Industrial Inspired Interiors

See what I did there? Like my alliteration? Industrial Inspired Interiors, I just couldn’t help myself. Seriously though I’ve been looking for ideas for our new home and fallen in love with the industrial inspired furniture and accessories that I’ve seen and keep coming back to. Whether it’s flicking through a magazine, or wandering through Homesense my love just keeps on growing! I’ve even got a Pinterest board up and running, so you know it’s serious.

My interior decor taste has changed so much over the years, from shabby chic, to minimalism it’s always evolving. Starting afresh with a new build and it’s white walls and clean lines is so exciting. My husband has to keep reminding me that we’re not chucking away everything and starting again. I’m just itching to get in and figure out what to do with the space. Industrial inspired furniture will definitely feature, probably most in the dining room and living space.

I’ve had a trawl over the internet and put together a few ideas.


I’d really like to get benches for our dining table and I’m on the look out for a industrial style table that also extends. Our kitchen it white and grey (obvs) and I think dark grey and wood will work really well with it. I don’t want the space to become too white and clinical which is the fear when you go down the minimal route. I like the clean lines but also want it to feel like a relaxed family space for hosting too.

Both Next and have got some great options for dining sets. I like these benches but I think I’d prefer a chunkier look (expert technical term right there..!).


I still haven’t found a set that ticks all my boxes, but as I said at the beginning we won’t be buying everything new straight away so I’ve got plenty of time to look.


HALLWAY had some fantastic industrial inspired pieces and honestly I’ve lost hours on that site. We’ve got a small hallway so I need to storage to be functional but not to big and cumbersome. I love the hall way stands that have hanging space and shoe storage.



Wire basket – H&M

Layne Hall Stand –

Hanging Pendant Light – Violet and Percy

Industrial Luggage Rack – Cox & Cox

Wire Magazine Rack – Cox & Cox

There are so many industrial inspired smaller homewares, like lighting and storage. I’ve even spotted a couple of bar stools that would work really well for our breakfast bar.

What are your thoughts on this trend?

Spotted any must haves?



Find more inspiration and shop the style via my Pinterest board


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morganaIndustrial Inspired Interiors
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The enamel pin badge trend – I’m obsessed!

When I get on board with a trend it can often lead into obsession and this is definitely the case with enamel pins. I’ve had my eye on them for a while now, but have only just starting buying them. It’s only taken a few pins to fall into the enamel pin badge trend, hook, line, and sinker! Honestly, there is an enamel pin badge for any occasion, feeling or cause. I’ve trawled Etsy and Pinterest to bring you my stand out favourites and I also want to share with you my little collection and how and where I wear them.

These are just a few I have my eye on at the moment,

Feminist and Proud – Punky Pins | I’m Really A Mermaid – I Love Crafty

Readers Gonna Read – Literary Emporium | Feminist With A To-Do List – Word for Word

Mama Bear – Land and Furrow | Ella the Envelope – Nutmeg and Arlo

We’re The Weirdos Mister – Punky Pins | Less Whine More Wine – Veronica Dearly

The great thing about them is they don’t cost the earth, the ones I have range in price between £5 and £10 pounds, with most coming in at the £6 mark.

Of course this little round up doesn’t even include the ones I already own..

The astute among you might notice the Harry Potter reference of the Swish & Flick pin above. I am a huge Harry Potter fan, well my whole little family are really, so much so that my eldest girl wanted this one for herself as soon as she spotted it!

As you can see, I wear mine on my dungarees, the lapels of my leather style jacket and my over sized coats. I have also worn them on clutch bags when I’ve gone on a night out. The only thing I will say is make sure the back of the pin is secure as I have lost a couple through the back falling off and then of course losing the pin. You can wear a bunch of them on one jacket or wear them individually, it’s totally up to you!

The kids don’t need to miss out on this trend, there’s some cute ones they can have too –

My girls wear their’s on dungarees or denim jackets.

Feeling the love for enamel pins too? Head on over to my Pinterest boards for more ideas as well as some badges and patches thrown in for good measure.

What do you think?

Have you embraced the enamel pin badge trend?


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morganaThe enamel pin badge trend – I’m obsessed!
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Copper ombre hair, my new favourite for 2017

Up until last year I’ve always had my natural hair colour, and then when I spotted some greys I started dying it a slightly darker brown. I’ve had many, many hair styles and lengths over the years but never experimented with colour. Then last year I dared to get blonde on the ends, and then pastel pink! The pink didn’t last long unfortunately and I found myself wondering what to do next. My hairdresser mentioned copper ombre to me and after a browse on Pinterest and a few weeks of deliberation I decided to give it a go.

These are the styles I spotted on Pinterest and sent over to my hair dresser..

copper ombre

(image source)

 You can see my full Pinterest board below, honestly how did we do anything before Pinterest came along?

Of course I had some nerves when the day of the change came around but I knew I was in good hands and let my hair dresser do her thing.

