Holiday styles – from saving to splurging

When it comes to going away on holiday figuring out what your budget is has got to be pretty high on your list. Even once you’ve booked the destination it’s important to think about activities, trips and food – well unless you’re all inclusive and don’t plan on moving from the pool. You lucky thing.

There’s nothing worse than planning a holiday and realising that you’ve not saved enough for the things you wanted to do. Not that we’ve ever done that….!

The nearest to a splurge holiday we’ve ever had was our honeymoon, we were in our early twenties and we had two blissful weeks at an all inclusive resort in Cuba. Think strawberry daquiris by the pool, 24/7. This actually turned out to be our only real holiday before having children! Our first holiday with a baby was a long weekend in the very rainy Lake District in a friend’s cottage. A bit of a difference, eh?

These days we mostly have holidays that involve visiting friends and family like this one, The half term roadtrip, or a child free weekend in Istanbul, or even surfing in North Wales.

We’re definitely not family travel bloggers zipping around the world but we do love planning trips, even if it’s within the UK. Our budget definitely dictates where we go and what we do and with both myself and my husband being self employed we have to be careful what time we take off as there’s no holiday pay for either of us! 

We’ve been looking at last minute summer holidays online, both with our list of expectations as well as keeping in mind the strict budget we have. My wishes and expectations have to be very firmly managed by my husband, who also happens to be a financial planner – which is rather handy (and annoying!). It’s not just the destination you need to decide on but also what kind of holiday you want there. Will it be a no expense spared treat of a trip (maybe one day!) or one that needs to be carefully planned and budgeted for.

Travel Planners have put together a handy tool to help you plan your holiday to Dubai based on whether you are going to save, spend or splurge. I think having one of these for holiday destinations around the world would be so helpful!

I’ve never been to Dubai but I have a lot of friends that have and I know this kind of tool would have been really helpful for them. It’s definitely helped me realise that you can holiday in Dubai on different budgets and still have a great time.

For now though I’m going to plan in some ‘staycation’ trips and get on and book that last minute holiday!


Are you going anywhere this summer?

What do you think of this kind of tool to help plan holidays?

morganaHoliday styles – from saving to splurging

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  • Kerri-Ann - July 25, 2018 reply

    Oh we love planning trips and have Dubai on our list. That photo of you is lovely. I’ll take a look at this x

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