My week of organic beauty with Green People

This week has seen a bit of change to my ordinary morning and evening skin care regime. I’m a bit of a creature of habit when it comes to skincare and usually just stick to what I know. Therefore my products haven’t seen a lot of change over the years, apart from my moisturiser which I vowed to invest earlier this year. As part of Organic Beauty Week the lovely brand Green People sent over some products for me to try that would replace what I usually use in my day to day. I was very interested to see how I’d get on especially after having such fantastic results on E’s skin with their Organic Children range



firming eye gel /gentle cleanser and make up remover / hydrating firming serum / fruit scrub exfoliator  / anti-ageing facial oil


Gentle cleanser and make up remover


Now that I am in the last few days of my twenties I know it’s high time I took better care of my skin so swapping a baby wipe for actual make up remover was really long overdue! Although I miss the ease of the wipe this make up remover does leave my skin feeling much cleaner and my skin doesn’t have that tight feeling I used to get afterwards.


Firming eye gel


Now this one is one of my stand out favourites. Around my eyes in where I’ve really noticed sign of ageing (eek) so I’ve been looking for a product that will help combat it. You really only need a small amount and I noticed a difference after just a few days. Teamed with my YSL Touche Eclat I think I’m on to a winning combination.


Anti-ageing facial oil & Hydrating firming serum


It’s recommended that you the use the anti-ageing facial oil and the hydrating firming serum together. At first I was dubious about using an oil -worried that I’d revert to teenage skin but I’ve realised that you only need a tiny amount and afterwards my skin feels so mousturised, not greasy at all. Although a product I definitely wouldn’t have chosen for myself I’m definitely a convert. I wasn’t as blown away by the serum, I think it’s because I’m used to using more of a creamy moisturiser unlike this gel like serum. My skin likes it though and it does work well with the oil.


Fruit scrub exfoliator


I adore the facial scrub, I really feel it’s boosted my skin and  found it to be really revitalising in the morning much better than my usual facial wash. I’ve always been loyal to my previous brand as after trialling different products when I was younger they all seemed to react badly to my skin, the Green People one, however makes my skin feel much cleaner.



I love the fact that I know what I’m putting on my skin. There are no hidden ingredients or completely baffling terms to get my head around. I’ve always favoured more natural products for the girls so have no idea why it’s taken me so long to follow suit. I’ll definitely be keeping these in my skincare regime and the firming eye gel will be a permanent fixture in my make up bag.


I was sent these products for the purpose of this review, all opinions are my own.

morganaMy week of organic beauty with Green People
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Kitchen love..

I love spending time in my kitchen, not in a chained to the kitchen sink housewife kind of way, but I feel like it’s my space. Whether I am scoffing chocolate and hiding from the kids or listening to BBC6 Music while tackling the mountain of dirty dishes or even attempting to bake with the children, I really quite like it. It’s not quite the kitchen of my dreams, what I would love most is a large kitchen-diner and family room…but then I’d have no where to hide from the children! 😉


There are a few things in my kitchen that help me no end..

My Le Creuset pot

I have a gorgeous pastel blue Le Creuset casserole pot bought by the mister’s Nana as a wedding present because she wanted to buy us something that would last. It is fab for stews, curries and soups. I just wish it hadn’t been put in the dishwasher and had been taken care of a little more, *looks at husband*

Nigella Lawson kitchenware

I took great joy in putting these on our wedding gift list. We have the salt cellar, storage jars and a few other bits from the range all in pastel blue (can you see a theme?). They look lovely on my kitchen counter and are really practical as well.

Mason jars

I am a little obsessed with using these and have them all over the kitchen. Whenever I see them on sale anywhere I can’t resist adding to my collection. To be completely honest, if I could, everything would be stored in them and we’d have no packaging anywhere!

The coffee machine

Coffee is something that definitely fuels me and on bad days turns me from tired bitchy mummy to calm happy mummy! How people function without caffeine is a mystery to me. If I tried to detox I swear my husband and children would move out!
We bought our current coffee machine as present to ourselves when we moved into our home, it’s getting a bit battered now though and we never even use the milk frother on it. We had all these grand plans of having posh frothy coffees all the time, then I realised how much cleaning it needed afterwards, especially if it’s been left a few days *looks at husband again*. So now we don’t bother, I don’t even have milk in my coffee anymore anyway! I would like to invest in a new one when we can, I know that Delongi have some fancy ones. Maybe we can be really pretentious and get a coffee bean grinder too…


the ‘children’s’ treat tin!

To add to my kitchen love I kind of have my eye on these beauties..

Kitchen Aid mixer

kitchen aid
How good would one of these look on my kitchen side? So pretty. Oh and they are really good at um mixing stuff..and I just need one for all that baking I’m going to do..

New dishwasher

Our dishwasher died over the Christmas period last year, I know great timing right? Every month we say we’re going to get a new one and it doesn’t happen. Now we are a family of 4, and a family that often has friends over, we could really do with one. My poor hands can’t cope much longer! I really don’t like wearing gloves and yes, I have tried various kinds. Instead I buy sensitive washing up liquid and have some hand lotion right next to it so I remember to put some on straight after.

Oh and just to be completely cliche, let’s throw in a SMEG fridge! Ooh I’ve just seen that SMEG actually do dishwashers too! So yes, one of those please.

What can’t you cope without and what’s on your wish list, any similarities with mine?

(This is a sponsored post. For more info see my Disclosure section)

morganaKitchen love..
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Dreaming of my perfect workspace

I’ve mentioned countless times on here about my obsession with Pinterest. I love getting new ideas for toys or clothes for the girls and just dreaming about some of the gorgeous homes that are on there. My current ‘thing’ is pinning inspirational, perfect work spaces. This is probably because the study I’ve inherited from my husband is less than ideal and certainly not pretty.. yet! Before it was the study it was E’s little room so it does at least have lovely white walls and floral curtains. What I don’t love however is the mess and clutter of piles and piles of paper and books that the mister hasn’t got around to sorting through. If you are thinking I’m going to be posting a picture of it then you can certainly think again – no chance!

Here’s my Pinterest board with some of my ideas for this little room from once we’ve had the clear out..

I love the fresh feel of these spaces and of course the fairy lights are a nice touch! Looking through all these pictures has got me thinking about what I would need to create my own workspace. A room that would relax and inspire me seems worlds away from what I have now!

So here we go these are my top items that I think would really make my perfect workspace..

dream workspace1 adream workspace2 b

   1. i Mac (obvs) // 2. Eames replica chair // 3. Seventy Tree A3 print

4. Blackboard paint // 5. lots of washi tape // 6 One Must Dash print

7. Desk lamp // 8. Envelope mail box // 9. Shanna Murray wall decal


What do you think of my ideas?

Do you have your dream work space?

Leave a comment and let me know.


morganaDreaming of my perfect workspace
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