Find A Very British Hygge in Autumn

Are you even a lifestyle blogger if you haven’t typed the word ‘Hygge’ on your blog or social media in recent years? I think we’re all pretty clued up in one form or another on the Danish concept, just maybe not how as a British person we’re actually supposed to pronounce it! Much can be taken from the idea, whether it’s focusing on experiences over material things, cosying up in these colder months, embracing the small things or just having a sense of appreciation that brings contentment.

I’ve been reading A Very British Hygge by Simon Sinclair and found so much inspiration in the simple ways it brings this ritualised appreciation of calmness to life in our British home.

While reading the book a quote particularly struck me,

The most important contributor to our psychological wellbeing is the strength of our relationships, and hygge definitely tends to encourage more close and intimate times with loved ones.

– Dr Mark Williamson, Director of Action for Happiness, a think tank and social change movement

Now, as an introvert I’m pretty content with my own company and when I thought of hygge it would often be in the context of being on my own. I hadn’t really considered it as a shared moment or experience. Having a little time to reflect I’d definitely concur with this quote and I can think of so many times where I’ve felt the peace, security, warmth and simplicity of a hygge style moment with friends and family. Whether it’s chatting over wine in front of an open fire, snuggling up on the sofa with my girls watching a film or sitting side by side with my husband while we both read a book. It’s those little ‘nano-nirvanas’ as this book likes to call them where we feel that all is right in the world and we just feel content. 

I would love to create space in my home to encourage that kind of feeling for us as a family and for guests when they visit. This is why I’m always on a mission to simplify and get rid of clutter. Minimal and cosy are far too often considered to be opposites but I find spaces that lack clutter and feel organised to be much more relaxing. It doesn’t need to be clinical with nothing on any surfaces. It just means that what you do have is carefully chosen and appreciated. This is something I try to do in our home… it’s just a shame I have two children that like to hoard and a husband that doesn’t notice mess!

I love this corner of our living room, just curling up here with a book and a hot drink makes me feel so calm and relaxed. It’s perfect for this time of year, with the days getting shorter and the evenings growing darker earlier day by day. 

A Very British Hygge by Simon Sinclair is published by Everest Home Improvements, so you can expect reference to feeling safe and secure in your home with their windows all in all, however, it’s a little book packed with tips and I love the way Hygge is explained from a British perspective. You can find out more about this book and get some more hygge inspiration here.  I’m so ‘British Hygge’ right now it actually hurts, I mean my love of Autumn and minimalism and feeling cosy all rolled into one concept, what’s not to like.

Ways to find Hygge through the season of Autumn


Go to the beach and eat fish and chips under a blanket

Go blackberry picking, then come home and make jam

Play board games and drink hot chocolate

Bake two apple pies, one for you and one for a neighbour

Learn to knit and make a scarf

Gather leaves and twigs and do some Autumn crafts with them

Collect sloe berries and bottle them in gin to make sloe gin

Have a hot bubbly bath by candle light




How do you Hygge in Autumn?


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morganaFind A Very British Hygge in Autumn


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  • Lizzie Woodman - October 17, 2017 reply

    Love the colours in these photos! I love the whole concept of Hygge too, although I just wish I could persuade my brain to remember to pronounce it properly….

  • Hayley @hayleyfromhome - October 17, 2017 reply

    I haven’t heard of this book and I love a good hygge book! Agree with all of this, I love the idea of it being something simple and an experience rather than it being about material things and especially spending time with loved ones. Lovely photos too Morgana xx

  • Lins @ Boo & Maddie - October 23, 2017 reply

    Oh Morgana I just want to leave work immediately and dash off into the world of hygge! I’m totally with you on a space needing to feel organised for me to feel calm and at peace. At the moment our home office has become a bit of a dumping ground and I can’t work in there until I get round to tyidying it because I can’t focus. Love all of these ideas and will hopefully embrace some this autumn! Thank you for linking up to #HomeEtc X

  • Pia - October 24, 2017 reply

    Now that it’s autumn the concept of ‘hygge’ is definitely back.. I guess it means different things to different people. I’m all about candle light, good books and some me time. Love those mini pumpkins too 🙂 X

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