Kitchen love..

I love spending time in my kitchen, not in a chained to the kitchen sink housewife kind of way, but I feel like it’s my space. Whether I am scoffing chocolate and hiding from the kids or listening to BBC6 Music while tackling the mountain of dirty dishes or even attempting to bake with the children, I really quite like it. It’s not quite the kitchen of my dreams, what I would love most is…

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Dreaming of my perfect workspace

I’ve mentioned countless times on here about my obsession with Pinterest. I love getting new ideas for toys or clothes for the girls and just dreaming about some of the gorgeous homes that are on there. My current ‘thing’ is pinning inspirational, perfect work spaces. This is probably because the study I’ve inherited from my husband is less than ideal and certainly not pretty.. yet! Before it was the study it was E’s little room…

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