Renovating our small bathroom

We moved into our current house about six years ago and knew that the small family bathroom would need updating and renovating but just didn’t have the budget for it then. We put up with it and saved our pennies in the hope that one day we’d get our dream bathroom. I hated staring at the brown wallpaper and turquoise tiles, they didn’t reflect my taste and I would feel embarrassed when people went in…

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Styling the perfect guest bedroom

We’re currently looking at moving house, and near the top of my list when we’re house hunting is an extra bedroom so we can have a room that’s permanently set up as a guest bedroom. We live far away from family and have lots of friends scattered around the country so I would love to have a room for them to stay in when they visited rather than them having to sleep on the sofa or on…

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Kids colourful bedroom ideas from George at Asda

I haven’t done a home style interiors post for a while and putting this one together has reminded me how much I really miss doing them so I’ll definitely be writing more from now on. I enjoy styling rooms and have had fun over the years with the girls bedrooms. I love splashes of colour, so kids colourful bedrooms are a must in my book! My five year old and I have put together a moodboard of…

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Little corners of my home in May

I love adding little touches to my home, they don’t have to be expensive homewares or fancy gadgets but something little that gives a new feel to a room. I’ve done a few projects in our living room and dining room, like repainting the dining room chairs and table as well as the side table in the living room. This month I couldn’t face another big job like that so I’ve made some little vases,…

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Little corners of my home

I’ve been meaning to write this post for ages but find myself waiting for that time when the house is tidier so I can take the photos. Sadly in our house that time never seems to materialise, so I’ve just gone for it anyway. Brace yourself for a lot of ‘shelfies’! Our living room and dining room make up my favourite space in the whole house – they are the rooms that are done completely…

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Our living room and dining room makeover

When we first moved into our house nearly 6 years ago we decided to wait a little while before we did any redecorating or renovating. The idea was we’d settle in and then make decisions once we’d lived there a little bit. Unfortunately with both of us being self employed and starting new businesses we reached a point where we couldn’t justify spending money on the house. This meant that I lived with what I…

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Our pre-teen room makeover

Last month I blogged about how we were thinking of changing Noo’s room, giving it a pre-teen room makeover and make better use of the space she has, or rather lack of it! You can catch up on the post here. The beds the girls have can be used separately or put together to form a bunk bed, so the first thing we did was move N’s bed out of her room and back into…

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