Here’s my hair before with the blonde ends

and after

Unfortunately the colour doesn’t last long and I’ve already had to have one top up, I am so happy with the colour though and I’m really pleased I decided to go for it. As you can see it’s more of a red than a copper but that’s because I’ve just had my top up colour and we all know it won’t look this bright after it’s been washed! I’ll be sure to add in some photos after I’ve washed it so you can see the copper.

I’m so pleased that my lovely hair dresser suggested this change as it feels more me than the blonde bits ever did. The copper really warms up my brown hair and suits my complexion – thankfully! I’ve had to up the bronzer, but that’s no bother thanks to one of my Christmas presents, Hoola by Benefit (which I love). 

What do you think?

Do you have any tips or even ‘must have’ products for protecting your colour?

morganaCopper ombre hair, my new favourite for 2017
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Copper homeware accessories, the big trend for 2017

I’ll admit it, I’m a little obsessed with copper, from my hair colour to my homeware, it’s a big trend for 2017 in my eyes. Add copper to my love of blush pink, grey and yellow and you’ve pretty much got the decor style of my house right now. I love finding little accessories to update my rooms and copper is my metal and colour of choice right now. 

In my living room I’ve got a copper tray from H&M Home, on my Annie Sloaned side table, along with a copper lamp from Homebase and a few candles, and of course the ever present mini cactus!

I’m going to share with you some of my favourite copper homeware accessories from the highstreet and Etsy.


You can pick up so many copper items in highstreet stores, from kitchen ware to magazine racks!


Zara have a lot of copper inspired homeware at the moment, these are just two of my favourites from their range.

Decorative tray with aluminium handles – £25.99

Copper glass plate – £11.99


My copper tray is from H&M and I love picking up some homeware pieces from them when I do an online order. This is on my list for sure..

Magazine rack -£11.99


I love the print on these tea towels by Next.

copper homeware

Tea towel set – £10

If I want to find something a little different I always head on over to Etsy. As much as I love a highstreet bargain it’s good to support smaller businesses, so here are a few of my Etsy favourites.




Add a bit of industrial styling to your home with this copper iPad stand by Copper and Solder (£30)


I love these little concrete and copper plant pots perfect for a mini succulent and cacti. These are by Pasinga and are £20.50 for a set of three.

I love both these copper wall lights, the first is by Copper Wick (£45) and the copper ceiling rose and light is from Spark and Bell (£36)

I love these hexagonal shelves by Faodail Woodworks (£25) they are made from reclaimed wood that is applied with a deep Ebony stain to the outside and face edges, with the inside edges painted with copper coloured paint.


Find more copper themed interior inspiration ideas on my Pinterest board


What do you think of the copper homewares trend?

Let me know in a comment below or chat to me on social media


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Introducing Ovi and Reu – boutique gift boxes for new mums

Boutique Gift Boxes for New Mums by Ovi and Reu
I get approached by a lot of brands and PRs that would like to collaborate with me or send me things to review. With running a couple of businesses of my own alongside this job (not to mention having kids too) I have to be really selective with the people I work with and the campaigns I take on. Sometimes a little gem appears in my inbox, that I just can’t resist and an email from the new company Ovi and Reu was just that. Ovi and Reu make up and send out gift boxes that you can order as presents for new mums (or anyone you’d think would like one), and as a small business set up by two fellow mums and a grandma I knew I wanted to support them.

You can choose between four boxes, The Coastal Gift Collection, The Expectant Gift Collection, The Country Gift Collection  and The Parisian – which is the one that I picked. The beauty of these gift boxes is that they are letter box friendly so no need for the postman to be knocking on your door, or even more annoyingly, having to take a trip to the depot because you weren’t home when they tried to deliver it. I was super excited when my box hit my hallway floor..

Inside the Parisian Gift Collection

Make Up Bag from Miesje Chafer (choose one of 5 designs)
The most amazing selection of on-trend fabrics make these handmade make up bags the perfect addition to this mum’s look.

Decaff Coffee from The Bristol Coffee Company
It may not have the kick but it certainly packs a flavour punch. True Parisians (and all coffee-addicts) will thank you heartily for thinking of this.

Notebook from Studio Sarah
Perfect for jotting down all of baby’s new routines or recording those precious moments in style.

Grey Spotty Peg People from Little Bird Designs
These gorgeous little mum and baby figurines will provide the perfect adornment to a cosmopolitan mum’s boudoir.

Baby Milestone Cards from Amy’s Avenue
Help her to celebrate and record every baby milestone with these fabulous monochrome milestone cards.

Red Lipstick in ‘Red Carpet’ or ‘Some Like it Hot’ from Sara Hill 
What true Parisian woman could be without a slick of ruby red for that pout? We love this brand for all their British credentials but also their undeniably European je ne sais quoi…

‘Loved’ Nursery Print from Rabbit and Sons 
Your lovely message will appear on the reverse of this nursery print from super-cool design house Rabbit and Sons.

ovi and reu

ovi and reu

Obviously as a mum of two school age children with no plans of having babies, I don’t have much need for baby milestone cards, but I do have a very pregnant sister in law who I think will love them, so they shall be heading her way. I can definitely make use of the red lipstick however!

