My Five on a Friday

It’s Friday! How are you today? Had a good first week of December? We’ve got our tree up and house decorated – just need to get some lights for outside over the weekend and then we’re sorted. I finally remembered to book my Christmas food shop and order my turkey, not quite finished with all the present shopping yet though. I started the week feeling rather stressed about all things Christmas but after ticking off some of those bigger jobs hopefully I’ll be ready in time!

Here are my five things that I just have to tell you about –


1. Shopping small

Last Sunday my youngest girl and I visited the Etsy Made Local event in our city. It was held at the Harris Museum which is such a beautiful building right in the centre of Preston. I made a few little purchases and with my daughter being with me I made such to take some business cards so I could order some presents without her knowing! 😉


2. Pinterest

I’ve been in love with Pinterest ever since it hit the UK, there’s something about pinning ideas and inspiration to boards that makes me feel calm and organised – even when I really haven’t done anything! I only wish it had been around when I was planning my wedding! This week I had another coaching session with a local business owner helping her to utilise Pinterest to drive traffic to her website. Pinterest can do so much for a retail business!


3. Becoming a glasses wearer

Last week I booked myself an opticians appointment after months of moaning about getting tired eyes and headaches. Surprise, surprise – I need glasses! Not surprising really when I spend most of my waking life looking at one screen or another. So this morning I’ll be picking up my new glasses that I have to wear when I’m working or looking at my phone. Keep an eye out on IG Stories to see me with them.



4. Mrs Maisel

I was so excited that this much loved pilot got a commissioned for a full season, and now season 2 has just hit Prime. Watch it, you can thank me later.


5. A Christmas works do for the CWS Creatives

Tonight is my groups unofficial works night out! With all of us being self employed we don’t get a works do at Christmas so we are getting together for drinks and having our own. I’m so excited!




So there’s my mini list for the week. 

I’ve really enjoyed the simplicity of writing these posts and hope that you enjoy reading them.


So go on, what are your five things?

morganaMy Five on a Friday

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  • Kara - January 25, 2019 reply

    Can you believe I still have not watched Mrs Maisel. It’s on my list when Ash isn’t around.

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