My Five on a Friday

It’s Friday! How are you today? Had a good week?

I’ve had a jam packed week yet as tired as I am I’m also feel really positive. My house may be looking rather neglected but I feel like I am making so much progress with my business, and after all I’ve got Saturday morning to rally the troops and blitz the house. I’ve got a few lovely new things to share with you this today including a little hack that has led me to get a much better nights sleep. So here we go with my Five on a Friday.



1. Downtime

My friend Kerry (@Kerryvillers) has changed my life with this little revelation. On the iphone you can now set your phone to limit your screentime (Settings – Screen Time -Downtime) and I’ve set mine to keep me out of social media between the hours of 10pm and 6.45am. I don’t kno about you but I lose hours to aimlessly scrolling in the evenings as well as resorting to going on my phone during the night when I can’t sleep. When Kerry shared about this feature on her IG Stories I just knew I had to give it a try. One week in and I haven’t looked back, if like me your phone is like an extra appendage then why not give this a go? You can set your limits and you can override them if you need to. Ideally I want to change it to 9pm, but one step at a time!


2. A few little Christmas touches

It’s nearly a month away! I’d love to tell you I’m prepared but sadly that’s not the case. I’ve done a few bits but need to spend some time this weekend actively planning and getting a load done so I feel like I’m on the right track and on top of things. We are going for a more minimal Christmas so I’m hoping that once I sit down and write everything out I’ll see there’s not actually much to do. Well…. I hope so anyway! I have added a little festive feel to my home after picking up this decoration at Sainsburys earlier in the week. I love the minimal Scandinavian feel and for our first Christmas in our new build (with white walls!) I think it will work really well. The bonus being that there’s a lot less ‘stuff’.


3. Inspiring women 

On Wednesday I had my CWS Creatives November Meet Up, basically a room full of super inspiring women all running their own businesses. I always leave the Meet Ups feeling validated and encouraged, with so many of us on the same page and at similar stages with our businesses. I’m really excited for what the New Year will bring for this group, both online and in real life. I’ve got so many ideas and plans!


4. Tom Misch

It totally pays off having friends that are younger and a lot cooler than you are. After hearing this guy on one of these said friend’s IG Stories I knew his music was going to be my new obsession. He’s not been off my Spotify all week. I’m like this with music, if I hear something I like then I listen to it 24/7


5. The perfect primer (gifted)

I was gifted this primer a few months ago and have really been putting it to the test. I’m quite fussy with what I put on my skin, with it being senstive I’m not a fan of constantly changing up the products that I use. I am really trying to take my skin care routine seriously now after years of neglect and StriVectin Line BlurFector Instant Wrinkle Blurring Primer has been such a good little addition. I use it after my moisturiser and under my foundation and it definitely helps my foundation go on smoother and gives it a great staying power. I don’t chuck any old products I get sent on my blog and I’m super picky with recommending anything but this deserves it AND it’s cruelty free. 



So there’s my mini list for the week. 

I’ve really enjoyed the simplicity of writing these posts and hope that you enjoy reading them.


So go on, what are your five things?

morganaMy Five on a Friday

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