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Craving routine in change and uncertainty

The past five or so weeks have been completely without routine for us and thanks to the on again, off again house move, full of uncertainty and change. Through out this process I’ve discovered something about myself, I’m not actually very good with change. A little change at a time, well, that’s just fine, I can adapt, but changing every part of my usual routine and life, um, yes, not so much. I’d been rolling…

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Easy ways to support the little guy and shop independent

I was brought up to value the independent seller over the supermarket. My mum shunned plastic bags and used a ‘bag for life’ before they were even called that. Bags in hand, each Saturday we’d traipse along our local town and visit the butcher, the green grocer, we didn’t have much money but my mum wanted to support them rather than the highstreet – don’t get me wrong though, she’d still have her eye on…

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Creating a workspace that works for me

Very soon we’ll be moving into our brand new home, as it’s a new build it’s a completely blank canvas of white walls and grey carpet. One of the reasons we choose this specific house was the extra room it had downstairs that would be big enough to be a shared office and stock room as well as a music room, giving the mister space for his instruments as well as room to play them. As…

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