I really enjoy sneak peeks and behind the scenes pictures and videos from brands so when I spotted  this video that Ovi and Reu shared on their Facebook page of how they pack the boxes, I thought it would be fun to share it!

Do head on over to their webside – Ovi and Reu – and take a look! I’ll also be chatting to the three ladies behind it in a MumBoss feature in a couple of months, so do keep an eye out for it.

Huge thanks to Team Ovi and Reu for sending me the Parisian box to review.

morganaIntroducing Ovi and Reu – boutique gift boxes for new mums
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Freshening up our living space for the new year

We’re mid way through January, the Christmas decorations and the tree are down, the New Year has properly started. I don’t know about you but the house always seems a little bare when all things festive have gone. This inspires me to have a little freshen up of our living space, whether it’s moving furniture around, buying some new accessories or having a clear out, or all of the above! I thought I’d share with you some of the little changes that I’ve made for the New Year to our open plan living and dining room. If you missed my post about our living room and dining room renovation you can read it here.

With the fairylights and Christmas ornaments gone I’ve had a play around with the shelves and moved a lot of books from our Welsh dresser. I regularly switch things around on these shelves but I love that each picture and keepsake has meaning and memories for us.

Of course this time of year you can’t beat fresh flowers to brighten up your home. I love having vases of daffodils scattered through out our home. This is so simple (and cheap) and never fails to make me smile.

I love the new addition of this lamp* by my favourite chair. It definitely helps when I’m cosied up in the evenings reading a book.

I picked up this little candle stick, if that’s the right term, candle holder maybe, in Tiger for a bargain price of £2. I might just have to pop in for a couple more.

pink copper interiors style

More fresh flowers! With hyacinths you have the added bonus of a beautiful fragrance that fills your home. As you can see my love for copper accessories hasn’t wavered in 2017, in face I think I love them even more!

pink and copper interior style

office space

I’ve moved out of my messy office space this week as I have loads of work and no space to do it in! I know that the office/stockroom/exercise space/dumping ground needs a big clear out but I just don’t have the time to do it properly at the moment. Hopefully when the busyness of January quietens down I can set aside some time to turn the room around. For now, however, I’ve stolen my children’s homework area.

We invested in a new bookcase recently, I say invested, it wasn’t a particularly expensive purchase as it’s an IKEA bookcase, that being said I love it and couldn’t wait to fill it with our books when we’d finished putting it up.

I like to have inspiring phrases and quotes around the house and this year I’ve gone for ‘say yes to new adventures’. I think this is a year of change for us and change can be fun and exciting but also a little scary, so this is a great reminder to take the adventure!


So with a few little changes our living space feels fresher and no longer bare. It’s amazing what some flowers, plants and a change around can do.

Do you make changes to your rooms in the new year?




*Thanks to Litecraft for sending us the lamp featured in our living room


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Introducing independent kids wear brand, Milk and Biscuits

I love supporting independent stores and brands, partly I guess because I have my own and know the work that goes into them but also because I like seeing new things spring up and I’m inspired by the creativity. I first discovered kidswear brand, Milk and Biscuits a few years ago at a trade show I was visiting while looking for brands to stock at Little and Fierce Kids. I loved the classic simplicity of the collection that still managed to have a contemporary and stylish look. There’s a good mix of prints and staples in muted colours.

When they asked me to review something from their AW collection I jumped at the chance. A lot of independent kidswear brands only go up to age 5 and although my littlest girl is five she’s actually in age 7-8 clothes! Luckily for us Milk and Biscuits go up to 9-10 so even my biggest girl could wear them.

I chose this versatile pinafore dress..

We are big fans of pinafores and dungarees, and love how you can change them up to create all sorts of outfits. This particular dress has been worn with tights of various colours, leggings, long sleeve tops, short sleeve tops, boots and trainers. In my opinion having wardrobe staples such as this dress is key for children’s wardrobes. We’re not fans of fussy clothes that can only be worn occasionally, those end up at the back of the drawers never to be worn. Kids clothes need to work for them and be fun and practical while also being effortlessly stylish, and I think Milk and Biscuits do this really well.

E wears the dress with a plain long sleeve top, glittery tights, silver trainers and a glitter star headband.

Another way to style this dress..

My littlest girl has a particular love for unicorns, fun prints and of course her favourite colour of all, yellow, so this kind of outfit is right up her street.

Pricing wise Milk and Biscuits are an independent brand so you shouldn’t be expecting to pay high street prices, however you get ethically produced and high quality kids clothing that you won’t see on every other child. I’m excited to share with you a few sneak peeks of this seasons collection which is a collaboration with illustrator Lucy Kirk and as you can see it’s inspired by the circus.

You can see more of Milk and Biscuits here.

A big thanks to Milk and Biscuits for sending us this dress, as always all views are our own.


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