Dreaming of a back yard party

I’ve always wanted to have a bit of a bohemian back yard party, you know the kind I mean? Think lots of fairy lights, cushions, blankets, candles and cocktails. Nothing fancy, just a very relaxed party with some friends in our back garden. The only problem is I live in England, where even the summer seems to come with rather more rain than sunshine. I still live in hope and who knows we might get an Indian Summer and I can have been dream little get together in my birthday month of September.

I’m thinking cocktails, music, fire pit and a big pot of chili. There’s just something about creating a cosy space outdoors, you can even create a space for a cinema style outdoor screening like this one by Emma at Life at The Littlewood. If my eldest daughter’s birthday wasn’t at the end of Autumn then I definitely consider doing an outdoor screening of Harry Potter for her party.

Life at the Littlewood

I think we can safely say that blankets, cushions, candles and outdoor lights are a must for this kind of gathering, whether it’s Spring, Summer or Autumn. Our new garden is pretty perfect for this kind of party, we could even try and get hold of a long short table to run along the back near the fence to sit around. I don’t want anything formal, I’m not really a fan of posh dinner parties, I much prefer a relaxed vibe with lots of laughter.

I’d love to be creative with the lighting a rig up long strings of lights along the back fencing and maybe even from the back of the house to the back fence so it goes over our heads. There’s just so much scope for this kind of indoor-outdoor party space. My inspiration for this kind of party of course comes from Pinterest and you can see more ideas here on my board

What do you think?

Should I risk doing this kind of party in September?



This is a collaborative post.

Cocktail making set, cushions, lights and glasses are all courtesy of TK Maxx

morganaDreaming of a back yard party


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  • Kylie - August 30, 2017 reply

    I am throwing a party for my 8 year old on Saturday… my husband has made the long low table,I’ve got flower centre pieces and blankets and cushions at the ready so when the kids have gone it can have a more grown up vibe! Now, just to hope the weather forecast is right, for once!!!

    morgana - August 30, 2017 reply

    Sounds wonderful Kylie! Fingers crossed the weather is good for you xx

  • Kara - August 31, 2017 reply

    This is so funny, Ashley and I were talking about this less than a week ago. We would love to have a garden that was big enough, maybe even with space for friends to camp and enjoy a relaxed weekend around a fire.

    I love all these pictures, I think next Summer we may try to do something xx

    morgana - September 1, 2017 reply

    Oh that would be lovely to have the space for friends to camp too, wouldn’t it? xx

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