Capturing a tiny Cornish village that’s so special to me with MAPP3D

When I think about my childhood I’m taken right back to a tiny village nestled by the Tamar River in Cornwall. Where a viaduct bridge arches over the homes and gardens and links to Devon on the other side. It’s seems to be a sleepy village for most of the year until the summer when it bustles with holiday makers and chattering tourists arriving in boat loads to enjoy the chocolate box Cornish scenery. They’d stroll along the river in the valley and into the woods not knowing they were passing the stream where the local potter hid broken pots and mismatched treasures for us to wade in and find. The secret rope swing tucked into the woodland that only we knew about and the dens in the bushes and trees we’d hide in before jumping on our bikes and cycling home for tea. Looking back to this time I can see and feel the idyllic childhood we were so very lucky to have. It was a place that I plotted to get out and away from as a restless teenager, it felt like a dead end in the middle of nowhere and far away from exciting adventures

Now as an adult with my own children we don’t live anywhere near this tiny village, it’s now just a place of fond memories. So when Pete from MAPP3D got in touch asked me if there was anywhere in particular that I’d like to have depicted for one of their 3D printed sculptures I knew straight away that I wanted it to be this tiny village. The place where before I was born my Granddad grew his daffodils to sell in London, and the place where I lived and grew up.


Before I share the sculpture I’ll let Pete himself explain a little more about MAPP3D and what they do,


From when we’re children, most of us love making models of things. Taking something that’s too big to grasp or manipulate and bringing it down to our size offers a unique perspective on the world around us. This is how MAPP3D was born. Fascinated by maps and the way they represent our landscapes and cities, we began a journey of making models based on aerial data. Accompanied by our custom software and cutting-edge 3D printing, we turn this data into beautifully accurate models that fit into our living spaces. Once they’re printed, we finish them by hand and mount them in solid wood frames. We started making our Bristol collection last year, but our process enables us to make bespoke models of almost anywhere in the UK.


The detail on the model is stunning and I found myself staring at it for ages marveling over it as I looked for each personal little landmark. I can see my Primary school, the village hall where we held our Christmas shows, the road I lived on that led into the village and was the only way to travel in and out unless you travelled by train or boat! The pub I worked at as a teenager, making cream tea, after cream tea and dolling out endless ice cream cones to hot and happy tourists. And later, the place I happily escaped from on the train passing over into Devon and onto Plymouth for shopping trips and nights out.

Pete is a fellow Cornish soul, we went to the same church youth group in fact, and I love that even though neither of us currently live in Cornwall we still have this creative connection to it. Pete started MAPP3D as a casual side-project, (you know I love a creative side hustle!) mainly for the challenge. A physicist by trade, Pete’s appreciation for the accuracy of data and how it can be used to portray the natural world is the foundation of the business. Now based in Bristol, they have a Bristol collection you can choose from but they can also make bespoke panels, like mine, on commission. You just need to think about where you would choose.



I love having this little piece of Cornwall in my home up here in Lancashire. It’s such a stunning talking piece to have in our living room and so far each guest we’ve had over to our house has been fascinated by it. I adore its beautifully subtle sentimentality, and it is the perfect addition to our living room.




Featuring this business is so exciting to me and ticks so many boxes of my blog content that I didn’t even know which category to sit it in. I cover inspirational small businesses in Start Up -tick, stylish homeware in Style -tick, yet in the end I decided that this lives happily in my Life section, where all of these are combined into what is special to me.

A huge thanks to MAPP3D for making this model for me and gifting it for this feature. If you want to find out more about MAPP3D then here are the links,, Facebook, Instagram – @mapp3dworld. Go, take a look and give them a follow.


What do you think?

Where would you choose?




morganaCapturing a tiny Cornish village that’s so special to me with MAPP3D


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  • Lauren - May 9, 2018 reply

    That’s such an amazing product, and how lovely that you chose somewhere that is so special to you with beautiful memories x

    morgana - May 9, 2018 reply

    It’s just so special isn’t it. Definitely something to treasure. Thanks for commenting Lauren x

  • Heledd - Running in Lavender - May 9, 2018 reply

    This is so lovely Morgana!! What a perfect way to have a piece of your childhood in your house. Absolutely gorgeous x

  • Suzanne - May 11, 2018 reply

    Wow this is incredible Morgana – the detail on it is amazing! How lovely to have a keepsake from your childhood, I bet you’ve loved sharing all those memories with your girls. xx

  • lifeasourlittlefamily - May 14, 2018 reply

    What a truly gorgeous product Morgana, I love the story behind it and what a lovely keepsake x

  • Chloe: Picture Taker Memory Maker - May 15, 2018 reply

    What a wonderful and creative idea! I love how you’ve described your childhood memories Morgana – it’s obviously a place that takes up a lot of space in your heart. And now you can have a piece of it with you always:)

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